Happiness is a Good Friend

I was e-mailing with Krissie this morning (she’s in Vermont, I’m in NJ, we’re both buried in snow as we write books), and I thought about what life would be like without her.  She’s always there for me–you would not believe all the stuff she did for me while I was in the hospital, including driving down from Vermont on about an hour’s notice)–and she’s always funny and wise and profane and sharp and she always tells me the truth, but she also tells me I’m amazing and I can do anything.  All of which is to say, Krissie is crucial to my happiness, which means that friends are necessary for achieving a state of joy.

Well, friends and dogs.

You gotta have friends (there’s an earworm for you) because happiness shared is like happiness squared and cubed and wrapped around you like a warm blanket in winter (in summer it’s a cool breeze).  Also, Krissie is a goddess.

Who did you find happiness with this week?