Working Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2018

So I took a shower, took the dogs out, hit the grocery, fed everybody, got through my e-mail which included talking with Krissie about her new book and asking one of my agents if I could postpone a conversation until Monday, talked to my new trash collection people, caught up on the election, sat down to finish reading Krissie’s WiP before starting on the last pass of the truck draft of Nita and realized I hadn’t put up a Working Wednesday post or put the groceries away.  But the point is, I’m working.

What’s up with you?

38 thoughts on “Working Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2018

  1. I still haven’t got any paid work (it’s all jam tomorrow at the moment). Have been procrastinating about phoning around to find workmen who can do stuff for me in a hurry when I finally move. I think mostly because I hate not being sure about what kind of person to look for, as well as not knowing when I’ll need them. But I’m going to try harder tomorrow. I ended up having a bath this afternoon – I was really tense, and have to be up early for a tiler coming to repair some bathroom tiles that started falling down in August (my landlord’s been procrastinating too).

    I’m going in to sign the contract tomorrow, and was rushing round yesterday getting all the money to hand. There are a couple of technicalities to be sorted before we can exchange, but hopefully it’ll happen early next week, with completion as soon as possible after that. And then, of course, it’ll be all hands on deck.

    I’ve posted three photographs from last Thursday’s exploration above Lake Vyrnwy (I can’t group them together, since I don’t use the app: sorry).

    1. Oh: another friend wants me to design her garden, but the timing’s not good – I’d need to go down to the Chilterns to see it. Don’t suppose I could cope with charging her, anyway; although she could afford to pay. Still, I’m enjoying using my gardening knowledge in creative ways.

      1. It’s so hard to charge for one’s skills. At least for some of us. I heard a story on the radio the other day about a woman who trains dogs, and at first she just did it to rehab a dog she’d adopted, and then people saw what a great job she’d done and asked them to help her, and she did it for free, and then she got laid off (I think) and started charging and then started raising her prices because she had too much work to do. It’s sort of the “follow your passion” thing (which I don’t entirely believe in, but this is one situation where it worked).

          1. You deserve to be paid for your time, energy, and skills. (Especially if those you are doing the work for can afford to pay someone else if they don’t pay you.)

          2. You’re right. I was going to say, it’s tricky because they’re friends; but I think really it’s because I so want everyone to have a garden they love, that I want to do everything to help them have that. Money feels off-track.

          3. Well, if you don’t want to charge at first, do a few of your friends gardens for free, but tell them you are thinking of designing for money and might ask them for a recommendation at a later date and remember to document what you did to start your portfolio. Then when their friends admire their gardens, they’ll tell them you’re thinking of going into business.

          4. I don’t think money is off track – you need to make a living in order to devote your time to helping people make the garden they will love. If helping people do this is what makes your living, then you will get to spend far more time doing it than if it were simply volunteering your expertise.

  2. Monday I committed cooking. 8 pounds of French Canadian Pork Dressing, 9 pounds of Beef (hamburger) Stroganoff.

    Tuesday, I roused myself from rain-induced torpor only enough to go vote. I ate a pound of Stroganoff on spaghetti.

    Today, I am preparing to work from 4 to midnight. I’m taking pork dressing with me to eat for dinner, and a mini-bagel to eat it on. Chicken with dressing would be good, too. That’s it for me.

  3. Happy Diwali, y’all.

    Results show that many in the US turned out for good over evil which is within the spirit of the festival. Well, done you!

    I had many things to do, including marking and grading. And administrative work. I barely got any in. I loathe burdensome admin. Please Goddess let me win enough money that I can pay someone to do my admin next year?

  4. I’ve continued to do some work on the Great Scrap Basket Clean-out, but more slowly, because I did too much, and now I know what sciatica feels like, so I need to give it some time to settle down. I did the binding on one more quilt (but no picture yet), instead of one a day! But I’m making progress and trying to focus on that instead of all the things I want to do but can’t.

  5. Oldest won a bronze at Special Olympics today! He didn’t care about the medal,but he was kind of annoyed he didn’t get a basket today. Now comes classic choc chip cookies for my students and figuring how to make visiting the community fair exciting (they are required to go several times a year and the same non-profits show up).

  6. I took Monday afternoon off, to make up for a weekend that was not creatively productive (although it was quite musical – the church choir rehearsed and sang a glorious Evensong service.)

    The rest of the week was trying to keep up with the weekly progress on the crocheted blanket. It’s looking pretty good – only a couple more weeks to go!

    Anyway, I spent Monday putting the spectacles on one of my hedgehogs, and then put the quilt top together. I’ll quilt / bind it another time. It really does look cute!

  7. I lost my voice, which is not ideal when you teach high school and are supposed to help lead professional development after school for the teachers! 📚 Thank goodness for technology, because I could just type lecture notes on the overhead to “subtitle” myself for the students. 😂 Not the most effective lecture ever… But probably not my worst either!

  8. I’ve been working on a quilt for my daughter’s new house in Boston. It’s for Christmas. My problem is that she’s doing her bedroom in browns and cream with blue accent and it reminds me rather horribly of the 70s. I hope it’s not hideous when it’s completed.

    I’ve finished the penguins for the craft fair on Saturday, now must work on sheep and goats. They go over well here as we are so rural and lots of people are artisans using wool and goats milk. Might also do some hedgehogs as well. I like hedgehogs and was thrilled by Nancy’s quilt!

    I also washed the dishes today. Oh hey, I got the cabinets up, did I show you a picture? I’ll do a before and after!



    1. The cabinets change everything. Wow.

      And the quilt looks lovely. Remember, we who lived in the 70s loved a lot about it…back then.

