Working Wednesday, October 17, 2018

I’ve been working on shawls.  There’s this great pattern with a really easy beginning and then the border . . . argh, the border.  It’s driving me crazy.  

So what are you working on this week?

58 thoughts on “Working Wednesday, October 17, 2018

  1. Reviews are done and submitted, tax stuff is done and sent, floors are vacuumed… I think that’s enough for one day. Time to let my brain liquefy while reading Death on the Nile for the zillionth time.

  2. After my granddaughters left Sunday I opened the refrigerator and was greeted with Mr. Tomato Head. A small green tomato with a pumpkin like face and twigs for arms and legs leaning up against a mousse cake, as if to say “step away from the cake”. My younger granddaughter is crafty like that and always thinking and creating surprises. I’ll keep it till it rots.

  3. I’m working on not getting sicker. I’ve got meetings and things today that I cannot miss.

  4. Working on my Halloween costume–a reversible Aggretsuko hat. Happy bland face on one side, rage face on the other.

    I still don’t know if I will get up the nerve to actually wear it to work (pretty sure 99% of coworkers haven’t heard of the character), though. I probably shouldn’t. But I’m really, really fed up, hence my love of the character.

    1. I’m not familiar with the character either but in the movie Big Hero 6, Hiro’s bot has a happy face/angry face in the bot fights. Maybe you can tie it into that somehow?

  5. This week, I am revising my book. Got a good chunk done yesterday and planning to forge ahead and get it finished this week and start something new next week.

    1. I was just weeding out my TBR pile and found your book, MY REAL CHILDREN. It looks fascinating and the first few pages just sucked me in. Needless to say, it survived the cull.

  6. Cannabis has just been legalized in my country. So I am not working at all!
    Just kidding. Sigh. Those days are gone…

  7. I just pulled out all my Weight Watchers stuff — going back to 1978 and repeating in several intervals up to 2012.

    I need to get control of my eating. If I took off 20 pounds over the next year, I would be reducing the stress on my arthritic knee and making myself feel better. (Twenty pounds would still leave my weight much higher than my BMI number, but I care about feeling better and stopping at a weight I can maintain.)

    This project represents a really challenging Working Wednesday for me.

    1. Good luck with that project. I’ve been working on that over the past year and a half. My ortho told me that every pound lost was like 10 pounds off the knees in terms of stress – so every little bit helps.

      You’ll get all kinds of advice, etc., on this so you should do what works for your body. For me, it was cutting out most carbs – particularly gluten, and to a lesser extent sugar.

  8. This past week has been full. I had entered three quilts and a baby blanket into the competitions at the State Fair, so Friday we went to see how I did. Two ribbons – a third for the baby blanket and a 5th for the polka dot quilt I shared earlier. So, I definitely can’t complain!

    Saturday was spent preparing for and attending a double birthday party for two “greats” – niece and nephew. It was at a farm with animals to pet and interact with, so that was fun.

    I spent most of Sunday getting half-done quilts to a point where I can quilt them. Hopefully, I’ll get to the longarm shop soon to knock those out.

    And, in my spare time (hah) I’m keeping up with the crochet-along blanket, and steadily working on a wrap with a leafy pattern. It’s looking pretty cool so far.

  9. This is the week of paint remover. With a few glitches on the way.
    Me: This is not my usual brand.
    He: It’s what I always buy. It works better than the one you buy. Just try it.
    Me: (Trying not to be difficult. But we have had this conversation before.) Okay
    Pause for working
    Me: It will only take off the top layer. And I let it sit 30 minutes like the directions said.
    He: Did you shake it first like it says.
    Me: Oh
    He: You have to read all the directions. Let me show you how I do it.
    Pause while he goes and puts a layer of stripper down.
    Much cursing occurs.
    He: (stomping back into the room). It’s the wrong stuff. I didn’t see on the label that it was the eco-friendly version. It only takes off the top layer.

    I want you to notice I did not say “You have to read all the label”.
    I will go to the hardware store today and get the right brand.

    1. I definitely would have said, “You have to read all the label.” In a lightly ironic way delivered with sweet smile so the comment makes like banter. Yeppie. Gets out the grrs, good for the soul. Go for banter.

      1. Since he already admitted that he bought the wrong paint remover, anything further would have been me gloating, and mentally I was already snickering.

  10. Working on dating. I signed up for a dating app and there’s a time limit for how long you have to initiate a conversation with someone once you’ve matched. Which gets people to act, which is good, but creates a artificial timeline, which less good, because now I have four first dates in five days, which is too many for this introvert.

      1. Bumble. It’s basically like tinder, in that you both have to swipe that you’re interested, but the gimmick is only women can initiate a conversation. (So basically, it’s a normal app for lesbians and pointless for gay men). For me, it makes me feel just that little bit more secure & in control, if I’m going to be talking to strangers on the internet.

