Argh Author: Gin Jones, Deadly Thanksgiving Sampler

Gin Jones’s latest book, out on Nov. 6 (today!), is Deadly Thanksgiving Sampler.

Gin says, “Please note that this is the fourth in a series, but I think it can be read as a stand-alone. For those who like to read in order, it starts with Four-Patch of Trouble, then Tree of Life and Death, and then Robbing Peter to Kill Paul. They’re available both individually and as a virtual boxed set:

Quilt appraiser Keely Fairchild just wants to have a quiet little Thanksgiving dinner at home with her boyfriend, but as the guest list grows, so do the distractions. First she gets dragged into investigating the theft of miniature quilts that were supposed to be featured in the guild’s entry in the Danger Cove Thanksgiving parade, and then she stumbles onto a bigger mystery: who killed a local quilter and what did her death have to do with a sampler quilt she’d made to depict her life’s story?  If Keely can’t figure it out, her life—and death—may end up depicted in her own DEADLY THANKSGIVING SAMPLER.

Check the book out on Gin’s website;  buy her book on Amazon.

7 thoughts on “Argh Author: Gin Jones, Deadly Thanksgiving Sampler

    1. It’s first person. I originally wrote the initial book in the series in third person limited, but it ended up being part of a group effort (shared world with several other authors) and all the rest were first person, so I re-did it in first. My Helen Binney series(starts with A Dose of Death) is in third person if that’s your preference. And so is the garlic farm series coming out in 2020.

  1. Woot! Happy book birthday, Gin!

    My agent just sent two books out on submission for me (one fiction and one nonfiction) so all good vibes would be gladly accepted.


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