Working Wednesday, August 29, 2018

We’re having a heat wave here in NJ, so I’m working inside today: writing Act 3, cleaning the kitchen (no seriously this time), setting up my new office, trying to get the mini-split to work before I call in the pros.  Oh, yeah, and putting up the Working Wednesday post which I forgot last week.  Sorry about that.

What’s on your agenda?

45 thoughts on “Working Wednesday, August 29, 2018

  1. I’ve just taken my friend to catch her train home, and am trying to recover from having someone to stay for five days. We’ve had a good time, but I’m so used to being a hermit that socializing exhausts me. Which I do not approve of, but there it is.

    I’m off to my art class: I’m mixing colours at the moment. Tomorrow I’m back to the day job, so my brain had better be functional. Plus I’ve got my new strategy for finding a house to buy to work on: I’m researching streets/properties to leaflet direct; plus am going to reintroduce myself to all the local estate agents to see if I can get them onside and build working relationships with them.

    Then I’ve got another friend for a sleepover tomorrow – so hope that doesn’t wipe me out again!

    1. Krissie comes to stay for that long, but it’s Krissie; she’s not really a guest. I can go off and nap or she can, the dogs adore her, and we just veg around and talk. Other than her, guests make me insane with worry, so nope. You should wallow today.

    2. Wow! Great pro-active real estate strategies. Plus, you’re staying connected with friends, art, work. Just winning all over the place. Now, about next year’s garden …

  2. Last week, I was prepared to talk about assumptions. The family was throwing a baby shower – farm theme – and I was tasked with carving the watermelon, because I’m “the most creative one of us.” I tend to bristle at that, because I don’t think that skills learned in one area really transfer to a totally different area. I mean, how often to quilting or crocheting skills translate to knife work? But I found a picture on the internet and the resulting watermelon pig was pretty adorable. So, points for them for forcing me to do it.

    This past weekend, I was really wanting to start a new quilting project. But with as many “in progress” pieces that I have, I really needed to finish something. So, I pulled a top that was waiting for borders, and put those on. It is really colorful, and cheerful – the picture doesn’t show that all of the swiss dots in the colored fabric. I’ve taken it to the longarm shop, so they can quilt it for me. So, mostly done – and I was able to start a new project.

    On the crochet front, I finished the green and black shawl, except for blocking. It really turned out nicely, and induced me to purchase more yarn. Last night I went back to the caramel shawl, and after stitching and ripping, have it back like it was.

    I also put a picture of Wendy the cat up, since she was perched waiting to help with the string. Not her most flattering picture, although you can see Maggie in the background. I figure kitty pictures are nearly always welcome.

    My goals this coming week are to finish the caramel shawl, potentially block the green and black shawl, work on the new quilt and maybe do some cleaning/organizing around the house, although with a goal that amorphous, I doubt I’ll be doing much. I should probably list what needs to be done, so I can cross things off, and get a sense of accomplishment.

          1. The shawl was a “make along” or MAL that I got from this website. You can also get it from Ravelry. There is a facebook group where you can ask questions as well.

            It is mostly single and double crochet, with some chain stitches thrown in. It isn’t that hard.

            Blocking is wetting the end result and pinning it the way you want it to dry and then leaving it to dry. It allows you to make sure everything is laying flat and not curled up on itself.

    1. Love it all! Great work!

      I didn’t realize the shawl was crochet. I was think it was knitting. Now I’m going to have to make it. Did you end up using a whirlette?

      1. Yes, I did end up using a whirlette at the end. I opted to do the extension, so transitioned to the whirlette about halfway through that part. (The whirlette is the solid black at the bottom of the piece). If you don’t do the extension, you should be able to do the shawl with just the whirl – after you finish the hearts, you go to about four or five rows to finish up.

  3. I tried a lot of resin and ink pieces. Most were awful. I’m going to try a different brand of ink, that I’ve read hold up better in resin, and keep trying. 😊

  4. This weekend I put together a cabinet that will hopefully help me organize my jewelry making supplies and started replacing the screens on my back porch. I haven’t used my back porch at all this summer because it is a wreck. I’m determined to get the screens replaced and clean up/out everything this weekend so that I can enjoy it this fall.

