Argh Author: Nancy Yeager’s Clever By Half

Nancy Yeager’s new Victorian romance novella is available now on Amazon!  

Too Clever by Half is the kickoff novella of the Harrow’s Finest Five series, Victorian romances about smart women, sexy men, steamy passions, and the occasional scandal. The first full-length novel in the series will be available in January 2019!

Mr. James Alcott has carved out his place in the world with an esteemed position at Harrow School. But when the school changes direction, he’s set adrift. He can redeem himself by founding a scholarship program if he wins the annual Duke’s Trust competition for seed money. A seemingly simple task. Until a mysterious competitor enters the race.

Lady Tessa Harmsworth has fabricated the reclusive Mr. Pettibone as the champion of her women’s education fund. It’s the only way a woman can enter the Duke’s Trust competition, let alone win it. And Tessa intends to win. Until her annoyingly clever opponent sets out to uncover her ruse.

As Tessa and James match wits, their spirited rivalry turns into a passionate affair. With the coveted prize hanging in the balance, they must choose between their lifelong dreams and their reckless hearts.

Stop by Nancy’s website to learn more about the book and the series; buy the book on Amazon.

21 thoughts on “Argh Author: Nancy Yeager’s Clever By Half

  1. Lol, sounds fun. The plot point of her inventing a male “front” is reminding me of Remington Steele–the 80s TV show where the female PI creates a male alias to attract clients and then a “thief” shows up and poses as the fabrication.

    This is fresh in mind because my family just happened to watch an episode over the weekend. After which my son said basically, “That would never fly today. The woman would just be a PI and get clients on her own merit.” Naturally I was happy with his assessment. But it is a fun ruse, especially for this book given its time period. Good luck with it, Nancy:)

    1. I like that show back in the day. I agree with your son, the premise wouldn’t hold up today. However, 80s-vintage Pierce Brosnan holds up in any era, IMHO. 😉

      1. I loved REMINGTON STEELE so much that I recorded the entire series on my VCR back before that was even a thing to do, and I watched all the episodes repeatedly, until I wore out the tapes. Even after 30 years I can still recite some of the lines. But when the series finally came out on DVD, I bought it and started viewing it again with great anticipation— and discovered that to me it’s pretty much unwatchable now, quite apart from the delights of Pierce Brosman at any age.

        1. It’s interesting to re-watch. It definitely has its problems, but from the writing perspective it has a few pros. At the onset, there is some actual growth and progression re the situation and the characters and their professional relationship. And I think the old movie gimmick in each episode works as a running thing throughout the series. And the humour can be fun. On the con side, I would have made some changes to their dynamic because really each one has skills to bring and that doesn’t get developed enough I think. And their personal relationship could have been better developed, too. But I do like the introduction of Doris Roberts as Mildred in the second season. She’s great:)

  2. (-: I have been having a few issues with my Kindle app for the computer since I got a new one; the old Kindle app was downloaded from, and the new one from But, Nancy’s new book showed up just fine in the Japanese Amazon, and my pre-ordered copy showed up just fine in my Kindle library.

    Great story! The ending left me with all the warm and fuzzies. Looking forward to the next ones!

  3. Ooh, a novella?

    Jenny, is there a tag we can get on these? I want to return to them in February when my to-read is my own again and not ruled by the committee I’m on.

    Also, are you taking more author/titles? My co-author and I are trying to push a goal for the year and without a publishing company behind us, we have to bust our butts to get noticed places. I also wanna see how our book does with romance readers, since we already had a sci fi reader say it had “too many feelings.” 😂

    1. I should definitely put a tag on these. And yes, any regular Argh poster can get an Argh Author post.
      I’m up to my ass in alligators here, so just do a search for Argh Author and I think the post with the instructions will show up.


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