        If it’s helpful with the WIP, Other of my friends have used hinge (connects you with friends of your facebook friends, so smaller pool, but higher probability of fitting in with each other’s social circle) & coffee meets bagel (which is basically a slowed down tinder? I don’t know, this one doesn’t make sense to me). Also, obviously tinder.

      1. Thanks! The first one was actually fun. It’s not going anywhere because he’s convinced the world’s going to end, but over all it was a positive dating experience, and now I have a new bar to hang out in.

  11. Working on a website that absolutely has to go live by Friday because Monday my funder will launch a campaign to drive traffic to it.

    This is so not my thing….I’m a manager and policy analyst . The developer asks me questions and I have no idea what to say.

    1. Advice for future: hire a marketing specialist project manager who can translate developerese for you, and translate what you need for the developer. Definitely worth the investment.

    2. What level of customer are you looking for?

      Because if you and the customer have the same level of understanding, the way I translated into developer speak was “I want to do this…why doesn’t it work the way I expect?”

      You’re a manager but at this moment, you can also be a beta tester. And although I’m sure that everyone in the world but us knew this, if this is cloud based pull it up on every mobile device you can find – Apple, Samsung, other Android….because little differences caused parts of our website to disappear on Samsung.

      And if the site is meant for people older than you, call your mother, aunt, uncle and ask them to try it.

  12. Working on the ongoing Novella Beautification Project. Reformatting, doing text clean-up, consulting with my marketing guru re a new cover design for the series. And prepped Novel #5 as a pdf to send out to a couple of gamma readers, because guru & I have seen it too many times at this point. Guru is incubating a cover design for the novel, which is in the same world as the novella series but … a different flavor. Also continuing to work on novella #18, which I want to get done and published before we launch the novel.

  13. Haven’t tackled a big project since we finished building the big shed, followed by the big clean-up and moving all the workshop stuff into said shed, but now we’re preparing to start building the fence. I’m looking forward to smaller projects like garden boxes and the chicken coop, but the fence has to come first.

  14. I’ve got a new proof-reading job which is depressing so far, so I’m rationing the time I spend on it. The rest of the time I’m working on my plans for the move. Finished the furniture layouts today, which made me feel better.

  15. So what’s the shawl pattern? Inquiring minds…

    Working on… I made a reservation for brunch Saturday to celebrate a dear friend’s birthday. I’m counting that. I’m behind on my TV watching, which also means I’m behind on my crochet, because those two activities go together.

    1. Shawl pattern:

      It’s written weirdly, but the first part (central triangle) and the side parts (wings) are easy granny square pieces so great for TV watching. The border is a little harder but not much, except that the damn thing is written so badly that it took me forever to figure out (I need charts). It’s a good shape since you can make it bigger by adding rows to the first part, and then with the wings and the border it becomes large enough to wear as a sontag, always a plus.

      1. We are shortly departing for Australia, and I look forward to the country church shops (tour with Heritage Roses in Australia) filled with crochet and knit goods. And jams and jellies. I hope to find a collar or shawl much like the one you work on. Oh, and the rose quilt on raffle! A tradition of the conference.

  16. I’m driving an hour this evening to look at a wedding dress a future bride wants altered. The weddings a year away and I think she should wait to see if the stress of the event puts on or takes off weight, but what do I know. I always undercharge on these things so I don’t really know why I do it. Except that it is hard to find a good seamstress and I feel bad for people.

    I must learn to say no.

  17. We are sitting down with the woman we hired to do our audiobook and discussing timeline, compensation, and so on. I may make cookies. It’s a cookie-type day.

  18. Have battled with an increasing feeling of anxiety the last days… So I’m working on not letting it show whilst wishing I could find a way to let it out. I know that it might possibly go away by itself sooner or later, but right now it doesn’t feel so good. 🙁 It’s probably striking me harder because of lack of sleep. But I guess I had it coming after having felt so good the last months.

    Besides that, we’re also working on not going crazy about things here that doesn’t work: leaking bedroom window, mildew because of leaking window, tumble-drier that is dead for the second time in 1,5 week (and OF COURSE it started as normal when we called the repair man, bye €50 for nothing, and now it’s dead again…), fridge that spontaniously deep-freezes random food-stuffs, oven that suddenly doesn’t get any warmer despite being set on maximum heat, etc. It’s been a stressfull week.

    I’ll just go to bed now and hope things have improved tomorrow when I wake up. Like, magically.

    Hope all you ladies are having a fabulous week!

      1. Or an electrician.

        Have the electrician check the wiring for the house – because random fluctuations might lead to these kinds of problems.

        Other problem is that if everything was put in at the same time and has the same product life, everything tends to go at the same time. But start with an electrician for the house – not each appliance individually.