    Also, Season 2 of The Good Place is now on Netflix. I watched 3 episodes last night and then forced myself to stop so that I can enjoy the rest later this week. I was wondering how they were going to make it interesting after the finale of Season 1, but I shouldn’t have doubted them. It is fabulous. Again.

  5. I’m making peanut butter jam thumbprint cookies and hazelnut chocolate thumbprints for my husband to take to work. He asked (very nicely) if I would make some as bribes for a class he is training. I have my fingers crossed b/c I’ve never made either of these before and I’m a bit of a perfectionist with my cookies.

    1. Strangers are the best people to test new recipes on. If you don’t like them, maybe they will. If you do like them, then you can make them again and seem as fabulous as you are.

  6. I’m meeting another teacher to set up our shared classroom space today. I hope to make breadsticks later and maybe some crabapple jelly.

  7. About sixty more pages to go editing/rewriting this book I’m working on! Trying to have it done by the 1st, since I told my co-author I would. Thinking about doing a book trailer, since he wants to self-pub and we need all the advertising we can get. (Although our crowdfund for publishing costs hit 100% in about nine days, wooot!) Opinions?

  8. After not being able to write for the last several months (work, life, then a dislocated shoulder and fractured ankle), I actually managed to write a grand total of 400 words today. I’m taking that as a win!

  9. Nothing photographable for this week’s Working Wednesday, but I delivered one of the kittens to her new home (where it as love at first sight), and did a TON of work on a volunteer project (and that’s going to pretty much take up all my time from now until Columbus Day when it — I hope — comes to fruition) and sulked in the one air-conditioned room in my house through yet another heat wave.

  10. I’ve been constantly watering and moving the plants that I can that are in pots to shaded areas and following the shade during this latest heatwave. This morning while watering a hanging geranium I noticed a critter attached to one of the branches, it looked like a caterpillar. After I squeamishly picked it off I looked up in (fake/lying) Google a homemade remedy to get rid of them. Looks like I’m going to be busy.

    1. Make sure it’s a caterpillar you want to get rid of. Some big fat green ones that hang out on parsley turn into gorgeous butterflies.

      1. Gotcha, this guy was real skinny. Although, we do have a butterfly bush that attracts many different butterflies.

  11. Stop procrastinating and go to work. Make myself do laundry and a rudimentary clean and…try and finish chapter seven and start on chapter eight.

    *writing, not reading, as one person I know asked me on Twitter. I told him I read much faster than I write.

    ps: thanks for the essay on moving plot/character forward.

  12. Finished cleaning up scan work for a horticultural compilation. Now to return to beginning to quick-proof for sense before handing off to another for eyes-on. Also taking notes because I’m planning an article, “Kate and Me. My Encounter with Kate Olivia Sessions.”
    Calendaring start dates for new season yoga.
    Preserving a batch of cocktail onions for Gibson martinis.
    Doddering around the garden.
    Launder all my bras. And then I will read the entire Labor Day weekend through.

    1. I’m torn between the cocktail onions for Gibsons or laundering all my bras as my favourite part of your comment.

  13. I am back at work after having several days in a row off. I cleaned house, had my hair done, had my oil changed and the car checked for a long distance commute, went to a wonderful herbal conference over the weekend, and came back to work in my yard. I am having a new fence installed in the back, the old one was falling apart. In order to save a little money, I have been helping the fencers remove the shrubs and small trees that had grown in between my fence and the back neighbor’ s fence. It’s been very hot so I have been working at it off and on with air conditioned breaks (and a couple of extra showers) in between sessions. There are still a few trees left but they have grown into the neighbor’s fence and are difficult to work around. I think I will let my fence men finish the job for me.

  14. My brother was here for two days and before that, I spent the weekend going to a book signing with a writer I didn’t know well. Know her much better now. A pleasant roommate and she’s connected me with a new publisher for “my” work vs the ghostwriting. So a win on the whole. But I too am a hermit so I’m going to hide for a few days now.

    Hadn’t seen my brother for six years. He’s a doctor of Chinese medicine and had some good ideas for my current problems. Apparently, I’m both hot and damp. Well, duh, it’s 90 degrees and some horrible degree of humidity here in Vermont.

