Argh Author: Kelly Sattler’s We Can Do It: Women in Library Technology

It’s probably the god of irony at work here, but not only did I publish Kelly’s post about her magnificent book too soon, after it had been up for a couple of weeks, I managed to delete it.  So much for this woman and technology.  But the comments are still here!  Also here’s the stuff I managed to save:

Our own Kelly S co-edits a book about women in library technology (two of my favorite things):

Does gender play a role in library information technology (I.T.)? For the last several decades, libraries have primarily employed women, whereas I.T. jobs have been held by men. What happens when the two collide? What is it like for women who are working for I.T. within the library? Has it changed over time? Through personal narratives, we explore these questions and seek to provide guidance and encouragement for women and men in library I.T., those pursuing a career in library I.T., and library management. The collection includes themes concerning “Imposter Syndrome,” career trajectory, experiences of sexism and biases. Contributors also offer advice and encouragement to those entering or already in the field. Examples of positions held by the contributors include managers, web developers, system librarians, programmers, and consultants. This collection provides a voice for women in library I.T., bringing their experiences from the margins to the center, and encouraging conversation for positive change.

You can buy Kelly’s book her (go do that).

Working Wednesday, August 8, 2018

I fixed a bad scene.  Okay, I didn’t fix it, I trashed it and started over and wrote a good scene instead.  It took me two weeks of thinking to figure it out, but I’m very proud.  (I don’t think I ever showed anybody here that scene, did I?  The one in Rich’s cabin with the baph and Thanatos?  It had everybody in it, which is probably why it was a mess, although I feel that a giant goat from hell improves any scene.)

What did you make this week?