  9. I completed all all of my errands before opening my store this morning. That in itself is a win. I’m currently having a little downtime – so I thought I’d peruse the internet. I should be writing or reading. I’ll go do one of those things. Have a happy day. =)

  10. I visited a Year 5/6 class at a nearby school, which was fun, especially as they had read some of my books and had good questions/comments. Planted out my tomatoes. Went to choir – we’ve got a big Armistice Day concert this weekend. Worked on the new book.

  11. Putting together a couple of cosplays for an upcoming conventions.
    This involves creating a daisy chain of cartoon cicadas.

    Slow cooker pork curry. Will pair with some oyster sauce gailan.

  12. Sunday-worked on planning our Laity Sunday service for Nov 11th.
    Monday-planned the rest of it, even the songs.
    Tuesday-went to a “How to Quilt on your Embroidery Machine” class. Eh. I won’t be taking this lesson to heart, but I learned I don’t love it.
    Wednesday-picked new glasses out, picked up stuff for a church ministry, back in the office to pay bills. 😠 Yuck.
    In between all this, cooked, sorta cleaned up, insurance claims. helped move workers from field to field…
    The next few weeks are like this. All the way to mid-January. I’m tired already.

  13. I dealt with a lot minor things–paid bills, caught up with my Patreon posts, dealt with some other business. I’m been cleaning out the spare room (i.e.-the place where everything ended up that didn’t have another place to go) and most of it is finally dealt with, except one cardboard box of greeting cards (far more than I will ever need) and three boxes of photographs from before the days when everything was stored on the computer. So I ordered two organizer boxes, one for each. Any cards that don’t fit are going. The photographs are a project for January (well, they’ve been a project for every January for the last 16 years, but by golly, this year I’m going to deal with them).

    Did an energy healing session on my regular client. [JaneB, just for reference, she’s someone who I’ve been working on for years who eventually became a friend. I do charge her–mostly for my time–although not nearly as much as I would anyone else.]

    I’ve been rereading my first Baba Yaga book, Wickedly Dangerous, because that character is getting another book (self-published) and I needed to remember everything I wrote in a book years ago. I was going to do a series bible…you know, six books and four novellas ago. Sigh. It’s going to have to get done now. Luckily, I have help. It is a bit depressing, however, to see how good my writing was in that book. I don’t think it is quite up to that standard these days. Maybe now that the election is over I’ll be able to think again…

  14. While at my daughter’s home yesterday, I had an urge to cook. Made tofu burgers, tofu balls rolled in coconut, an Indian curry sauce, basmati rice, and roasted vegetables. I’d also bought these cute little Nan dippers. (I had a couple with my salad at lunch. Yum.)
    Left it all for her, and got many, many thanks. I had no idea she had three super late nights this week. Made me feel good to help out.

  15. I’ve been working on two different paint/resin projects, but they are both in the process of having the latest layer of paint dry, and aren’t finished. I might be able to resin at least one of them tonight. I’m hoping that they turn out well. I’ve been experimenting with trying to do night skies. Kind of aurora borealis on one, but it is turning out a bit faint, and a kind of milky way swirl on another. One is on a canvas and the other is inside a round bamboo tray. I’m hoping for utilitarian and stylish. : )

  16. I packed to go visit my 100 year old grandma. I have ambitions to crochet a lot, so I shopped my stash and packed several projects worth.
    My project when I get home will be organizing my yarn. It’s gotten bad.

  17. I ran after my children, and yes that includes actually running after the youngest through the grocery store. Twice.

  18. Worked on more unpacking, made “treats” for the horse and goats. had amazon arrive with the real fun stuff that will help me create a lot of things, like Seeds and bulbs, bread yeast in a jar so I dont have to hassle with the packets, and FOUND!!! all my knitting thats been in boxes since May. My animals think that the boxes are purely for thier enjoyment
    Now here is picture of few of my horde, Blueregard and Charlie Waffles as I am coming out to give the horse and goats goodies, forgot to take pictures of the goodies themselves.

  19. I finished my boss’s goodbye present–a Lego minifig made of yarn. It’s really cute.
    On the other hand, I am refusing to job hunt and I need to fill out those damn cover letters for jobs I don’t care about. Bad girl, me.

  20. I and my boyfriend (who’s forced to participate and be my accountability buddy and motivator) have started Adulting Tuesdays and Thursdays. So yesterday I did half the dishes, cleaned out the last of my inbox, started digitizing my parents cds, and started figuring out 401k rollover stuff (which stalled but did get started). this morning i made a car appt and attempted the dentist. I am feeling much more adult than just coming home and falling asleep on the floor with the dog. Which is what a normal weeknight looks like. >.>

    1. OMGoddess. Are you tweeting, instagramming or otherwise blogging this? I need to do this very badly. Been moving like a tortoise through treacle on mine. Someone else’s process might help me along.

  21. I seem to be finally getting over my cold (at least, I’m no longer coughing until I can’t breathe), which has led to finally doing my laundry, and making food that isn’t vegemite toast or tea. I made green bean and grapefruit salad with hazelnut dressing today. It was delicious. 🙂

    I took up knitting again this week for the first time since childhood, and started work on a baby blanket for a friend. It’s terrible so far, but I’m giving myself permission to be bad at knitting, and the blanket permission to suck. It’s her first baby, so she’ll hopefully appreciate it anyway.

  22. Working on editing the romcom screenplay draft into good enough shape that I can bribe some of friends with pizza and cider to do a read-through and have it be a fun, helpful thing, instead of a permanently scarring thing. The biggest problem at the moment is that it is 40 pages too long.


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