Working Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Today, I am going to set up my new office.

I figure if I state that here, I’ll finally have to do it.

What’s your work plan this week?

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  1. I put together a Knotten standing desk from IKEA. I’ve been jury-rigging places to stand while working on my laptop for 14 years now. I just got fed up with all of them. The desk was marked down by $20.

    Time will tell if this desk is at the right height. It might be a bit too high. But if I feel that it is, I’ll saw a bit off the legs.

    It was a medium in difficulty to assemble, since I was doing it solo, not having a cheerful cartoon companion. That made it harder to hold and attach some pieces. And there were two tight spaces where I need a very short screwdriver.

    But overall, not too bad. And I hate assembling furniture, so. Took me about an hour.

    1. Ooooh, I like that. I’ve been looking for something to use in my air-conditioned bedroom on these humid days (my office is NOT air conditioned), so this could do double duty, just moving it from the two adjacent rooms as needed. I wonder if I could put casters on the legs. Or something to make them slide easily.

      1. I put adhesive felt circles on the bottom of the legs and it does like a dream on hardwood.

  2. Finished revision of novella #4 this weekend and have moved on to #5. If I can keep up this pace, all of the remaining stories will be revised and republished by the end of August.

    Otherwise, not doing a blessed thing except going to day job, turning around whatever work gets handed to me there, and trying to stay cool.

  3. Decided that this week is just not going to be about paid work (fiction writing), and it’s just about life work (getting momcat spayed, coping with terribly humid weather, doing some medical stuff, puttering/decluttering around the house and whatever else needs doing) to clear the deck for next week when I will do paid work.

    It’s really good for me to not be stressing about my daily writing quota or beating myself up for not hitting it. I’m hoping I’ll come back to the manuscript with renewed energy. I usually find that if I skip a day or two of writing, then the next day the words just come pouring out of me. Not always, but it’s nice when it does. And at least if I intentionally skip writing, I’m not feeling guilty when I start up again.

  4. Donating a bunch of old clothes that no longer fit, doing laundry at midnight because it’s supposed to be 107 today & almost that hot the rest of the week, pushups and planks and swimming and cooking… all “Mercury in retrograde/back to basics” sort of stuff. While attempting to stay away from political Twitter and only look at various media that makes me smile. Oh, and catching up on sleep. Turns out sleep is a thing that is good.

  5. At work, I plan to reassemble and test three 650 HP boilers, post-inspection. Annual inspection, that is. Starting tomorrow.

    At home I have six books to read. Today I am staying home (except for a little shopping. I’m out of milk, eggs, and bagels.)

  6. All The Things! *waves hands* Ok in reality this is the week to take down the bush and tree that need to get taken down, run the remains through the chipper, and spread the result over the future garden site. Then plant the two cherry trees that are replacing them, so next spring I have an entire row of 4 types of cherry trees blossoming and I can revel in the beauty. That and haul more rocks around the yard.

      1. Ha! We could only plant trees on 2 sides due to the layout for other things going in (like garden that we don’t want shaded by trees), and we already planted in apple, pear, plum and peach there.

  7. Here’s what I haven’t been doing (mowing)

    The pink patch on the upper right is creeping thyme. I’d love my entire yard to be thyme, it smells so good when you walk on it.

    I’ve started painting my kitchen cabinets for reinstallation in the kitchen. They’ve been down since I removed the kitchen ceiling two years ago. I’m moving a little slow…

    Here’s what it looks like now:

    Pretty much a huge mess. But I’m working on it!

    1. I’ve always wondered what those fixer/upper home improvement shows with open shelving showcasing white dinnerware looked like after real people showed up to live there. We’re all here to wish you luck painting and putting up the cabinets. Are those beams on the ceiling? If so that is so awesome.

  8. Finished adding grommets to my homemade shower curtain – the one made from Charley Harper-designed fabric. I found hammering in grommets refreshingly cathartic. Broke down & downloaded the Instagram app just so I could show it off with #workingwednesdaypix. It was a pretty simple project, but I have a very low threshold of “accomplishment” at the moment.

  9. Finally got the Riders novella up and published after fighting with Createspace for a week. (They kept sending me “verification” emails where I was supposed to send them proof I had the right to publish the book. You know, like a signed note from the author. I kept telling them I WAS the author, even called, and got nowhere. Finally gave up and did the print version with Amazon. Sigh.)

