Working Wednesday, October 10, 2018

This week I’m working on my attitude.  Also on fixing my internet which has slowed to a crawl (grrrr).  And finding a new trash pick-up service because mine canceled on me because they decided they didn’t like driving on single lane roads.  And some other stuff.  

Actually, this week I’m working on getting over last week.  Onward and upward, Argh People!

60 thoughts on “Working Wednesday, October 10, 2018

  1. I stepped outside this morning in my attempt to put more movement into my life by walking around the neighborhood. It was just after dawn, but before the sun had cleared the houses, so there was a nice light illuminating the second blush of gardenias.

    Tomorrow we get another chance at a hurricane in North Carolina. At least this one is moving quickly, so it won’t sit and dump rain forever, although we are forecast to have 6 -8 inches of rain with winds gusting up to 60 mph tomorrow. Afterwards, we should get a taste of fall weather, which will be nice.

    Other than that, I’ve been keeping busy with work, family obligations and various projects that you’ve seen before. And, I’m making the choice to be happy.

  2. Yesterday was my birthday AND my first book came out! in print, on Kindle.

    Today I need to take a break from dog-sitting, go home and get stuff done there for once, and/then do committee work for Rainbow. We got 25 more books yesterday to assess by the 31st…fortunately, some of them meet the criteria for next year’s committee. Just not sure how many yet.

  3. I’m working on being able to work! I kinda’ overdid things during the long weekend (which was extra-long, from Thurs to late, late on Monday), so I need to take a few days to recuperate. Thought I’d be able to jump right back into the swing of things, and tried yesterday, but that just continued the overdoing. Had to face it this morning. Do not like facing reality these days. So mostly I’m just thinking about working, rather than actually working this Wednesday.

  4. My project today involves coddling myself. I was up until a ridiculously late hour last night at a hearing for a project/issue I’ve been working on for a long time. We lost. It was really frustrating on multiple levels.

    So this morning I took myself out to my favorite breakfast place, and have various other restorative plans. The rest of the week will hopefully be spent on more rewarding things, and also perhaps contain a pleasing quantity of dog cuddles.

  5. I’ve just had life stuff and work stuff this week, and for several weeks past. I miss having time to do some fun stuff with paint, or yarn, or whatever.

    But, I’m hoping things will settle down soon.

    The Working Wednesday is more emphasis on Work-Work, than Fun-Work.

  6. I have worked my way into a catastrophic mess in my work space, having finished a handful of long term projects without any organizing in between, so my task for the next week or so (I move slow, and also, did I mention, catastrophic mess?) is to clear the floor so I can walk, and sort the shelves so the things I need fit onto them, and then things I don’t need are removed to cold storage or entirely off the premises.

    What does anyone do with partially full sketchbooks? Any recommendations? Looking through them is not providing me with a lot affection for the work of the books themselves. I am thinking of taking pictures of the pages I like, and binning the books.

  7. Once again the closet upstairs beckons. I am removing paint with a heat gun. The old wall paper took forever to remove. Hopefully, by next week I will be ready to patch the walls. Then paint it. Then clean all the junk from the closet out of the bedroom where it is stacked. Then Voila (only a month or two later) a new mini-studio. It is actually large enough to hold my full-sized painting easel, a small table for brushes and palette, etc., and me. Plus the ceiling is 9 feet tall so I will be able to use the high shelves for storage. I have posted a picture for all of you who lust to see the inside of a closed with the first layer of paint almost removed.

  8. I took older son to Special Olympics today and really the highlight for him was running around in circles in the gym. Hey, anything to wear that kid out 😉

    I may attempt bakery style butter cookies (piped through a pastry bag), but we’ll see. I may run out of time. Then we’ll have plain old butter cookies.

    1. I love plain old butter cookies. Somewhere around here I have a recipe for butter cookies that have lemon and orange zest in them that are wonderful.

    2. Took out the Halloween decorations, and found some craft projects I had bought for the girls that never got done. They weren’t interested, so I made a Halloween banner yesterdayand started painting a skull mask today. The banner was mostly assembly, and the skull is definitely more of a process rather than product thing, but I thoroughly enjoyed both of them.
      And I made chili tonight, just throwing some things together and it was lovely and autumnal and the oldest kid ate some, so victory is mine.

  9. Just got back from our first ever beach vacation with my two sons: a week in Florida! We went for my cousin’s wedding, but got there very early and stayed late to enjoy the beach.

    Therefore today’s work was supposed to be cleaning up the disaster of the house and finishing my grading for the quarter that ended before we left , but what I did instead was take a three hour nap while everyone else was out of the house. I’m currently fighting the urge to make it a five hour nap!

