Working Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Hey, it’s August.  (That whooshing sound you heard was summer going past.)  School supplies are in stores.  Parents are counting the days (well, Mollie’s counting the days).  I’ve started crocheting again, a sure sign of recovery.  And it’s time to trim the forsythia.  What’s on your To Do list?


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  1. I had a dozen are ideas on my mind, but my eyes have been so sore that reading, watching, painting… All mostly no go. I’m still trying to make it through workdays staring at a computer. I’ve been listening to podcasts and experiment with embedding stuff in resin. I had a hilarious mishap with one piece. I was trying to embed triangles of white paper into blue tinted resin to make a piece that looked like sailboats on the ocean. But. I didn’t wait long enough for the resin to cure to the right level of stiffness. So the piece looks like the aftermath of a storm at sea with the sailboats all keeled over and sinking. I was happier with how my birthday bouquet piece turned out.

  2. This summer has definitely gone by super fast. Both sons are in all day camp and it is worth every penny I save up during the rest of the year. I know that’s not an option for everyone, but it has given me my sanity back. I totally get the “counting the days” feeling.
    My main project today is a nap (I only got about 4 hours of sleep last night), speech therapy for older son, and maybe staring at the list of all the things I was *going* to do this summer and shaking my head in dismay.

  3. There’s a word for procrastinating by busily doing other things, but it’s not coming to mind right now – maybe it’s procraftination? But guilty! I’ve not wanted to tackle the mess of photos from our vacation this summer, so I’ve been keeping busy with other projects. Several came in this past week, which makes me look super efficient, but in reality, it’s all just timing.

    I finished up my Jimmy Buffett quilt – including putting borders on it, quilting it and finishing up the binding. So, done – yay!

    I’ve completed the 3rd part of the crocheted shawl. I’m looking forward to starting part 4 this evening. And, I did start a second one, in a different color, because I’ve been having fun with it. And I totally spent too much money on yarn, in anticipation of another project when these two are through.

    Finally, a friend of mine is starting up a quilting business, and wanted something she could go to town on, with a mind toward entering it in a quilt show and drumming up business. I had a top that was small enough to work on, yet visually striking. She brought back and it’s absolutely stunning. I’ve finished up the binding on it. Now I just need to put on the label and a hanging sleeve, and it will be ready for competition. I’ll get on those later this week.

    So – hooray for procraftination! Here’s hoping I get to those photos before I forget what we saw!

    1. Those are all great. And I’m definitely starting that shawl. I dug out my watermelon Whirl so I just have to hunker down to the chart now.

  4. I have finished the octopus legs (more than 8 feet long, every one of them) and painted the octopus eyeballs, I have finished a dozen jellyfish made from umbrellas and streamers for the jellyfish parade, I need to make another half of a kelp forest, tie the (giant) hooks onto dowels, and figure out how to make the “lava” roll across the audience from the two cardboard volcanoes at the back.

    We’re putting on a heavily adapted version of Little Mermaid, where-in she gets a boy to help her learn to read and write so she can help the undersea creatures. There is no singing, no sea foam, and no kissing.

    I love my tiny weird theater company. You can find them here:

  5. This was more of a working Tuesday thing, but yesterday my friend and I decided to try to write a story together and plotted out large chunks of it over cider and pub food. It was really fun.

  6. I’ve been helping my daughter prepare her house for sale. Oh! She’s such a hoarder, and in addition acquired everything from her grandmother’s estate. The house is bulging at the seams, but miracle of miracles she’s actually letting some things go. Hooray!

  7. I’ve had to give up on 6 hours a day for the day job. I managed last week, had a weekend, did Monday – and then hit the wall again. So I took yesterday off, and limited myself to 4 hours proof-reading today. And then was struck down out of the blue by who-knows-what and had to leave my art class early due to feeling queasy and light-headed.

    I need to accept that 20 hours editing or proof-reading is my limit, no matter how much I think I should be able to do; nor how much I need to earn more money. Will focus on getting more editing, which pays better than proof-reading.

    1. I have to switch off between computer and paper, free-form writing and editing. And switch that off with walking around, cooking, discussing things with the dogs, etc. Sitting in one place for too long is bad for you too.

      1. I know. I thought doing 4 hours’ onscreen editing then 2 hours’ proof-reading would be easier; but they use the same bits of my brain. I do miss having a garden to wander out into. And I know I’m taking the wrong kinds of breaks – using my iPad or reading; but it’s hard to think of anything better.

        This is a very old problem for me; I’m just not cut out for full-time dots-and-commas.

        1. It is a pithy saying, and certainly geared to making us all get up off our rears. I was very happy when my niece (PhD in epidemiology) put up a blog piece pointing out the fallacies of that particular statement. I’d link to it, but it was over 2 years ago that she wrote it, and I think it’s been taken down now. In either case, I can’t find it.

