Cherry Saturday, November 17, 2018

Today is Homemade Bread Day.  I feel certain “homemade” also includes freezer dough.  Or those Panera frozen sourdough rounds.   Or bakery bread you heat in your oven.  Anything that smells like warm yeast as it bakes, really.  

Oh, oh, you know what else is good?  Banana bread.  Or nut bread.  Or banana nut bread.  Cinnamon raisin bread.  Toasted.  Croissants.  Cresent rolls.  Crescent rolls with cheese.  Crescent rolls with butter . . . 

Buy extra butter.

37 thoughts on “Cherry Saturday, November 17, 2018

  1. I fell for a special offer on spelt flour the other day, with a bread recipe on the back. Bought some quick yeast, too. But it’s years since I made bread, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to buy a loaf rather than make one today. I fantasized I’d do it in between reading proofs (due this morning), but they’re going to be three or four days late. Deadline will stay the same, I daresay.

    I used to buy wonderful chocolate bread from an Italian bakery in Richmond. I’ve collected recipes, but haven’t tried to replicate it yet. Would need to invite friends to share it, or I’ll go up yet another size.

  2. Sadly, I am doing a month-long “gut-healing” diet on the suggestion of my new acupuncturist. No gluten, dairy, sugar, soy, corn, any oils other than olive, yadda yadda yadda shoot me now. (You’re not supposed to have any alcohol either, but I’m in the middle of a massive fibro flare, so I declared that wine = grape juice.)

    So no bread for me, homemade or otherwise. But come December 1st, all bets are off.

    Also, the other night I dreamed I accidentally ate cake. The diet might be starting to get to me…

    1. Lol, you just described my usual way of eating, Deborah. But I do have bread because my health food store carries a rice sourdough kind that’s very pure and very good. It’s rustic and makes fab garlic bread, too, which today I will count as kinda homemade since I’m adding the olive oil and garlic:)

        1. You may not have to give it all up forever. The theory behind an elimination diet is that after your symptoms quiet down, you add foods back, one at a time and see which ones cause the distress. If you are lucky, there will be only one culprit and it will be the food you miss least.

        2. It’s surprisingly easy to eat this way. Still loads of food. And don’t have to miss out on treats if you like them. I’m not big on sweet anymore, but I can whip up apple pies/crumbles or puddings or cookies or brownies or scones or whatever super fast if I want them. They do take a dash of fruit or maple syrup, so if you’re off those for a bit, too, may not be on your current list. My ingredients are basic, though–don’t go in for the junky gluten free prepared stuff or even add the gums & such in so many recipes nowadays. I’ve just adapted the same recipes I’ve been making for years. But if you’re having a fibro flare, may want to ask your dr if you can have cocoa powder because the dark, raw kind like I use is actually anti-inflammatory & the magnesium is good for your muscles/joints:)

      1. Can we get a name of the rice sourdough bread? My husband is gluten and dairy free and we’re always on the lookout for better bread for him.

    2. I did that diet over the summer and learned so much about my body that I’ve been proselytizing about it ever since LOL. The end result is that I feel tons better and my inflammation problems are significantly reduced.

      Keep fighting the good fight – you’ll be so glad you did!

  3. Years ago in my young children/pre-work/Mother Earth days I baked all of the above from scratch. And never gained an ounce. Today I’m wondering why all clothing beyond size 12 is fitted to the body. Why? In the meantime on the grocery list goes glazed cherries for stolen my only baked bread for the holidays.

  4. I baked bread earlier this week and now it’s getting stale. So today is toast day.

    Maybe I’ll mix up some cinnamon raisin bread tonight to bake tomorrow morning…

  5. Memories of mama and auntie’s bread, thick slices slathered with real butter and cold glass of milk. Yum yum

  6. I messed up a recipe this morning and ended up with extra milk and lemon juice (I never have actual buttermilk). I also had extra egg yolks. This means I pretty much have to make cinnamon rolls for tomorrow’s breakfast. It’s a real hardship.

  7. I made bread earlier this week so that will have to do. My ex took my youngest (who is home for Thanksgiving Vacation) grocery shopping so now the house is full of lovely food that I don’t normally eat. No point in baking bread when there’s a freezer full of ice cream!

