The Other Discovery Draft I’m Keeping

It’s way too short, it’s missing a lot of information, and it ends abruptly (Discovery Draft!) but this one stays, too, with much rewriting in it’s future.  There’s the scene in the apartment with Lily, then the non-scene with the marriage chat, and then Nita goes to work and this stuff happens.  Can I get some agreement now that marriage chat has to go because nothing happens in it?  Thank you.

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This Is A Good Book Thursday, August 30, 2018

We’re coming up on the end of summer in the Northern Hemi, folks.  Then it’s serious back-to-school time.  I’ve been plowing through everything Catherine Aird wrote, classic mysteries that are full of digressions.  She can get two pages out of a single line of dialogue because she muses on things practically between each word.   You can do that in omniscient, but it’s starting to drive me buggy.  Not that I had far to drive to get there.  

So what are you reading?

A Discovery Draft I’ll Keep

I feel guilty showing you the marrige discussion scene only to tell you it’s too bad to keep; that seems rude.  So here’s a discovery scene I will be keeping.  I’ll cut the hell out of the first chunk of this, the stuff before Nita gets out of the shower, that’s just me following my nose again, but after that the scene works until the end.  It needs an end.  It’s also going to need tightened, of course, because it sprawls (discovery draft!) but once there are two people with conflict in the scene, it moves story and shows character change, so it’s legit.

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Discovery Draft: Why I Was Researching Las Vegas

Since I opened that can of worms by mentioning Las Vegas, here’s the discovery draft of that scene.  You’ll notice that it’s completely unstructured, starts abruptly, rambles, and then just stops; that’s because it’s a discovery draft.  I know it’s terrible.  I haven’t revised it even once.  This is raw Crusie.  And I may decide to cut the whole thing and write a new breakfast scene (there are a lot of breakfast scenes, six I think) with no proposal, so it’s just a placeholder for now.  But this is what happened while I was writing, and why I researched Las Vegas and then discarded it.  

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This Is a Good Book Thursday, August 23, 2018

Okay, the next time I forget a Working Wednesday because I haven’t realized it’s Wednesday, somebody say, “Jenny, it’s Wednesday.”  Here, have a Good Book Thursday:

This week I read . . . I forget.  I read a lot of stuff, though, including web pages  on how to get married in Vegas.  Don’t get married in Vegas.  Currently reading Catherine Aird again.  So what did you glom this week?

This Is a Good Book Thursday, August 16, 2018

I’ve decided that the end of summer is a good time to drink Diet Coke, sit in front of the air conditioner, and read.  I went through all the Gilberts I had on Kindle and went to get more only to find out that they’re no longer on Kindle at all, which was annoying, so I switched to Heyer mysteries.  Currently reading Stella and Randall, the amiable snake.  Stella could use some work, she’s a little weak at the knees, but Randall is a classic Heyer mystery hero, very much akin to Steven in Envious Casca and the guy in A Blunt Instrument. Enjoying myself immensely.

So what’s on your reading list this week?

This is a Good Book Thursday, August 9, 2018

I’ve been reading a lot of Georgette Heyer lately.  When she was good–The Grand Sophy, The Talisman Ring, Cotillion–she was phenomenal.  When she was mediocre–Bath Tangle, anyone?–she was still damn readable.  What’s more, she’s re-readable.  I must have read The Grand Sophy a dozen times and I still love it.  I learned a lot from that book, especially what a great supporting cast can do for a great romance.  I still love that bit of dialogue when Charlsbury–kidnapped and shot by Sophy for his own good–says “I am devoted to Sophy . . . but heaven preserve me from marriage with her,” and Vincent says, “If heaven did not, I fancy Rivenhall would.”  It’s such a lovely throwaway line that says that the community already knows what’s coming in the next scene when Charles Rivenhall puts his hands around Sophy’s throat and says, “Will you marry  me, vile and abominable girl?”  and Sophy says, “Yes, but only to save my neck from being wrung.”  Sigh.  That’s my kind of romance.  

What did you read this week?