Cherry Saturday, August 11, 2018

August is Romance Awareness Month, so  I read a lot of Georgette Heyer and Anne Stuart.  And then I moved on to romance comics because I’m fascinated by them.  I want to write them.  You know, in my spare time.  Google for “romance comics” and look at the images.  So.  Much.  Fun.  And so much less stressful than real romance.  

But before I start my new career writing romance comics,  I must get back to the romance between the cop and the dead guy, which one of my agents describes as “weird, but great dialogue . . . ”  I don’t think that bodes well.

Speaking of great dialogue . . .


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  1. Heheheheh! You know talking good.

    I was looking for a recipe/method posted here recently and came across your treehouse wish. It reminded me of your RV wish.

    RVs reminded me that I want to live in a converted bus. I’d get to drive to nice places. Like one of those from Amazing Spaces with George Clarke. All my belongings already fit in a room small than a bus.

  2. I tried to make an ink and resin piece. It didn’t fully cure and liked kind of muddy on the front side. I must have put in too much ink. But it cured enough to be used as a mouse pad at my standing desk, so not a total loss. I wish art supplies weren’t so pricey. I am usually pretty good at just thinking that if something goes awry, I at least learn something from it. But sometimes I’m a little vexed by it due to the money spent.

  3. My library might have some of these comics. We have one of the foremost comic collections in the US if not the world. I’ve been wanting for more than a decade to improve our comic index interface but the person who’s made it his life career to do this has some hesitancy in changing. He’s using a DOS based interface program to edit his index. You can see it at

    I’m having a small quilting bee today so off I go to sew, after showering & doing the dishes.

  4. DOS! A while ago at work, I found myself having to actually remember and use DOS to solve a bizarre software glitch. I was sitting there, trying to dredge up the relevant commands, and getting about half of them right. My supervisor walked over and said “DOS! What are you doing?” I explained, he sat down, and he remembered the other half of what was needed. We were laughing and snorting and no one else at work understood why. Several of the younger employees were puzzled, asking things like, “What’s DOS? Is it like a typewriter? Or a floppy disk?” Most fun I’ve had solving an annoying problem in ages. But, yeah. Not the ideal interface for today’s tech world.

    1. OMGoddess. DOS! I was a child learning to use Basic at Saturday classes during the DOS years. I still wish I knew programming.

    2. Best writing/editing system I’ve ever used – for near twenty-five years – was DOS-based, proprietary, for court reporters. Beats WORD all to wow. I still mourn its loss, still revert to the editing tricks which, alas, no longer work.

  5. The only comic romance I know is the Betty, Veronica, Archie triangle from Archie Comics. Probably not the best example of romance to grow up with, but at least it was about relationships. Then I saw the 1st season or so of Riverdale and how they got Betty together with Jughead–big controversy in my family for a bit, lol. Funny how the old impressions of characters and what’s true for them sticks. Lots of debate about story and character vs plot at my house on that one:)

  6. Always obedient, I googled ‘Romance comics’. My favourite? ‘Wow, you really are clingy and self-loathing. No wonder I find you so attractive.’ *snort*

  7. Those pictures are so weird and funky. I especially love the first one, Secret Romance.
    I did a lot of DOS programming when I worked with computers. I don’t think the younger generation even knows the term. I feel so old.

  8. That is great dialogue. Snicker. A couple of months ago the voice recognition program from work changed a patient’s surname from Dyck to Richard. That was good for a giggle. Also, was that last comic on the right written by Joe Lansdale?

  9. I must confess I grew up reading DC and Marvel comics. I remember how annoyed I got when the price went from $.12 to $.15. I practically learned to read from those. True story; I asked my brother what a “Moss-kwi-too” was – a giant one was attacking The Flash. When he finished laughing, ha had me hold the comic book at arm’s length to identify the mosquito.

    I’m sure I saw those comics at Hilton’s Sundries (on White Street in Key West.) But I couldn’t be caught dead reading them. I was eight.

  10. Hee hee. That reminds me of an all women comedy fest we had here in Portland, OR, called All Jane and No Dick. So funny. It has since changed its name and dropped the no dick, alas.

    One of my favorite comic book characters from the 60’s – 90’s was/is Modesty Blaise. I read the novels and loved them and then learned the comic books preceded the novels. I still have a full set of the novels and have put them on my re-reading list. I think O’Donnell knew Trump was coming. An awful lot of O’Donnell’s bad guys are showing up in the Trump administration.

    In any event, Modesty Blaise novels are a hoot. O’Donnell also wrote romantic suspense (under name of Madeline (sp?) Brent) and I would put money on his having been influenced by Georgette Heyer, so similar is some of the humor and syntax, although maybe that is just because they are British 🙂

    I always imagined though that drawing and writing a comic strip is as difficult and laborious as writing a novel, but both can be labors of love and I’m grateful to the creators for giving readers such joy.

    1. Another Modesty fan here, although I never read the comic strip except long after having read the books.

      I still have several of my Madeleine Brent’s.

      I remember hearing that Stephen King’s Misery was based off the final Modesty book being released, where Willy Garvin and Modesty Blaise do what was necessary.

      1. Yay for Modesty fans! Recently I started thinking about what I would grab if I had to leave the house in a hurry (fire, earthquake, etc.) and I figured I would grab my complete of Modesty Blaise. So funny. The rest of my “stuff” is replaceable or just wouldn’t be missed. Well, maybe I’d grab my Crusie collection, too. Need something wonderful to read while the world around us burns – yikes.

        That’s interesting about the King book. I might have to take a look at it, although I’m not a fan of the SK genre. (But he’s still a treasure!)

        I have a few of the MB comic book collections. I think they are still or back in print. And I think our public library has some of them, but they have a healthy budget for graphic novels so they would, wouldn’t they 🙂

  11. When I went to visit my oldest sister at college (1971?) they had romance comic books in the john in her dorm. I thought they were the biggest hoot and I couldn’t wait until I was old enough to live in that dorm. By the time I got to live in that dorm, all the floors were coed and the most talked about issue regarding bathrooms was who got the one with the bathtub. Since the school was on trimesters, it was impossible to divide the year evenly. And there was always one person who had been off campus for a term and missed their turn.


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