        1. I think fridge and oven might be suffering from put-in-at-approximately-the-same-time-and-now-dying-syndrome (sometime before Fiancé bought this place in 2009). We bought the tumble-drier 2,5 years ago, and OF COURSE the warranty was only for 2 years… but I suppose that’s the curse of modern technology. Gone are the days when a washing machine or tumble-drier or microwave lasted for 25 years without major troubles. Pfff.

          Also, just 10 minutes ago when I took something out of the freezer, the door said CRACK and now I can not open it the whole way. I have felt along the side of it, but I can’t find anything different. I’ll ask MIL to have a look tomorrow when she’s here. PLEASE don’t say that one is gonna go now, too…

  19. Special Olympics with older son, then a run/jog, then slice and bake cookies with Highlander Grog Extract (it’s a bit like whiskey and butterscotch, for those who are’t familiar). Younger son did the sprinkles on top. Yes, that meant sprinkles went everywhere 😉

    I’m trying to resist the urge to binge-watch Superstore. That show is so adorable and I realized the other day all the seasons are finally on Hulu.

      1. Online is the only place I’ve found it. It’s also quite a popular coffee flavor in the (American) Midwest, so maybe in shops that specialize in gourmet coffee?

  20. I’m in fall cleaning mode. (I do less spring cleaning and more fall cleaning…maybe because I realize I’m about to be trapped in the house all winter with all my crap.) I’m trying to sort through, get rid of, and/or reorganize All The Things.

    But I’m also behind on All The Other Things, and in a lot of pain from the drastic seasonal shift (thank you, fibro), so not getting as much done as I’d like. Still, every little bit counts, right?

    And now I’m going to work on drinking a glass of wine with dinner. Or possibly two. It’s medicinal.

  21. I promised my sister in law a knitted poppy a year or so ago, and it is that time of the year again, so finally finished two, made different types for fun, so she and the kids can wear them for charity (we’ll still donate of course)

    Started last week, and ended up with an apple

  22. I am packing for a mini vacation, and I have been cooking for the trip. (Breakfast burritos that you freeze; slow cooker butter chicken; and Moroccan chicken tangine — which worked perfectly in the InstantPot LAST TIME, but this time it gave me two consecutive BURN messages and turned off automatically without cooking the ingredients). Plus dealing with computer issues — rebooted it; then gave up and took it in to my usual repair place who said it was malware — they returned it with the same problem (gibberish instead of words on a site I use a lot. It’s not a problem with the website, I checked with other local users)

  23. I’m mostly working on PIDs – Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams. But that’s for work. At home I’m working on Food Porn. You know, describing food and/or recipes in such a way as to incite Lust and Gluttony and other deadly sins. I made a beefs2. That’s similar to beef stew, but sexier. (Well, as sexy as it can be on a low carb, lower sodium diet.)

  24. My quads. I’m getting new knees in the early spring and want to make the rehab as easy as possible. So I’m using a program my beloved friend/yoga teacher de used for me. I saw a PT guy and he added a few exercises. I’m going to be able to walk up stairs (we have none) and wear high heels if I want. Yea!

    1. Both my knees were done about 18 years ago and I did what you are doing. It made a huge amount of difference. The only thing I have difficulty with is getting up and down off the floor. I can do it but it is not pretty. We have 3 floors and day does not pass that I have to go up and down them several times. Sometimes I have to work on my PT so that I don’t inch up and down them, but lately I have been going up and down just like a person with normal knees.

  25. A long time ago I read a Jennifer Crusie article about Cordelia Chase from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. After that I had a strange encounter with a girl in a too short, too tight catholic school girl skirt… and her hot, hot boyfriend, and voila, an idea formed. I started writing a book. Here’s a link to read more about it. From Cordelia Chase to Lucy Heart. A new kind of heroine. #BuffyTheVampireSlayer

  26. I had laser surgery on my right eye!
    Then I took the train to Montreal for the World Stroke Congress and stayed late for a reception.
    Then I reviewed a contract for writing and abdominal ultrasounds for my course next week.
    Time to sleep!

  27. Cleaned two more cupboards, laundry, arranged interview for magazine article, chatted up and bonded with a PR Marketing dynamo, kept the community going with Coffee Wednesday, began after-dinner walking program, watered newly planted native plants. So OMG. Would have done more, but unexpected death in the community, smoothing of waters needed. Arranging calendar to accommodate giving lunch to visiting heirloom rose expert dear friend – American Rose Society has annual meeting our town next week – and acting as guru for heritage rose silent auction, arranging hair and nails done for upcoming Australian Heritage Rose tour.

    Calendars, appointments, visits, they’re too hard. But they demand their making.

  28. My husband had a colonoscopy and all I got was a chance to clean the bathroom. I made him go though. That just sounds weird.


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