Working Wednesday, September 25, 2018

I’ve been cooking all week which has the added benefit of giving me excellent things to eat.  Also, Max and Button’s subplot.  Also, the great Whiteboard Dilemma, which is still mostly in my head.   And I’ve started about four different crochet projects and frogged them all.  In other words, my work is ephemeral and ongoing.

What did you do this week?

40 thoughts on “Working Wednesday, September 25, 2018

  1. I bought an antique 1910 Singer sewing machine on Saturday and I’m learning how to make it run again and figuring out what to do to spiffy up the treadle. The veneer isn’t in great shape so something needs to be done. Tall Boy wants me to flip it but I kinda want to keep it.

    1. My mom had a treadle sewing machine. She used to make us doll clothes for the dolls we got for Christmas.

      I’d forgotten all about that. Thank you!

  2. I’m working on laundry and since older son’s speech therapist is on her well-deserved honeymoon, I *could* just putter all day, but I think I’m going to try to take a break to take a yoga class by an instructor I really like, but who teaches on a day that doesn’t work for me usuually.

  3. What about blackboard paint on the wall?

    I’m working on Rainbow Books for the ALA. Sorting, moving some on to the next level, etc.

    Also, we are on our last few days of the crowdfund for my first book (I know, self-pub, but that’s what the co-author wanted, and he’s gone the other route before), so I’m sure there will be more to do there, whether the final notes come back from the editor or hunting for a good but cheap voice actor for the audiobook or what.

      1. Happy Birthday, Kelly. It’s mine today. Yesterday my wonderful youngest son said, “It’s your birthday tomorrow, Mama. You are going to be a year younger!” Now that’s a great son. It’s a milestone. Definitely staying a year younger.

        I’m getting a lot of backlog done this week. Whew. I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Yeah, it’s not a train.

    1. Happy Birthday with sparklies. Today I’m reattaching an arm to a stuffed critter that my grand puppy chewed off for the second time. Apparently it is her favorite out of all the nest of toys in her bed. My sewing technique will leave about 50 stitches in the dragon but my grandkids love to watch her shake the stuffy and gnaw on it till it squeaks. OK I like to watch her, too.

    2. Michelle – congrats on planning ahead!

      Carol Mc – Happy Birthday! Ours is a popular birthdate. I believe the holiday celebrations ~40 weeks earlier have something to do with that. Christmas 🎄 New Year’s Eve 🍾 Lots of good feelings & alcohol. 😉

      Everyone else – thank you for the happy wishes! It was a good day, even if I didn’t accomplish a single thing on the list I posted here this morning. 🤫😧

      1. Kelly hope you has a great day. Yes, lots of happy feelings with Christmas and New Years. Mom and Dad were married in November, then Christmas and New Years! It was a given a wee one would be arriving in September.

        Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone.

  4. I need to make slides for a presentation I’m giving in early Oct. The slides are due on the 3rd. Argh.

    I’m on row 4 of my Grinda. I also need to print more shapes on fabric for my hand piecing quilt project.

    So, nothing to see here…

  5. No art. Trying to fit more exercise into my mornings. And my workplace asked me to create and launch a new website in a few days, so I’ve been working on that.

  6. I have been working for the last 6 months on building a maple and cherry desk (as big as I can fit into my office) and a printer stand and storage drawers to roll underneath. Alas, it is still not finished. My goal is to have it set up and in my office by the end of October. Wish me luck, since all my previous goals have gone whooshing by with the sound of mocking laughter.

  7. I am moving! Which is alternately super fun, or very stressful. I think that I am on the brink of an epic purge, because there is so much that I don’t feel compelled to take with me.

  8. I am resolutely staying away from First Draft Novel #5 until this weekend. Doing actual work work. Trying to stave off probably-hormonal depression & anxiety, the swings get worse with age, and looming birthday #53 is not helping. Maybe I should have jettisoned the ovaries too and gone straight to HRT. Started novella #18.

  9. I’ve been dealing with the usual snafus around buying a house (looks like I’ll have to chase the estate agent again tomorrow). Today I started my new three-hour working day, just working in the morning, which felt a lot better. Also had a chat with the herbalist and came away with a vitamin B complex and a ‘De-stress tonic’, which seems to work. I want to stay focused on building my strength rather than worrying neurotically that I’m not productive enough.