          Bottom line, it’s certainly better for you to be up and moving than sitting stationary, but it’s no comparison to smoking.

  8. Last week was about finishing some chemo caps to bring to the hospital where I go for a clinical trial. Pic at Instagram. This week is about making zucchini bread (pic of the zuke at IG too) and just generally getting through the days with a variety of appointments (haircut, eye doctor, etc.). Won’t be much to show for it (except the zucchini bread), but it’s gotta be done.

      1. Thanks. My last visit was the final one for the trial (and the drug was approved back in April!), but I’ll be going back occasionally for the next ten years, gathering post-approval data for the FDA (and for educating clinicians to prescribe the treatment).

        It started in December of 2015, and we had to do a massive amount of screening tests. I was a nervous wreck, worrying that I might not pass the screening. I could have had a variant on the genetic mutation that would make me ineligible; or my symptoms could have been too bad or not good enough; or I could have been dehydrated so my kidneys looked worse than they are; or …. Even though my condition isn’t life-threatening, it was still stressful, because by then we knew that the drug was working, so it could make a huge difference in my quality of life.

        But yeah, crazy process. Crazy even after you get into the trial, but I was fortunate to have a really phenomenal site with excellent coordinators and a fabulous person to do my travel arrangements. Be nice to them (as I’m sure you would be anyway), and they’ll be able to smooth the process for you. I’m actually kinda’ bummed that I won’t be going back every three months. The people made going to the hospital fun!

        1. Tall Boy’s BFF got into a clinical trial for his cancer, for which he fit the medical requirements of course, because back when he was 19 he was the coordinator’s emergency prom date. It never hurts to be nice to people.

          1. My brother apparently did not meet the medical requirements and was denied the opportunity for a trial. But here’s my question it’s a trial so why not try?

  9. mmm. I worked on what turned out to be a long-azz reply to a question Elizabeth asked regarding cultural terminology. Hope its ok Jenny.

    I had a good-ishday and then work day ended up REALLY awfully and I forgot to get a photo of the whole Cow poem. Since I’d made a worksheet of it, I was just going to put it in WorkingWednesday. I’ll try again tomorrow since I only started learning it with the children yesterday.

    I think I’ll go get the bouquet I arranged yesterday and put it up on Instagram, because you know what? It makes me happy.

    Please send FGBVs, prayers, wishes, thoughts my way. I’m battling with many little things and two VERY BIG things and I just need more joy. Trying to do gratitudes and be mindful. Especially as one BIG thing was because I wasn’t in the moment. Need to meditate more.

  10. My summer’s over–students returned to school on Monday–so I’m busy busy busy and trying to keep moving forward. Newborn’s sleeping as well as can be expected for a newborn ( and developing his personal style: ) and Toddler’s just plain adorable (his version of working Wednesday: hard hat area! ).

    I’m trying to get everything set up for tomorrow BEFORE I leave today, rather than song I’ll do it once the kids are in bed, forgetting about it, attempting to rush in early to do it, and doing it surreptitiously while the Creative Writing students are doing their daily free writing (thank God for freewriting!), like I did on Tuesday.

    1. That seems a bizarrely early end to the summer holiday. Where are you? All I can think is that maybe some really cold areas have long winter breaks instead because of travel difficulties??? (Although, of course, the summer holiday was originally so children could help with the harvest.)

  11. Last week was when I bought the school supplies for three of the four grandchildren I live with. The fourth is a freshman and we won’t know his requirements until orientation (if then).

    I like “procraftination.” I don’t do much in the way of crafts myself, but I am an enabler. My daughter has potted plants all over the place. I bought her macrame yarn and hardware and books, and now there are plants hanging everywhere, too. She is very, very handy at home decoration. She got even by setting me up with eight plants of my own to water and care for.

    I’m not working, today. I have too much leave on the books, so I’m using some.

  12. I’ve been working on getting rid of things which is hard for me.
    1) It brings up emotional issues.
    2)I’m indecisive about certain items.
    3) Then I have to figure out how to get rid of it. Preferrably as environmentally soundly as possible.
    So this past couple weeks I got rid of twenty something items, which is good for me. Now I’m looking into how to donate bras in good condition (and a few in poor condition.)

    1. Our local (city) hospice collects bras to be reconditioned for donation to ladies who live in deep rural areas and can’t access stores due to financial issues. Turns out the nurses doing palliative home care are some of the few women who have access to more information and links for help, so they saw a need and this project was initiated.

      You’ll find something suitable.

      In July last year, I finally hit the method that helped me de-hoard. I’d tried Zen Habits by Leo, Unf*ck Your Habitat, Peter Walsh, and The Way of F*ck It.

