Cherry Saturday, October 19, 2018

Today is International Sloth Day.

Sloth is the fourth deadly sin or a fuzzy little animal that lives in trees and spends most of its life hanging upside down when it’s not working at the DMV (Zootopia joke).  “Sloth” is derived from “slow” (because the sloth moves at about 50% the power of other animals its size) but then some Type A religious nuts decided it meant “lazy” and made it a sin, which is just ridiculous.  They probably all died of heart attacks from moving too fast.  

This means that on International Sloth Day, you should think kindly of these laidback little tree dwellers and move slower in their honor.  Or maybe not move at all once you’ve found a good book and a nice cuppa.

Go ahead, sloth about.

30 thoughts on “Cherry Saturday, October 19, 2018

  1. (I got up at 6 a.m., started some laundry, then went back to bed. Got up at 11 a.m. Am still worried the Sin Police will catch up with me before evening. Shhhh!)

  2. If I slothed yesterday, and will again tomorrow, may I have an exemption for today please? I have to help a friend hang an exhibit of her photos at the nicest bakery in Amherst Massachusetts – there will be pastry…

  3. Is slothing the same as procrastinating because I pretty much excel at that. For example I know I should exercise and walk more but I always have an excuse. In the summer it’s because it is too hot. In the fall it is because if I leave too early in the morning I might meet a nocturnal animal, skunk, raccoon. One time I came across a territorial turkey. Just asking.

  4. I already blew it but it is my credit card company’s fault. Last night around 11 pm an email came in that they were suspending my card because of suspicious activity and to let them know if I had made these charges. Well, two were mine and one wasn’t. So I called and told the nice lady who explained she just cancelled my account. And I said but it’s my birthday on Monday and we are going out of town and she basically said too bad. They can’t get it to me any faster than sometime Monday.

    After we parted, it occurred to me I could use my debit card and carry a bunch of cash. Neither of which I usually do but it doesn’t mean I can’t. I guess. Sigh.

    So the first thing when I woke up the morning I thought what if there were other charges that they did not catch? So I rushed down, fed the cats (some tasks cannot be delayed without a major kitty melt-down) and called up my account on-line. Fortunately, they caught this right off. There were no other charges. But I will check it again today to be sure no late ones come in.

    I still can’t figure out how it was done because my card has not left my possession since we went out to dinner a week ago. This is the third time this has happened to me in the last year and a half, and it is always after we have been to a restaurant. Although usually the charges start the next day and they are always for less than $200. The first time it happened, almost $2000 in charges were rung up in internet sales over the course of a month before a store double checked with me. Sigh.

    Canada with its card readers brought to your table so you never lose sight of your credit card has it all over the US.

    1. I got quite nervous paying in restaurants in the US on my last trip two years ago, because they seemed to be able to alter the total. In the UK, you add a tip on the machine before OKing the new total with your pin. But using credit cards in the US has always been alarming. I reckoned my signature wasn’t checked once on my two-month trip in 1990.

    2. One thin I’ve found useful is to set a alert for any charge over a dollar. That way if something is charged when I’m not expecting it, I find out immediately. Though honestly, Chase has been very quick to notice unusual behavior.

      1. Figuring out how a credit card number was stolen is like trying to figure out which food you ate made you sick. I have problems with both every year or two.

        Chase Bank VISA will let you continue to make charges while they send you a new card, but you have to phone them every time you’re about to make a charge. Not convenient, but at least you can still charge. (Helps if you’re on a trip)

  5. I’ve been fairly lazy. Went to the library to research cookers (they have the Which reports there). I still want one with an induction hob, although they do seem prone to faults. Or else people love writing critical reviews. (I haven’t looked at other kinds of cooker; maybe they’re all iffy. Although I expect induction is more reliant on digital tech.)

    Must get going on preparing the pears I scrumped yesterday, which need simmering with sugar and water.

    Hopefully have been lazy enough that I’ll be up to proof-reading again tomorrow (I took yesterday off after a bad night, so my weekend’s happened early.)

    1. Last summer I bought an induction hot plate with its appropriate type of pan to cook on it at Costco. After a summer of cooking on it (the kitchen was being remodeled), I gave it away as soon as I had a functioning kitchen again. The problem with it was that I could only use pans that a magnet would stick to. Then the heat pattern was weird. I have cooked on both gas and electric and it was not as good as either. It would cycle on and off to maintain a specific heat which was fine for soups but not so great when I was sautéing. And the heat pattern itself seemed very localized. There were sauces that I never understood how to make on it.

      My sister-in-law has one that she calls an induction cooktop which is glass with radiant electric heat and she loves it. I am not sure it is a true induction cooktop. She does not have to use pans that can be magnetized but she does have to have flat bottom pans. She also has to worry about it retaining heat for a time after she turns it off. The induction hotplate that I had cooled within a minute or two at most.

      1. Sounds like your sister-in-law has a ceramic hob. I’m keen on the safety aspect of induction, which has no heat without a pan on top of it. I gather that a common problem is uneven heating (the ones Which recommends are pretty even). I scare myself from time to time by leaving a ring (gas or electric) on low because I’ve taken the pan off but forgotten to turn the ring off. I usually realize when I take my dirty dishes back to the kitchen.

        My sister-in-law, niece and a close friend all use induction and are delighted with it. I’ll have to buy new pans, but my old ones are pretty elderly.

