Is Sex Necessary?

Krissie and I have been e-mailing about sex in our current WiPs (I know, you’re not surprised).  She’s dealing with button flies and I’m trying to figure out plot arcs, which tells you all you need to know about how we write.  But underneath that and the place the conversation eventually went is the role that sex plays in story.  Krissie, if I’m understanding her correctly, feels it’s central to life in general and therefore central to story (not the most important thing in life, but crucial).  I feel it’s an action and therefore illustrative of character and relationship arc, but not central to anything, even story (unless you’re writing erotica, in which case, yes, central).  Add to that, I really hate writing sex scenes which is why I think of them of scenes during which sex happens.   And yet here I am with four sex scenes (maybe0 in Nita’s book.  Argh.

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