Cherry Saturday, August 25, 2018

Today is Banana Split Day.  

I have to admit, I don’t see the appeal here (give me extra credit for not putting “a-peel”) here but then the only way I like bananas is in banana bread.  Why mess up good ice cream with blah fruit?  But then I remembered I like Chunky Monkey, so never mind.

Happy Banana Split Day.

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  1. I quite like bananas but I’ve never seen the appeal either. Bananas, yes. Icecream, definitely. Combined, you just wreck both of them.

    Banana rolls are surprisingly good though. I make them by shaking lots of white pepper over a whole banana and wrapping it in wholemeal bread.

  2. Bananas fritters chinese style

    Dip bananas pieces into batter deep fry, then coat in hot caramel wait to for caramel to cool and harden and add a scoop of ice cream.

  3. And here I am perfectly happy with a proper banana split, not too much whipped cream, absolutely no nuts (allergic). Oh, and pull all the strings off the banana or I lose my shit *shrug*

  4. I prefer to saute my bananas (which caramelizes the sugars and makes them soft and sweet) and then put them over the ice cream. And under the hot fudge sauce.

    Or, you know, just eat the ice cream. I recently discovered Magnum “Minis” which are Magnum bars on a stick and only 160 calories each. Which is practically the same as eating an apple. And the chocolate they use is Fair Trade and saving the rain forests. So I’m doing something good for the environment when I eat them.

    Happy Saturday, from Deb, the Queen of Rationalization

  5. As a kid, one of my BFFs and I went through a banana split phase. Fab fun. We’d switch up the toppings each time but usually base of vanilla ice cream, each with its own topping. A fave combo was chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, and strawberry sauce or maple syrup instead of caramel. But at her house, they also had marshmallow sauce which was great drizzled about.

    Think that’s part of the appeal–the making of it. Lots of good memories. Think it’d be awfully sweet to me now, but I could get into the National Day thing…:)

  6. My mother makes fantastic banana fritters and serves them with a dusting of confectioners sugar and a squeeze of lemon juice. Yum! Best way ever to eat bananas.

  7. I like the looks of a banana split, I like the toppings, I like the idea but it is not my favorite I’m a hot fudge sundae kind of girl. However I’ve taken banana split ice cream and put a scoop or two between chocolate graham crackers or chocolate cookies for a treat. And also softened vanilla ice cream and blended in Bailey’s Irish cream between chocolate cookies for an adult treat.

  8. I have wonderful memories of eating banana splits made with six scoops of ice cream, at Central Dairy in Jefferson City. My grandma even had one when she was about 90. Now I prefer sundaes (hot fudge, with cinnamon ice cream, and coffee ice cream ftw) but might have a banana split for old times sake sometime.

  9. I agree with everything except “blah”. I live in a subtropical zone famous for growing sugar cane. The conditions here are also excellent for bananas.

    Bananas come in different variants (or is it cultivars – I forget) and they can be delicious. There are some that are small when fully grown and burst with flavour, while others are large and can have various flavours from super-duper to “blah.”

    And then there’s green bananas. Minced/ ground up with spices and shaped into balls for a spaghetti and no-meat balls. Cooked with a sauce into a curry. Added to mixed vegetable roasts…

    If you can protect your fruit and veg from monkeys, which are seen as pests not unlike how the US views racoons, then there’s a lot to be had from even a small garden.

    1. You reminded me of the small bananas I ate in Japan as a child.I don’t know where they were imported from but they were available at regular markets in suburban Tokyo. They were perfect for little kids. I can get good mekons (small tangerines) pretty easily in the States but haven’t found the small bananas.

      1. Do you have H Mart near you? They’re a Korean grocery chain that we have near DC and I’ve seen tiny bananas there. They might not be the right kind, but they’re adorably tiny.

          1. They call ’em monkey bananas in my part of Japan, and they are really nice! Sweeter than usual, and a little denser as well, I think. I never know how much is a serving, though, so I don’t get them very often.

    2. I am glad that you have a variety of bananas by you. Since there is a fear that the bananas that are sold in the US could die out if a virus hits the type of trees. The foolish banana companies have bread them to be identical & the lack of genetic variation could cause them to go extinct.

  10. I love bananna splits. I like banannas in most formats, though.
    We have a local place where you pick your flavors and toppings, so it’s never quite the same twice. The split will feed three-four people.

  11. This got me thinking. When I was a kid, growing up in Schenectady, my family (parents and two younger sisters) would ride our bikes a couple of miles to the Stewart’s shop where you could build a “Make your own sundae.” Naturally, my sisters and I used more toppings than actual ice cream. My sister Sarah used to only eat vanilla, which I thought was just wrong. I suspect we rode a bit slower on the way back…

  12. I don’t like bananas except in banana bread, either. Don’t even like the smell of bananas, or banana flavored candy. So instead of a banana split, I’d rather substitute a fudgy brownie for the fruit, and top the ice cream with lots of hot fudge sauce, whipped cream, nuts and a cherry.

    I know what I want for lunch now.

  13. I remember the thrill of discovering banana splits (and knickerbocker glories) on my first visit to the States, aged twelve. I think we went to an ice cream parlour, which was a completely exotic experience. I still, very occasionally, make banana splits – with underripe bananas (the only edible kind), dark chocolate ice cream and maraschino cherries. It’s been a few years: maybe it’s time.

  14. I like bananas two ways:

    One: in pudding
    Two: sliced up in a bowl with sugar and milk. (No cereal). 🙂


    Have you ever had Strawberry Pudding? (omg).
    The best hot fudge sundae I have EVER had was in the 7th grade. I wouldn’t eat lunch. I would save my lunch money for the HFS. The cherry juice ran into the ice cream. It took a couple of months for the lunch ladies to figure me out, and put a stop to ice cream, but no lunch. 🙁

    AND: I have never, ever, been able to duplicate those hot fudge sundaes… But, dayum, they were the BEST! 🙂

  15. Is it a banana split if you bake the banana first?
    Take a banana (in the skin) and slice in half lengthways, then add a sprinkle of what you have – cinnamon, or nutmeg, or cardamom for instance, then either a little brown sugar or maple syrup, and an optional little bit of butter or alcohol of choice. Then either bake or grill until soft. Serve with icecream, add toasted nuts if you like. Delish.

  16. If you have trouble sleeping, try banana tea. Take an organic banana and wash it. Cut off the ends and slice it in half. With the skin still on, put it in a pot with water. Boil for 3-5 minutes or until the banana turns brown. Poor the water into a cup. Add cinnamon & if you like, honey. Drink about an hour before bed.

    As for banana splits, not for me. Just the ice cream & toppings.

  17. My mom loves banana splits, so when we go to visit, we share one with two (or three or four) spoons (depending on how many grandchildren are there). We feel very virtuous. We’ve gotten at least half a serving of fruit! We’ve cut our calories in half (or thirds or quarters) by sharing! I like the way the flavors blend when you are scooping up the last of the melted ice cream, too.

    BTW, I’m really late about posting this and I’m not sure where to put it, but the spot on my breast mammogram turned out to be benign. They want to keep an eye on it, but no cancer this week, anyway. I’m happy, but feeling a little pressure to be a better person — the kind who doesn’t eat banana splits and other crappy things. I had a big number birthday yesterday, and suddenly I’m feeling very mortal and fragile. I’m sure it will pass.


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