Working Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween!  Also, good-bye October.  Good time to finish outdoor stuff if you’re in the Northern hemi and probably get started in the Southern.  (My grasp on the Southern hemi is loose, to say the least.)  Also, the end of the year approaches, if that’s a deadline for anybody.  And tomorrow Novel Writing Month starts.   And then there’s holiday presents, if anybody out there is making theirs.  So what have you been making this week?

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  1. More Special Olympics, than trick or treaters. It’s a pretty full day with just that. Somewhere in there, I will make sugar cookies flavored with orange blossom water for my students tomorrow.

  2. Last weekend I did some catch up for a block-of-the-month quilt. Essentially, I put the pieces we’ve been working on all summer together into a star. This coming Saturday should be the day to get the final instructions, so the quilt top can be finished. The best part of this was posting my progress on Instagram and chatting with another regular here in Aargh-land. 🙂

    I’ve also been keeping up with a weekly crochet-along blanket. This past week, we put the pieces together, making a hexagon with a star in the middle.

    My TV project for a while has been a crochet scarf. I added a couple of pattern repeats to it, making it wider and more of a wrap. Last night, I played yarn chicken, finishing up the final row with about 3 inches of yarn to spare. I made it with a Whirl, which means it contains about a kilometer of yarn. The ends are woven in, and there is no blocking for this, so it’s done. Hooray!

    Happy Halloween to all!

  3. I’m traveling – through Maine and off the coast to an island for Halloween (5 kids at the one room school! The entire island turns out for the party! All 35 of them!) and then ashore and well inland to Ottawa. The weather is blustery and cold, I am grateful for my long underwear, and the pair of pugs keeping me warm on the couch. My brother calls them couch anchors – Port and Starboard, the pug brothers.

  4. I am COMPLETELY CAUGHT UP on the quilt I’m working on in a class!! 😊 Now on to one of the dozens of other projects hanging around…

  5. You wouldn’t believe how excited I get when I finish a project for a client. I did that Monday. Only a week past due. (That’s my schedule, not hers, thank goodness.)

    I’m having a travel club party on Friday, so this week is about getting ready for that. Making Irish cake and scones with custard. The stupid store didn’t have any Birds custard powder so I have to make it from scratch. Wish me luck. My attention span is about three seconds and I’m always burning things.

    I’m hoping to drum up some enthusiasm for my trip to Ireland in July – I’d like more people in my group. So this week is about putting away the crafts (I’m making penguin ornaments in honor of Bethany – I do a craft fair some years,) also cleaning. Why haven’t they invented a self-cleaning house yet?

    I’ll post a picture of the penguins when I get one all the way done.

    1. Cool. We should be in Ireland sometime in the first part of July. But my husband is planning that part of our trip so I don’t know where. I do know that he will have read books, tour guides, the internet, viewed maps, both road and geological, and could probably serve as a consultant for a major invasion by time he finished his information gathering. He takes his vacations seriously.

  6. Took little Halloween bags to Jazzercise this morning, with two chocolate kisses, a small peanut butter cup in fall wrappings, and a small caramel in each….. I call it reverse trick or treating. My fellow students were amused.

    Looking forward to going home, drying all the electrical connections of my decorations which were rained on for hours, and firing up the display. May even get a picture for ya’all this year.

  7. I made myself some peace of mind by making a call on a difficult job I’m doing that has stymied me, I have a habit of not admitting when I need help. So I talked to my friend and the client (same person) and we’ve agreed I’ll be checking in regularly so I’m not continually experiencing that moment in 7th grade when they started adding number to math. (Numbers, I mean, what the hell…)
    And I collected documentation for my really nice financial planner, and am taking care of the proceeds from selling my house, and not spending it on a long trip to France. I *am* getting my passport renewed, so maybe a tiny short trip to France.

  8. Current status is making myself crazy with a work project that got dumped on me 🙂 but over the weekend I made progress in my garden by planting some California native perennials. This weekend I’ll make more progress by planting some California native bulbs. Pictures possible next Wednesday!

  9. My closet project is on hold while I have to help with my husband’s project of rebuilding the breakfast room window (90 years old and inadequate flashing so the frame is pretty much all dry rot). I have finished glazing the exterior panes and am in the middle of refinishing the interior wood (the usual: sand to bare wood, shellac, thin varnish and two coats of regular varnish). It’s been a little tricky since the new fir pieces are much lighter than the original wood. So. I discovered if the new stuff is sealed with garnet shellac and the old stuff with super-blond, the color match is reasonably good. I am hoping this is done by time we go on a short vacation next week. If I can figure out how to do it, I will post some pictures of work in progress

    1. I have two big bay windows (bow windows?) that are infested with dry rot. I think they’re just going to have to be completely replaced, but not yet. My big hope is that they don’t fall off the house.

  10. I am working on cleaning off my desk since I’m about to be out of the office for 6 days. Aside from that, cogitating – and doing some advance plotting – for a new thing I want to write in November. Probably topping out at 40K which would be short for a novel, but since November will include a week when I don’t have access to my own computer, if I can get the thing done I will call that NaNoWriMo achieved for the first time ever.

  11. I’m working on managing simple everyday things like pulling your pants up after visiting the toilet and other things that are difficult with only one arm. Taking a shower for instance. Ugh. Or opening a jar or bottle. You really start appreciating having two functioning arms when one is out of order. Can’t cook or do the dishes or anything either. Fun times.

