Cherry Saturday, Sept. 1, 2018

September is Read A New Book Month.

There are people, I realize, who ask “Why would you read an old book?” but they are not of our tribe.  Rereading a great book is one of the great pleasures in life.  Reading a new book, on the other hand, is fraught with possible disappointment.  It takes a brave person to read a new book.  I read a new book last month.  It was one of those books I wasn’t sure about all the way through, but I never stopped reading.  It came THIS CLOSE to being something I’d recommend and then went off the rails at the end, possibly in part because it was setting up a sequel I probably won’t read.  Then I went back to re-reading Catherine Aird.  But inspired by Read a New Book Month, I am going to go back through the recs here and read some new books, probably starting with The Goblin Emperor.  That gets a lot of love here.

Read a new book this month, Argh People.  Then show up on Good Book Thursdays and tell us about it.

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  1. Ok, then. I will try to read a “new-to-me” book.

    I have a list of recs from someone I really respected but I could never get to it all because I would always return to old faves. It’s time to try something different!

    Since I need a holiday, hopefully this change will be as a good as… 😉

  2. I’m trying to push myself to try new books. I remember a time when I would devour twenty or more New books a week, but I find myself reaching for the comfort reads more now – it’s getting harder to risk my time and emotional energy on unknowns now. But I am trying to get some of that youthful enthusiasm back, and when I do find something new that I love, the pay-off is huge because I appreciate it for the gift it is. Speaking of, Goblin Emperor is very worth reading.

  3. I had the new book “The Demon Always Wins: Touched by a Demon, Book 1” magically appear (well thanks to pre-ordering than forgetting what date the book was due to be released 🙂 in my kindle this morning. Thanks to Jenny for posting about new books by authors that hang out in Arghland.

    It is raining here for the start of the long weekend, due to rain most of the weekend, so cozying up to a new book or three this weekend sounds wonderful.

    I have been able to be a bit more adventurous with new authors thanks to the Thursday book posts, so maybe for fun, I can make September all new books to me month.

    1. I’m a fan of MFKs writing (although I’ve seen suggestions that she wasn’t a very nice person so I hesitate to say I’m a fan of hers).

      I think I need a new to me author. Maybe the Goblin Emperor…

      Which Jane Doe book is it that everyone here likes so much?

      1. Yes, Goblin Emperor!

        And Jane Doe was fun. But not keep and reread level for me. I own a hard copy of the Goblin Emperor…

  4. I’ve lurked for a while, but I’m finally commenting because I am one of those people who cannot understand why you would read a new book if you’ve got an old book instead. I identify hard with those first three sentences. I’ve found like minds.

    That said, I am reading new books right now, so I’m good for September. And every one of those old, favorite books was once a new book, so maybe, just maybe, I’ll add another one to the fold.

  5. The on-line library’s “Available Now” option frequently leads me to download a kindle book new to me (once I wade through the first 10 pages of same-old, same-old authors). Of course, it also leads me to return about three quarters of them about 3 chapters in when I find the premise, the writing or the characters not as interesting as I thought they were going to be. BUT about a quarter of them lead me down new paths so it is worth while.

    The other good thing is I get the book right then without paying a cent for it so I am willing to try a book that I might not be willing to buy.

  6. I do both. Reread and read new books–both by new-to-me authors and first-time authors. Since I’m currently reading a new one, I’m in on the September thing.

    Discovering a new book to enjoy is like getting a fab cereal with a bonus prize tucked inside–you get a good story plus the treasure of discovery:)

  7. From my LiveJournal Blog:

    September is “Read a New Book Month”
    September 1st, 13:21
    Current Location:the Man Cave (my garage apartment)
    Current Mood:okay okay
    “There are people, I realize, who ask “Why would you read an old book?” but they are not of our tribe. Rereading a great book is one of the great pleasures in life. Reading a new book, on the other hand, is fraught with possible disappointment. It takes a brave person to read a new book.”
    – Jennifer Crusie, Cherry Saturday, Sept. 1, 2018

    I love Jennifer Crusie (platonically, of course) because she understands… me. We are of the same tribe. We are also of similar ages and heart conditions, not that any of that matters. I really, really, really* love her books. I put her on the same pedestal with Lois McMaster Bujold and Patricia C. Wrede. As an aside, I just realized that 75% of “my favorite authors” are women.

