Laugh While You Can, Monkey People

Continuing my foraging through 100 Simple Secrets of Happy People, #36 is “Laugh.”  (Title reference is here, for non Banzai fans.)  Evidently, the act of laughing makes you happy or at least happier.  Since I already knew that laughing out loud reduces stress and boosts the immune system, I am not surprised about this happiness thing.  I think the key is the difference between being amused and actually laughing out loud so that you can hear yourself.  I’ve been amused by a lot of what I’ve read this morning but I didn’t laugh out loud until I hit the comments on the Alex Jones piece on the AV Club, where the commenters took up Jones’s deranged scream about liberals ending the world on Oct. 6 and began to organize the pot luck, worrying about buses, and thanking Jones for reminding them that the New Zealand he was speaking of was in the Pacific (to differentiate it from all the other New Zealands . . . ).  Also, the Illuminati bring their own crystal, the bastards.  Other sure fire laugh-out-louds for me are most of the farce Airplane!, the spit-take in Spaceballs (it’s at the 3:20 mark), and Mildred Natwick rolling down the stoop stairs in the otherwise awful Barefoot in the Park.  See also Bob Newhart’s psychiatrist and Tommy Smother’s pumas.    

So what made you laugh out loud this week?  Or just made you happy?  We do those moments, too.