Argh Author: Alexandra Caluen’s Toward Love (LA Stories, Book 13)


Alexandra Caluen, aka chacha1, has her latest romantic novella out now, Toward Love (LA Stories, Book 13), a story she notes has adult situations, themes, and language.  So right down Argh’s alley.  

The Amazon blurb says it all:


Sometimes, a person you barely noticed can become the most important person in the world.  Cameron and Marco worked together once before, but when he’s cast as her love interest, an on-set ‘showmance’ becomes the real thing. Will navigating paparazzi, distance, and the demands of dual careers be smooth sailing? Find out in TOWARD LOVE.

Toward Love is available on Amazon, and you can learn all about chacha’s Alexandra’s books on her website.




4 thoughts on “Argh Author: Alexandra Caluen’s Toward Love (LA Stories, Book 13)

  1. Given that this is book #13, is it important to read the first 12 books before this one? Are there characters in this book that were in previous books? I’m a little compulsive about reading stuff in order.

    1. There are characters in “Toward Love” who appear in my short novel “Million Dollar Death” but I tried to make this a standalone. Each of the novellas should be intelligible without digging through the whole scattin’ set. 🙂


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