        1. I’ve had a drop in range with induction top and convection oven for seven years and am pleased with it, but I don’t think they make it any longer. I have really heavy bottomed pans and have had no problems with uneven heating. I also found out, due to my own inattention, that it shuts itself off if all the water boils out of the pan. I was truly glad when it did that as the pan was not harmed and I didn’t start a fire! I call it my old folks stove, as you can’t turn on a cooking area without a pan. And my stove is all controlled by touch, so no knobs to clean and the smooth ceramic/glass top is also easy to clean.

          One way in which induction is more like gas cooking than electric, is that changes in temperature of the cooking element are immediate and not delayed, like regular electric. It may not be for everyone, but it works very well for me.

          1. Yes: that’s what my friend – previously wedded to gas -said: that it’s even more responsive. And I’m planning ahead here: I fear my tendency to forget to switch rings off is only likely to get worse.

            I’m also unimpressed by the ceramic hob I’ve been using for the past coupke of years: really unresponsive. I’m always having to slide pans half off the heat, it’s so slow to cool down, or else I set one ring hot, to bring a pan to the boil, and then swap it to another ring on low.

          2. My “stove” is an Oster “table stove” – a single eye plug in hot plate. I use either a wok or a small frying pan on it. My oven is a 700 watt microwave and a Walmart super-cheap toaster oven. I grill on a small George Foreman knock-off. But I do own three crock pots of various sizes.

    2. I got an induction cooktop when we remodeled our kitchen in 2014 and wouldn’t trade it for anything. Love it, love it, love it. Had to get some new pans due to the wrong kind of metal cladding on the base, but some were fine (my wok, for example).

      I’ve had American electric (coil), European electric, ceramic and gas cooktops. But nothing is as fabulous as my induction cooktop. It is so fast (even gas feels like it takes forever now), but has close to the responsiveness of gas when you drop the cooking temp.

      The best part for me is that, no matter what size of pan, the size of the “hot spot” is always exactly the size of the pan (because the heat is generated by reaction to the pan), so there is never a radiation of heat up around the pan (basically never a problem with handles getting hot). Also, the cooling down of the cooktop itself, once the pan is removed, is really, really fast (which is good with a cat who sneaks up to countertops even thought he knows he’s not allowed up there).

      FWIW, I got my cooktop at IKEA, didn’t cost much more than a regular cooktop (it’s a drop-in, set in my butcher block countertop).

      I would NEVER get anything else!

      1. That’s really encouraging: thanks! The Ikea hobs sound good, but since I don’t want to redo the kitchen, at least for the time being, I need to buy a freestanding cooker.

  6. I feel obliged to defend the DMV of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Once, they too were manned (slothed?) by people who felt they needed to live down to the stereotypes. But years ago, there was reform. Someone, or some group, did some kind of time-motion survey, and [gasp!] they implemented the results! For a branch of governmental bureaucracy, they are now quite speedy. It’s amazing, astounding, and other superlatives.

    I would love to apply their reformation to aspects of my personal and professional life, and I probably will, soon after I finish filling out (and mailing in) my application to Procrastinators of America. I just can’t seem to get around to it.

  7. I’ve totally got slot-ing down pat so far this morning, but will have to abandon it soon for a trip to the hardware store and then an afternoon of working on the old family house, trying to get it ready for rent/sale.

    The cat, who is stretched out in a beam of sunshine, is all in favor of a day of sloth.

  8. I watched Zootopia with my little sister when I was in Sweden one month ago. I really liked it. 🙂

    Except getting up sort-of-early (9am) to let the tumble-drier delivery-guys in (yes, we had to buy a new one after all, repairing the old one would’ve cost as much as a new one, approximately), I have been slothing quite a bit today. Half-slept in the easy chair, read book and had several cups of tea, watched Fiancé compete in an online e-sport tournament (not an official one, just organized by some streamer), and well, done nothing in particular really. If slothing is a sin I’m OK with being a sinner. I’m already a heathen anyway, being the only one of us 5 kids that refused going through confirmation classes. So some sins here or there probably wouldn’t make much of a difference. 😉

    Have a lovely Saturday, everyone!

  9. Can you be a lark in the morning, and then switch (or more likely in my case, revert) to sloth for afternoon/evening? I took my neighbor to work at 4:00 am, topped off my gas tank at the self-serve station, popped home to change clothes for my WW meeting, met a friend for breakfast, hit the credit union for cash/change, then on to the public library to run stock reports for tomorrow night’s investment club (hence the change for the library printers). Now I’m dawdling at the library computer before picking up my books on-hold. Yeah, an afternoon with newly borrowed books sounds sufficiently sloth-like.

  10. Well today was 8 hours standing working at a well-known coffee shop, which will remain nameless, but provides me with benefits. I am kind of old for this shit, so tonight is all about the sloth. I come home and soak my feet in Epsom salts, it works.
    I love Zootopia

  11. Funny to hear it was Sloth Day, because I was a total sloth. For some reason I had no energy at all, so I slept in and then spent most of the day sitting in the sun reading. I’m feeling much better today, so I might have been fighting off a bug, or maybe the universe knew it was Sloth Day even if I didn’t.

  12. My new programmable thermostat decided to set my heat back (without my consent) to 62 today so I spent a lot of the afternoon huddled under my down comforter. I think I have it adjusted now, but that’s also what I thought earlier in the week when I turned on the heat. I wish I could have my old model back. Then all I had to adjust for was how far the thermostat was from the windows.

  13. I didn’t know it was sloth day y’day. I baked rolls and a cake and made caramel sauce instead of frosting. Then went over to a friend’s house with the food and we all had lunch & watched The Great British Bake Off – 2 episodes. Watching tv feels sloth like to me. I didn’t move except when eating cake.


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