    I’ll be reading a new book this month. Dunno which one, yet. It might be something I get from a Baen Books Monthly Bundle, or the Fussy Librarian, or a recommendation from an author or reader. I don’t know. There are unread books in my library, also.

    Just this moment, I’m in the midst of Wrede’s Frontier Magic series, book 3, The Far West. See above about rereading books.

    I guess when I’m done with my new book, I’ll have to review it here.
    Tags: books

    *There was supposed to be a footnote explaining that the “really, really, really” emphasis is stolen from Marion G. Harmon’s character Hope Corrigan AKA Astra the superheroine. Another character comments that it is a lot of “reallys”, and she explains… but I’m not going to. I’d really, really prefer that curious folk read the Wearing the Cape series for themselves.

  8. I’ve been trying some new-to-me authors this year, but unfortunately I’ve been losing interest pretty quickly after promising starts.

    So now I’m spending the weekend reading the two latest Ilona Andrews books, as a mini-vacation from the things I really should be doing, but it’s a holiday, dammit. (I know I’m fortunate to have a job that lets me set my own hours, but the down side to that is I feel like I should ALWAYS be working, seven days a week, and I feel guilty when I take a day off.)

  9. I’d already decided it’s time to try some more of the samples on my Kindle. I retreated so far into rereads in August that I got tired of them. Reread the Narnia books, for example, and came to the conclusion that I’ve outgrown them at last – though I did enjoy the world-building. Then did read a new Jayne Ann Krentz, which was better than she’s been for a while; but made the mistake of rereading its prequel and am now clearing my palate with one of her older keepers – ‘Absolutely, Positively’.

    I really must buy a house soon: I’m going to run out of comfort reads otherwise.

    Exasperated/frustrated/depressed by the day job (as usual). Have just decided to ration myself to four hours a day, to try and minimize the burn-out. Will take tomorrow off, though it looks as if it’s going to be cloudy.

  10. New books are a time investment and when you know how good your favourites are, sometimes you can’t summon up the enthusiasm to try.

    As someone who spent most of this year comfort reading (I’m exhausted), I dipped my toe in the pool and ended up reading most of Elizabeth Hoyt’s Maiden Lane series.

    I will always make myself read new books, they can be so good I burned through my first Carl Hiaasen so fast, other people would have thought I was scared someone would snatch it from me if I put it down.

    To make it happen though, I have to wander the library, where the mere presence of unread books works it magic on me. After you start scanning the shelves, the risk taker in you takes over, and next thing you know new books

  11. I have to confess as an adult, I’m not a big re-reader. I enjoy r-reading childhood favorites to my kids, but that’s more about the shared experience than just the book.

    One of the few exceptions? “Welcome to Temptation.” It was one of the few books I had in English I had during my Junior Year Abroad in Spain and I re-read it to bits. It was my first Crusie and I became a fan for life. I also had “Hotel New Hampshire” by John Irving and a Silhouette Intimate Moments called “I’ll Be Seeing You” by Beverly Bird (I wish she was still writing). I’ve read those 3 books more times than anything I’ve ever read in my entire life, except for maybe “Good Night Moon” ;-). It was a bit of an odd assortment, but that and “100 Years of Solitude” (in Spanish, of course) got me through the year.

  12. I have been reading some new books. Even discovering new (to me) authors. Mostly, though, I’m reading new books by old (as in my old favorites, not necessarily age) authors. At least that way I can usually be sure I’m getting something I’ll like.

  13. I’m rereading the first of NK Jemisin’s Broken Earth Trilogy, then I’ll do the second because I’ve got the third, new and unread sitting in audible waiting for me. But I want to remember the story first.

    Excellent books if you like fantasy. I’m a fan of John Scalzi and he put me onto Jemisin.

    But truthfully, rereading is the way to go.

    When I was young, I read almost every book in the West Vancouver Library, Children’s, YA’s and adults – well adult books my mother felt weren’t too adult in nature. That was before we moved onto a boat and there wasn’t any room for books. too bad I didn’t have a kindle back then.