    Okay, that’s not what he meant. He gave me ideas of things to eat and did an acupuncture session for my gimpy shoulder. Such a nice little brother. We talked and talked and went to lunch up north with my children who happen to be in college at the same school. My oldest is in California – but she got to talk to Uncle Ed on the phone so good connections all round.

    Back to writing today – and it’s flowing nicely so the five days off may have been worth it!

  15. Spent four hours with two plumbers (thus using up about 3 days worth of energy). On the other hand, All the Things have been fixed and I have (gulp) estimates for putting in an upstairs bathroom and extending the heat up there as well.

    Even being “social” with plumbers is exhausting.

  16. My sister requested a story about X character and, on the way home in stupid traffic, I came up with a scene, sent it for approval, and was off to the races.

    Essentially finished with #17. Want to fully finish the double arc of these characters in #18 before finalizing #17. Plotting #19. About 3K into #20 thanks to sister.

    Also cleaned up, improved, and republished #12.

    Otherwise I am counting it as an achievement every time a lawyer comes into my office and I do not say GTFO.

  17. Started trying to find a way to get a root canal I can afford. Medicaid will only pay if it is a front tooth, not a molar and the dental clinic I go to has no interest in trying to save the tooth at all. The local dental school has a clinic, but their web site has so many phone numbers that I can’t figure out how to call just to ask how much it would cost. Sigh. I’ll try again tomorrow.

  18. I posted photos of the curtains I made to hide part of my fabric stash that now resides on my “new to me” bookshelf instead of in my hubby’s very old dresser.

    I also have been doing some more hand piecing on my 5 year (optimistically estimating) hand piecing quilt project. Some 10 point stars.

    I went to AQS’s quilt show in Grand Rapids last Friday and got inspired. Now all I want to do is quilt. I also desired a new sewing table, but don’t want to spend the money. This has led me to look at estate sales. I’m taking tomorrow off to go to one about an hour away and there’s another next weekend closer that I’ll check out of tomorrow’s fails me. I’m actually making this a 5 day weekend, so hopefully I’ll have something to show for it next Wednesday.

      1. The stars make me want to go piece something, but I have GOT to finish some clothes before I can play. Yesterday I put my finger through the cloth under the collar of one of my favorite dresses when I picked it up, and counted back and realized I made it in 2004. So after I finish the clothes waiting to be finished, I’d better cut out some more.
        This isn’t exactly a Working Wednesday, more of a Had-Better-Work Wednesday.

  19. I’m cheating and counting the day job work, but I did get stuff done, sending out opening night invites to press, which always stresses me out because of the potential to forget an attachment when you’re sending out the same email 10 times.

    1. When in a similar situation where I don’t trust myself to remember to properly customize each message plus add the attachments, I will prepare all of the messages without addressing them, take a quick break to reset my brain, then come back and make sure they are all correct. Only then do I add the address and send.

      It’s the only way I can trust myself – it’s just too easy for me to get into a rhythm and notice the big oops only after I hit send if I don’t build some failsafes into my process.

  20. Here in sunny Melbourne, Australia, we’re experiencing a run of the coldest mornings we’ve had all year, so I decided it was a good day to heat up the oven and make Mayan chilli chocolate cake and rogan josh for lunch. The house is now a whole lot warmer, and smells absolutely divine.

    And thanks to the discussions here about closed settings and scene structure, I’m finally seeing my way through a story that’s been kicking around in my head and my notebooks for almost twenty years now. The characters are so vivid, they just won’t let me go, but the plot arc is driving me crazy.

  21. My sister asked me yesterday to get her car inspected for her. Which is a pain because of the waiting lines, especially at the end of the month I was reading so I procrastinated long enough to miss the window. She asked me again today so I threw on a sun dress, got her car and drove to the gas station. Brought my phone and kindle to kill time waiting. lo and behold, I pull in and there’s no line. No wait. I guess everyone is on vacation at the beach this last week before school. So I got through that quick then went to the store and bought salsa and chocolate ice cream. I also sent out ten invites to work on a project and eight rsvp’d yes! Way ahead of the game now. Here’s how lazy I am, though. Besides two or three writing projects I could get out but haven’t concentrated on, I paid for an online watercolor class and I have all my supplies. But have I started yet? Nope. But overall I have had a great summer. So far. We have almost a month left.


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