    So rather then show you a picture of our poor, trashed home, I’ll tag one of the beach pictures instead, because It turns out that the vacation with a three-year-old and an infant is also very hard work!

    Thank God for my mother and my husband, who are both amazing, and for my schools very long fall break, which gave me the opportunity to spend so much time goofing off with those two cute boys. 😍

    1. Remembering that vacay with your little ones will bring a smile to your face for years to come!

  10. I am apparently mostly working on trying to get a new job. Also working on (and being frustrated by) trying to get my series title and the individual novella titles to work together in such a way that a potential buyer could search by the series title. It is failing hard. Nothing has worked so far. Grrr. Guess I will have to dig around in the KDP forum and see if anyone has tips.

    Also frustrating, so stressed out about job that I’ve been unable to concentrate on writing for over a week, and thus now stressed out about the looming read-through-edit and the unfinished novella. Sigh. Managing the stress is a full-time job in itself.

  11. I am working on a lot of upcoming deadlines and events. The holiday season starts early and fills up fast. And my art supplies and such are only half moved and not at all organized. grrr

  12. I overdid it at the weekend, trying to work out what needs doing in the house I’m buying: forgot to take a rest day. Which never works. So I’m working on finishing the statistics book tomorrow and returning it to Penguin – apart from the diagrams, which the author is taking ages on. No follow-up job yet, so I’ll take a day or two just vegging. If I can resist all the things I need to do; especially since many of them involve designing, which I love. But my brain needs a break.

    1. Are the walls that close off the ground floor hallways load bearing walls? When my husband, the engineer, looked at the ground plan, he said “I wonder why the hallways have been left in? You could remove them back to the stairway and put a powder room or closet on one side and have a much more spacious room on the other. And it is not a really expensive remodeling job”. Every since we moved a wall and a doorway and ended up with a much more useable floor plan, he has viewed non-load bearing walls as optional. The floor would have to be redone though and everything would have to be repainted when you were finished. But since he usually leaves repainting to me, he doesn’t consider that work.

      1. I’m not sure, Jessie, but it’s too ambitious for right now: I’ve got other priorities I want to stretch my budget to cover. It does look odd, I know. I checked the very large scale 1924 Ordnance Survey map today, and that shows a ground-floor alleyway through to the garden, which is now closed off by the dining room, which has been extended across it. So the alley has become a passage to a back door, and since the original wooden gate has been replaced by a glazed plastic front door, the space is light and dry. I think it’ll be useful storage. A downstairs loo would be good, but as with all Victorian terraces, the plumbing’s all at the back of the house, so it’d probably be tricky to add anything at the front (my sister-in-law added an en-suite upstairs, and the plumbing is always causing problems).

        1. “The alley has become a passage to the back door” sounds historic and magical and wonderful…as long as it’s a house that *I* don’t have to fix up.

  13. I had my big 7 Uh Oh birthday and at the weekend we celebrated. Then the next day, then the next. I’m too old for this. Ha ha. Woke this morning with a stomach ache. Too many sweets I think. It was a ton of fun with lots of lovely gifts that made me feel special.

    Today it’s business as usual. Bathed the dog and can’t get that wet dog smell from my nose.

        1. Happy birthday! You and yours know how to do *celebrate* right. And “wet dog” competes with “earthy dirty dog.” I have reason to know. We wash ours in the bathtub, thus the bathroom needs airing.

    1. 1948 was a very good year, wasn’t it? The year of the first LP, Velcro, transistor radio, the first Holden car produced in Australia, and Robena Grant made her appearance. Happy belated birthday.

  14. Today I ran around doing errands on a beautiful hot day, which is actually pretty nice when you so rarely have time for that sort of thing. I ended the errands by getting a new laptop, I have two old lame ones that have started clicking and clanking, so I allowed myself the luxury of getting a shiny new one, with a 15.6 screen. Heaven.
    Now to find all the passwords for all my stuff. Phew!

  15. I had a couple of hits and one miss in the kitchen this week. I made meatballs with a small chunk of mozzarella cheese in the center in each meatball. Those were for the freezer. Made a strata early in the day for the next mornings breakfast but instead had it for supper that night. Very custardy when I remember to use half and half with 1% milk. Thirty years ago milk was whole milk nowadays it could be anything. The disaster was making brownies with dabs of chocolate chips cookie batter on top not realizing that the vegetable oil I used had a mixture of olive oil in it. Nasty! I had to throw them out. On the humorous side our neighbors have chickens and their little escape artists. I have no idea how they get out of their coop but more often than not I’ve seen them on other neighbors lawns. This time they either hopped our fence or found a point of entry to cluck their way to our corner of the world. My husband and our son had to herd them home with one attempting to backtrack. Wished I’d remembered a camera.