    Not to worry, the boat didn’t last too long. When I started waking up to ice on the inside of my hatch (I had the airtight cabin at the stern), and the water in the goldfish tank froze, my mother gave up and made my step-dad move us back onto dry land. That boat was never finished – or at least not until someone else bought it.

    Come to think of it, we did move onto someone else’s finished (read heated) trimaran before we made it back to land. I have stories…

  14. This post made me happy because I had been feeling sort of embarrassed lately about not reading new things.

    Recently I read an amazon description of a book that sounded pretty good, so I read the sample. The sample was pretty good, so I took the plunge and bought it. Got about 1/3 of the way through, and the author started concentrating on the plot rather than the characters (imho) and I put it down. I guess I feel more disappointed in a mediocre book then I used to. But it made me even more unlikely to try the next “it *might* be good” book.

    I am however, boldly reading a new book, because my sister bought it so even if it’s just ok, at least it was free! Not an author I remember hearing about here, so will report on Thursday.

    1. Speaking about mediocrity does anyone ever finish a really good book and then the next several books you try to get into just fall flat?

  15. That’s why I like reading physical books in the library. You can sit there and try multiple titles without committing any space or money. And if you don’t like the book halfway through, just go on to the next in the pile. And if you need books on tape, my Mom’s library will mail them to you for free.

  16. I’ve recently started reading new authors, mostly on the advice of this group, so I’ve read “Jane Doe,” just downloaded a bargain set of Patricia C. Wrede, and I’m still on my space opera series, also “Escape Velocity.” It’s fun.

  17. I love re-reading old favorites, but I’m going to read a new book fairly soon. I got a book on my Kindle from NetGalley and I need to read it and write a review. Judging from other reviews, it might be a nice book, but I’m a bit leery all the same. A new book is always a risk. Still, I promised a review, and I always keep my promises.
    If I like the book, I’ll mention it here on one of the Thursdays.

  18. What a timely post for me! For the past few years, I haven’t read many books at all; I used to read two or three a week, at least, but now? I get sucked into internet rabbit holes instead — I’ll spend two or three hours reading Two Nerdy History Girls or Captain Awkward archives.

    BUT, this week, I got the chance to read a super-new book! Jeanne Oates Estridge (classmate, fellow blogger, and person who follows this blog) came out with her first book on Saturday! She asked me to read an advance copy, and it was great! Hot sexy demon love, but it’s got the tropes that *I* like (loss of control, hearts pounding madly, strong-willed characters, being amused at what life hands one, and a lovely “heal the hero” bit), but skips the ones that make me very reluctant to try new paranormal (whiny loveless orphans, abusive alpha heroes, too dark, too much sitting and thinking — none of that here!). Sometimes paranormal stories get excessively silly (for example, Mary Janice Davidson, although I love it when she does it with vampires!), but here, there are funny bits, but the humor doesn’t come from anyone being an over-the-top bit of fluff. The humor comes from our expectations of what being demon and/or human are, and having those expectations foiled in a clever way.

    *The Demon Always Wins* — great stuff! Also, even though Jeanne says she’s planning a series of three, this one wraps up very nicely. There are no cliffhangers, but the world Jeanne creates is one I’m very interested in visiting again. (-: I hate cliffhangers! So I’m glad to report that this is a stand-alone in the series.

  19. Started reading new books a few months ago, Skinny Dip was the beginning. Read a couple of his books and have downloaded a few more. Have found a few on BookPub. Will look at a few of the recommendations listed here.

  20. I read a lot of new books, except when I’m sick. Or miserable. Then it’s total rereads. Right now I’ve decided that I need to buy The Goblin Emperor. I’ve read it twice and know I will want to read it again. So it needs to be on my shelves.

    1. Lurker here says try listening to The Goblin Emperor. I was in sewing mode and wanted to try this book – as recommended by several from this group – so I downloaded an audible copy. The reader is amazing and it was so easy to slide into the story since I didn’t have to stop and sound out everything phonetically. Does anyone else see an unpronounceable name and picture a face and then just say, “Oh, him again…”?


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