    Also, kudos to my ex for driving forty minutes to see his daughter and being willing to buy a load of mostly junk food for her. She could have waited until Monday when I will have funds again, but he happily took her shopping. (And bought the ingredients for the pies I will make and bring to his house for Thanksgiving. His girlfriend is a saint. I’m invited to the meal.)

    I bitched and moaned about this man when we were married, I feel it’s only fair to say how human he’s being now. It has to be his relationship with his girlfriend. I am so thankful to her.

    1. It’s probably that he realised being his old self got him nothing but negativity and it’s better to try to be kinder.

  8. My brother started making bread about a year ago, and gave me some sourdough starter, plus a recipe from Tartine that doesn’t require any kneading – you just turn it a couple of times every half hour instead. I’ve been making it on and off ever since. This week I made olive bread.

  9. Oops, I baked brownies today and have plans for pumpkin scones tomorrow. It’s been awhile since I’ve made my own yeast bread. May need to do that post-Thanksgiving

  10. I am counting deep-fried (yes, I know) mushroom and Oaxaca cheese quesadilla as making bread.

    Western Australia was overwhelming lovely, but lacked Mexican food, not that those heritage rose fiends allowed us time to search. And in a Hemingway moment, the wines were fresh and good. Drink local. Food was mostly Mediterranean with Pavlova for the grander meals. And in a festive barn we ate grilled lamb and pork from that very farm, sides prepared by heritage rose volunteers. (*smacks lips*)

    Excellent to be back with the Arghers.

    1. Reminds me of an American tourist I met in Rome, he was trying to find a reasonably priced lunch, but confessed what he was really desperate for was Mexican food

  11. Victoria Street was for Queen Victoria and Grey Street was for one of the governors of the British Cape Colony.

    All of the re-named streets are named for anti-apartheid activists, struggle icons, and other freedom fighters. SA History online is my go-to point for info. I even use it in lessons.

  12. I have started preparing various ingredients for Thanksgiving. Spiced almonds are done as is sour cherry and almond granola (for breakfast). Tomorrow I caramelize onions for onion rolls. My husband will do the pumpkin pie and I am doing leek and smoked salmon tartlets for one of the appetizers. Next year when my friend wants to do a combined Thanksgiving dinner I will only do it if we scale back. This seems a ridiculous amount of food for six adults. She is doing the turkey with oyster stuffing , mashed potatoes, Moroccan sweet potato salad and homemade cranberry sauce. Oh, and I am also doing a vegetable side dish.

  13. Bread is a glorious memory. I still made and ate bread, even after the heart attack. I had a bread machine, you see, so even the more complicated recipes were attainable. White bread, wheat bread, rye bread, pumpernickel, I made them. I ordered fancy machine breads and tried them, had four recipe books for bread, had family recipes from my sister-in-law (some of the best!)

    “Ass-kicken’ Beer Bread” was one of the ordered mixes, That one came with jalapeno powder, which is all very well and good, but I had habanero powder of my own that I substituted. Those loaves were beyond fabulous with chili, even if it was wimpy chili.

    Then came the diabetes diagnosis, and bread went away, mostly. I gave the machine to my niece – my kids didn’t want it. A shame – it was one of those horizontal, 2-paddle, two pound loaf machines. But I’d learned the secrets of doing it all by hand, so I could still bake breads, not to mention all those recipes like banana nut bread that didn’t need to sit in a cool dark place before the oven got ’em…

    I still eat the occasional English muffin or mini-bagel, and Ukrops makes Apple Spice Cake and German Chocolate Cake and sells them by the 300 calorie slice. I ate one yesterday, as I write. It was heavenly.

    I miss the spicy beer breads, though.

  14. My daughter asked if we could once again make dinner rolls on Wednesday to serve on Thanksgiving. Fine with me. That’s the sort of tradition I like (it will be only two years old this year, but given time it could be what she remembers about the holiday).

    I remember baking wheat bread in coffee cans. I haven’t had a coffee can in the house for decades.


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