  10. This week’s most fun project involves soliciting donations for our annual silent auction. Hey, here’s a question for all you smart book-writing people: if I wanted to ask for a book donation (as in, a signed copy), I should direct that request to the publisher, not the author, right? Small, non-academic publishing companies, if it makes a difference.

    Next week’s project involves living in the wilderness for a while. I’m honestly not sure I’ve ever been more excited for a week without phone, internet, or news…every time I raise my head and look outside my immediate circle of control, I despair.

    Which means I should spend my working Wednesday getting organized, but it’s not happening yet. Perhaps I will get a late afternoon burst of energy at some point.

    1. It depends, Lynn. Probably the publisher, unless you know the author personally, in which case it is fine to ask them directly. What is the cause your silent auction supports? Because, you know, I write books 🙂

      1. Thank you for the answer! I figured as much, but it is so helpful to have it confirmed. I think I get confused because so many authors have much more approachable online presences than the people/publishers they work with. Plus, it’s just not always clear who plays what role, at least from the outside.

        And you are very kind! It’s a small, solid nonprofit that works for progressive, non-violent social change (community-based grassroots organizing, basically). If it’s something you’d be interested in, I’d be happy to email you with more info. But please don’t feel obliged, as you’ve already helped by answering my question!

  11. For working Wednesday, I had the plumbers here ALL FREAKING DAY (for the second day in a row, but I was here for this one, and they stayed until 7:30, bless ’em) working on the new upstairs bathroom. The poor cats were shut up in the bedroom all day both days, and are Not Happy. Thankfully (I mean, bummer) they can’t come back to finish until the end of next week.

    I would have put up pictures, but I couldn’t remember the tag. Is it #workingWednesdaypics or something like that?

    Alas, I got very little of my own work done…

    1. Hmm. I’m in prep stage for some work on my bathroom soon and this timeline seems scary. Is your reno a super big job with tiles and fixtures and such, Deb?

  12. This week I’ve been making lists and making piles of things to bring with us when we leave for Tanzania THIS SATURDAY! It’s been 2.5 years since we’ve been able to get there due to last year’s adventures with breast cancer. Going to be interesting to see how our “Tanzanian Time Share” (a suite of rooms in a guest house that we helped the diocese we work with fund) has fared.

    On the work front have had the fun and games of migrating to a new laptop, which also included migrating from Windows 7 to Windows 10….and leaving a number of pieces of software that I actually need to do my job behind. Will have to try to determine how to get the software legally installed on the new laptop when I get back….

    1. I know nothing about Windows, but on a Mac there’s the option to partition the hard drive and install an older version of the operating system on one half, so you can run older software. Of course, that then means you’re running two different machines even if they’re in the same location, so transferring files around will be cumbersome.

      (I’m going to have this problem when my iMac dies, but I daresay I’ll cave and pay for new software instead. My problem is Adobe has switched to a subscription model, which will mean ongoing expense for me.)

      1. Windows computer belongs to my employer. They are the ones that locked it down. Going to have to jump through hoops to get these “fat clients” re-installed on new pc. Used to be I could apply for privileges (which I would) get and install this myself. I don’t mind working with a pc support specialist who has privileges and having them install…if I can find someone who will do it….Stated Policies are that software has to go through vetting in a lab and then be pushed out. Ridiculous for something that will only be used by four people in a company of 26,000!

  13. I’m working on a crocheted coral reef. Adding things to it and pinning them onto a board. Made a little crab and lobster and two sea shells tonight.

  14. Enjoyed a spate of trying new recipes: a dutch spice bread (Boterhamkoek), breakfast burritos (make ahead and freeze, from Smitten Kitchen), and jalapeno corn bread. Yum.

  15. This week I got my shamefully cluttered mess of a house in better order in anticipation of our initial home visit with child services so we can foster to adopt.
    This is the physical manifestation of all the emotional house cleaning we had to do to reach this point. We went through the Can’t have more children stuff and the Can’t afford adoption debris and sifted through the Fear of having to give back a child closet. So we’ve cleared the way in our lives for a child who needs us. The social worker did not appreciate my nervous sense of humor but it was still okay.


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