      I spoke of it before – Marie Kondo – The Life-changing Magic of Tidying. It has improved my home life drastically. I am also very defensive and resistant so it’s taking me longer than it should. But it’s waaaay better for me than anything else I’ve done. YMMV.

      1. I’m trying that! the Marie Kondo.
        I’m not doing it quite right. I gave myself permission to do two passes on things like clothes. My version of doing easy stuff then harder. First pass just everything I don’t like, or stained or torn, which was huge. If I only kept clothes I actually loved I’d have 1 or 2 pairs of long pants, not enough for winter. I ‘m too busy and underfunded to buy clothes, esp if I need to because I just got rid of sacks of clothes. Then there’s hating to shop, procrastination would surely kick in if my punishment for clearing my closet was needing buy clothes.

  13. The gradual deuglification of our bathroom continues: today an electrician came and rewired behind the light fixture over our vanity, then installed the new fixture that is a VAST improvement over the former gawdawful old swag lights that weren’t even put together correctly.

    Next up: got another yard of the fabric I used for last week’s new shower curtain, so (possibly) tonight, (depending on whether there’s a new episode of BattleBots we can’t bear to wait to watch) I whip up a matching valance for the window!

  14. I’m supposed to be working on the beginning of a new novel. To say it is not going well would be like saying upstate NY in summer is a tiny bit humid. On the bright side, I have now cleaned out a bunch of spots in the house I have been avoiding for years. So, yay?

  15. I have been really busy this week but the only thing I’d put on Instagram is my newly-painted bed frame except my pictures are all crappy so that will have to wait until tomorrow. I’ve cut a pretty good swath through my chore list though so I’m happy about. I’m also happy the huge storm we are having is moving away. It’s not fun when you have 3 large dogs all needing reassurance that the big noises aren’t going to get them. Fred did try barking at the flashes of light to chase them away so I think this is a win for him since they are mostly gone now.

  16. Had my last psycho-motore therapy appointment yesterday! Psycho-motore therapy is basically learning to deal with the physical part of your disorder (they do it for everything from depression to addicition to trauma to eating disorders to… you name it), for instance how you physically react to physical, or mental, triggers and learn to handle the reactions. It’s the 2nd time I finish a therapy within the frame of Trauma and I’m 1. so relieved, 2. so happy and 3. so confused. It feels so weird to stop doing something you’ve done every week for 1.5 year. I haven’t really achieved all I hoped for when I went into this therapy, but I have definitely learned a lot about myself, other people and know/feel that I have grown as a person. Now I only have to finish my relations/system therapy and I’ll be shrink free. 🙂
    I gave the pink and yellow piggybank rabbit to my PMT-therapist and she was overjoyed. “It’s pink and yellow and it glitters and I LOVE GLITTER!” I’m happy she liked it. She also promised to give the white and pink one to her former trainee, whom has moved on to another job (+ is pregnant) but took part in the first year of the PMT.

    I’ve also got the request to make three other piggybanks: a bear, a pig and a frog. Haven’t started yet but it was job enough to bring all piggies to the crafting club and back again yesterday afternoon 😉 it was one sack full of animals. Maybe I’ll start on the bear today.

    Since it was so hot here last week, I decided I wanted to try making Iced Matcha Latte. I bought matcha some weeks ago to try the lattes out (haven’t dared buy the ceremonial grade matcha yet, it’s so dang expensive and I worry I won’t like it), and now I have! It was super easy and tasted even better than the one I got at Coffee Company a month ago 🙂 Healthy AND delicious = perfection.

    I found a 3-day course Tea & Food Pairing some months ago that I have wanted to apply for for ages…but never dared to. First I need to contact them to ask if I can get the material digitally and if they’re OK with someone with a disability joining their course…and I really really REALLY don’t like calling people I don’t know. But, at least I have now mustered courage and sent them an email asking if I could come in contact with them for practical questions about this course. The course-leader has replied and promised to call me at the end of next week. I SO want to attend this course!

  17. I haven’t had a big productivity win this week but have added 2K words to novella #16, finished first two revision passes on #6, did some brainstorming on section II of the new historical novel, and last night did some post-“Ant Man & The Wasp” brainstorming on novella #17.

    Outdoor conditions continue to be incompatible with gardening. Watering, feeding, enduring. Inside the house, all projects have fallen waaaaaayy down the priority list, or rather been pushed down by writing ideas.

  18. I went on a weekend feed-your-inner-fire dance course and came away feeling much more energetic. I’ve been really drained and feeling energy creeping back in was a great relief. And we made vision boards, which I’ve always kind of laughed at, but I like mine. I put quite a bit of sparkle on it. Hadn’t realized I need sparkle in my life but I do.


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