    On that note: Surgery went very well. Everyone was kind and I only got two tiny panic attack-moments that went away by themselves due to fabulous hospital people. All this thanks to my equally fabulous ex-psychologist. I gotta write her a letter and thank her. Very proud of myself, too. Never believed I’d be able to manage these kinds of things.

    Seems like I underestimated the after-effect of this surgery though. It’s more painful now afterwards than I had thought and my mobility, reach and motor activity function are very limited. Writing this was a slow procedure. And here I thought: “Pff they’re just gonna remove a bone piece, easy-peasy, haha!”.

    I’ll never underestimate the effects of someone digging into your arm ever again.

    1. I noticed with the ankle that it felt like recovery took forever – I mean forevah….

      Then one day it was done and I had mobility back.

      So listen to the PT folks and do the exercises they give you.

      Good luck.

      1. Thank you, I will! Actually they haven’t really given me any exercises, except bending and stretching the arm carefully, which is very odd now that I think about it. Anyway, if they think that’s enough I guess it should be.

    2. My thumb surgery really made me appreciate my microwave. I wasn’t up to real cooking, but I could nuke a frozen dinner or a mug of water for tea. Also, finding a good OT really speeded up my recovery.

      Hang in there; it really will start getting better.

      1. You know what, microwaving the tea water didn’t. even. cross. my. mind. Probably because I can use my right arm, which is the one I lift the kettle with. For me the main problem is checking the water level in the mug, which I do with my left hand usually and that was…problematic. Not using the sling today so I think I should be able to do at least THAT for myself. Out of dish- and cookingduty though. Feels good on one hand but stresses me on the other due to the MOUNTAINT of unwashed dishes in the kitchen. Ugh. I’ve trained my lad well but he’s no dishwashing fanatic…

        Anyway, thanks for your encouraging words!

  12. Well, the Halloween costume is done. I have started working on a present for my departing boss (a knitted Lego character).

    I don’t know if I am going to do NaNo or not. I have been doing it since 2001 and frankly, it has lost the fun for me by now. I don’t want to break my streak but I am not enjoying it or doing anything with what I write any more (I always hate my NaNo novels). I do think it is a good idea for me to do it to get anything done, though. So, I dunno.

    If I do it I should work on storytelling ideas (I am trying to do storytelling performances), but I don’t have all the ideas for 50k yet.

    1. I think you should stick to something that feels fun/alive. Sounds like pointless punishment otherwise. Hope inspiration strikes in time.

  13. I’m just wrapping up Inktober, although I did it as single-page of writing (with fancy fountain pens and inks) instead of drawings. After too many concussions I’m trying to work my brain back into writing fiction with baby steps. (NaNoWriMo is dead out.)

    Brain damage sucks.

      1. Thank you! That’s how I feel about pottery too — I want to “see” it with my hands as well as my eyes.

  14. I’m feeling clearer about what I need to do when on the house. I can’t get any work from Penguin at the moment, so I’ve been researching my move instead; getting as ready as I can for when things finally start moving.

    1. Nice! I just finished reading “Mending Matters” by Karen Rodabagh (sp?). Interesting stuff, although I don’t actually have anything worth doing the artistic mending she describes. Recommend it for inspiration.

  15. I’ve been working on a new children’s novel and have just reached that delightful moment when the characters come alive, things start falling into place and the story begins to make sense. Which means it’s a considerable effort to engage with the rest of the world when I’m not actually writing, because I just want to stay in the story.

  16. I spent this past weekend at a quilt retreat. I finished a top that I had shown the appliqué before. I also got a top done that is going to a project to give quilts to Nassar’s survivors. Finally, I was able to complete a portfolio that I’m going to use to carry my hand piecing project, which has started to get too big for my other carrying case. You can see them at Many of you have seen them already.

  17. I’m continuing to work on the projects from the Great Scrap Basket Clean-out of 2018. You can see pix here:

    Bottom line: 8 little quilts pieced (and there’s a 9th that just needs some borders), all 8 are quickly machine-quilted, and two are complete done (binding is not my favorite part of the process). One is going to become a pillow, so just 5 more to bind!

    Then I’ve got two kits of coordinated pieces and partial blocks to make into two (or more) small quilts. But I want to get the first batch all bound first. And figure out what to do with them. I’d give some to the local animal shelter, but I’m not excited about the way it operates, and I saw another shelter looking for cat bed quilts, but they wanted specific sizes, and mine are pretty random. So, I dunno. Just need to finish them and worry about where they go after that.

  18. We decorated the house for Halloween. We are the only one in the neighborhood that really go all out but the kids loved it. Since we have a handicap ramp for my parents, we had one girl really excited that she could get wheeled all the way up to the house and get her own candy. Total bonus!

    1. We didn’t get trick or treaters, but the bears are out there now knocking down my big green garbage bins on wheels. It’s going to be a mess out there in the morning. Grrrrr. In other news, I wrote 1200 new words on Nita. They’re truly terrible, but hey, new words. It’s not exactly NaNoWriMo because I never get that right, but it’s words.

  19. We made Halloween costumes. My husband did most of the big work, but I added thinking, planning, and a lot of finishing details, so I get credit too. Took most of yesterday.
    Not on Instagram currently, so no pics, but the Big was Wonder Woman from Superhero High (pants and a T-shirt rather than a glorified teddy, hurray!) and the Little was Toothless the dragon, from Hiw to Train Your Dragon


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