Cherry Saturday, October 13, 2018

Today is No Bra Day.  Or as I call it, every day. 

Actually, No Bra Day is celebrated to increase awareness of breast cancer screenings; the BRA originally stood for Breast Reconstruction Awareness, but that’s kind of gotten lost in the whole oh-my-god-it-feels-good-to-not-wear-a-bra thing.  Bras have always annoyed me because aside from preventing pain while jogging, their major use seems to be to shield heterosexual men from the sight of nipples through fabric: I have to wear a sling so that they can concentrate on their work?  No.  (I spent most of my twenties saying, “My eyes are up here.”)  Then I got fitted for this stupid Life Vest which I was supposed to put a bra over, and I said, “That’s it.”  I still have bras if I have to go somewhere and I’m not wearing layers, but for bumming around the house and short trips to the diner and to walk the dog, I am a free woman.  

But also breast cancer awareness, too.   Don’t burn your bra, that’s bad for the environment, but definitely take it off and get a mammogram.  It’s that kind of day.