18 thoughts on “Cherry Saturday, September 15, 2018

  1. Wow. That pasta hat is what happens when an overachieving helicopter parent “helps” with a preschool project.

  2. I haven’t done much knitting lately. I think I’ll go with the “make a hat” theme today. From yarn. Made out of cotton, not pasta. Although now I’m wondering if one could knit with wet noodles.

  3. When I was young, my mom had hatboxes in the upper shelves of her closet. Inside were lovely hats, but the boxes were pretty awesome too. I wasn’t supposed to play with them, but would if I could I’d have worn the boxes as hats in dress-up I’m sure:)

    In our neighbourhood, we also had a genuine hat store. It was tiny but filled with elegant hats, fancy & intricate types for weddings and such. The shop window was right near a bus stop, and I’d always check out the display as I waited and wonder just where all those pretty hats would get to go someday. Don’t see a lot of those hats nowadays, but when I was watching the most recent British royal wedding I saw many that reminded me of that shop. So fun to see.

    1. I’m in London right now and spent several minutes today staring at the goods in a hat shop on St. James’ street. They were so lovely! The only hat fun I get to have is my sister’s annual Kentucky Derby Party. Other than that, it’s mostly sun hats for me. I live in AZ. 🙁 I can’t even wear a good crocheted beanie. It doesn’t get cold enough.

  4. I won’t be making a hat, but this reminds me that I have some truly great hats and I should wear them more once it gets cold. Walking to work = good opportunities for hat wearing. Especially the red one.

    1. Me too, have lots of hats, love hats and wear most of them. A neighbour’s daughter got married a few years ago. She told me she knew I would wear one. The only hat. Hot summer day and very necessary.

      More people wearing them now. Wearing a hat makes me 😊 Be bold, wear a hat.

  5. I never found a crochet hat pattern that I was crazy about. When my friend was doing chemo I made her 6 different styles, but none of them really blew me a way.

    Today I made a 5-minute chocolate cake in a mug instead. Not a hat or pasta, but surprisingly satisfying.

  6. On my Saturday morning rummage stroll (motto: walk 4 miles, spend $5 or less), I bought purple Halloween lights which are tangled like linguini and which I’ll fasten to our bushes like a long, sparkly hat.


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