Is (a) Sex (Scene) Necessary (Here)?

So I don’t want to write the first sex scene between Nick and Nita.  I need to know if I’m just being lazy/a coward/prudish (the last is not likely), or if it’s really unnecessary.  Plus this first scene is not very good even for a discovery draft.  Actually the second one isn’t very good, either.  ARGH.  So the first of the scenes below happens after the nightclub stuff I posted months ago.  Then Nita takes the dog out in the next scene, omitted here, and Bad Things Happen, and then she talks to Max in the bar before she goes back up and falls asleep, also omitted here.  She does not mention the sex in either scene nor does she think about it because both of those scenes are in Max’s POV.  The second scene below is the fourth scene in that sequence, when she goes downstairs the next morning and runs into Rab.  The question is, does skipping the sex feel like a copout?  Tell me no.  Also tell me why the first scene is so awful.  And the second.  Well, you know, the usual.

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