  16. I made myself a birthday party. 25 friends in our lounge, all talking and laughing and eating far too much cake. It was great fun.

  17. I’ve read these posts for months and increasingly felt my lack of creative endeavour. This week, with the kids home for school holidays, I taught them to make embroidery thread friendship bracelets, and we got out the power tools and sanded down an old set of drawers. Feeling like I’m winning (actually, feeling like school holidays are endless, feeling bad for not ‘making the most of this time while they’re young because it will go so quickly’ and feeling super stressed about my growing work to-do list, but I’m focusing on the win, also working on my attitude).

  18. I nearly had a wardrobe malfunction in Aquafit this morning – first class of the fall (ha! it’s winter here) and a new bathing suit that fits a bit on the large side meant I had to be very careful about how I exercised. It fit fine when it was dry but grew a whole bunch when it got wet.

    This is mostly a working week (and a figuring out how to G-rate my bathing suit! week), nothing fun or exciting until it warms up, supposedly next week, when I can finish my fall yard work and not be in snow.

  19. I finally got my new Perkins braille-typewriter last week and yesterday I got the additional part – a dymo-tape frame that can hold strips of tape in place on the cylinder, allowing me to print braille-labels! I did it on hand before which was 1. tiring and 2. not working properly since I had to remove the plastic strip on the backside of the tape to stick the tape to the reglette (thing you write braille with dot by dot…inverted. Ugh), which resulted in the glue on the tape becoming less gluey and the labels to fall off of whatever I stuck them to. .
    Anyway, so now I can make labels! Spend some hours yesternight carefully making labels for all my tea tins (except 2, of which one I don’t know the tea’s name and the second…I was too tired to make). That makes around 30 different teas. With both name and type (i.e. black, green, white, rooibos, herbal, fruit) written on the lid. Phew. But so happy I finished this! Means that I can find the teas easier, remember what’s in which tin AND I can ask Fiancé for a specific one now IF(!) he makes tea instead of just going for “the one in the top left hand corner” because that was always easiest…

    I also threw away some old teas that I was sure we wouldn’t drink. Waste, I know. But they were quite old so I didn’t want to give them away either. And they really weren’t my cup of tea, so to speak.

    Next project will be labelling all my pots of clay. And the jars I use for the mosaic. Lots of work… 🙂

  20. Are we sure it’s not napping Wednesday? I stayed up far too late last night and have had two naps so far. Not much work getting done.

    I need to train myself to go to bed, otherwise, I will end up with my days and nights all mixed up.

    After a certain time at night my brain gives up on working and thinks that it’s play time. No one wants to go to bed when they are playing, do they?

  21. Sleep deprived, haven’t managed to read properly,

    Started to knit a flower I promised someone, got sidetracked and knitted a small apple. Feel better, tiny spark of accomplishment

  22. We went to North Carolina and got apes, so I made pie. I am experimenting with cheese and apples wrapped in puff pastry. We’ll see how it goes.

  23. I’ve been working on putting the finishing touches on the NJRW conference. One more week to go. (Been working on this since February.) Then I can get back to my own writing and, oh yeah, some exercise.

      1. It actually turned out WAY better than I expected. I thought it would be a little claustrophobic, but both plumbers said (ironically) that it was bigger than their own bathrooms. There is still some work to do, but I’m generally very pleased. Any Argh folks, feel free to visit!

  24. This week I tried a couple of new recipes with my new Instant Pot (one great — Moroccan chicken tangine; the other one was edible as long as you like a basic pot of mush). And I painted a watercolor of fall leaves (inspired by my artist friend, who volunteered at a 5th grade class — I did the 5th grade level instructions! smudges and smears and all, it looks like fall leaves!!)

  25. I worked on trying to decide if the painters who quoted me $5000 for the front of the house are going to do work that lasts more than twice as long as the ones who quoted me $2000. Really I have no way of sorting this out. And I keep falling into the trap of ‘the more expensive ones must be SO much better at what they do.’ I think I need another quote, just to confuse me more.

    1. Liam,
      Get references from people who have used them. sometimes more expensive is not necessarily best.
      Good luck. Margaret

  26. I’m working on getting in shape. Specifically, dancing shape. I just started taking Irish dance again after pretty much being out of it for 8 years, and it’s really fun, but I am REALLY out of shape, and I just found out we get to do a performance on St. Patrick’s Day at the biggest Irish bar in town. And I could opt out. Or I could accept that my dancing will be fine, but sloppy. Or I could use it as motivation to add some strength and flexibility exercises into my daily routine, so then I can focus more on making something beautiful when I’m at dance class, and less on hauling myself over the finish line.

    I’m going with option number three. That might be working wednesday thing I report for a while. I know dance isn’t quite the right type of art for working wednesdays, but I’m stretching the definition.


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