    Started seriously working on the next spec novel for my agent to send out, a women’s fiction called ONE CAT SHY OF CRAZY. No, it’s not at all autobiographical, why do you ask? Finally figured out why I had been having such a tough time with my discovery work…apparently I had no idea of the goals or motivation for any of my main characters, or the theme of the book. SIGH. Luckily, I thought back to everything I’d learned from Jenny here on the blog, and managed to get it mostly straight in my head. Now I just have to get it down on paper and, you know, start writing.

    My big accomplishment (besides getting the novella out into the world) was cleaning and rearranging the barn/garage, which was a cluttered messy nightmare. Last week my handyman and I sorted through All the Things and took 85% of it to the dump. (Another 5% gets to go on Saturday in my car, but we ran out of room in the truck and trailer.) It is so neat in there now, and so empty, I keep walking inside to look at it. One or two more bits to finish, but it is SO HAPPY CLEAN.

    I’ll make my first attempt at sharing pictures…hope it works.
    And if you can see them, yes, the barn is old and was probably cobbled together out of other bits and pieces. But I love having a place to park my car out of the snow.

    1. It looks great! Not what I was picturing but that could be due to me having dairy farmers as relatives and having spent a lot of time in their barns. Also I wanted to heart all the cat photos!

    2. I forgot – I also wanted to encourage you to tag your photos with the #WorkingWednesdayPix

  10. I’ve been working on and off on some more piggybanks last week. Remade the eyes on the first rabbit I made (the white one), and made a pink and yellow one for one of my psychologists (not the one that will get Chunky the Cow). And because I have promised you pictures for ages, I asked MIL to snap some today when she was here. So, here’s a bunch of rabbit pix!

    Aaand I found the brown clay, so I finished the body of the hedgehog I started on… I don’t even remember when. Possibly around April. You get a front pic, because I still need to patch the clay up on the spikes on its back 😉
    It could POSSIBLY also be a mole with an 80’s rock hairdo. I mean, I managed to turn a fox piggybank into a bandit-racoon piggybank some months ago (I tink I have a photo somewhere, but need to dig it up first), so I guess appearance is very much in the eye of the beholder… Or hands, for that matter. 🙂

    A papier maché elephant I found in a store sometimes around Easter also turned pink a couple of days ago, but I have no photo of him/her/it yet. It still needs some work.

    I’m also trying to soften up some dried-out clay, but it takes work and patience and it’s too warm to do anything more advanced than sit still, read and eat ice cream. I hope you ladies also find ways to keep the heat at bay!

  11. I think I had the breakthrough I needed this morning in the shower, and the revamped ending to my WIP is coming together at long last. So, yay!

    If only I didn’t have this interfering day job to work around (grumble, grumble)!

  12. My day off:
    registered the car
    went to the dump
    dropped some stuff off at a local thrift, and saw the back of my car for the first time in a week
    moved out one chest of drawers, moved in one chest of drawers
    bought and gave the cat some worm medicine
    made some dinner
    sorted a pile of electronic cables and plugs, I can’t remember what them all go to, but they must go
    picked raspberries
    started a new audio book, World War Z. Very intense.
    Sang a recital with a friend on Sunday, I did jazz hands, very different from my usual style, very fun.
    So, not a bad day, in terms of chores.

  13. I had new carpet put in two bedrooms laundry room and the hallway on Monday. We are now prepping for the remaining two rooms and the stairs to be done next Monday. I’ve painted trim and my husband’s been installing it. We got a large bookcase up the stairs only damaged a little bit of the ceiling. I ran errands (Hardware & grocery stores). I’ve done some cooking so we have stuff that is easily reheatable and grabable. I also shared photos of the room where I painted last weekend and the quilt that I finished quilting. The owner of said quilts will be picking it up tomorrow. I’m going to be moving stuff out of the two undone bedrooms into the two bedrooms that have the new carpet and paint more trim. I’m also hoping to do a decorative design on one of the walls with paint. If I do I’ll share that next week.

    Here’s the link to the quilt:

    I also posted pictures of the buns baked today and the trim painted today.

    However, the best part of my day was snuggling kittens in front of Petsmart. It will likely be one of my happies on Sunday.

  14. Filled three HUGE bags with books, carted them to library resale.
    Somatic yoga class, in which we learned our teacher is scarpering (my version, not hers). Mourned while planning HUGE party involving Champagne for next week’s last class.
    Watered and weeded garden early morning in HUGE heat wave.
    Dipped doggies’ paws in dilute vinegar after reading HUGE thread on neighborhood FB share post. Every dog has all the scratchies this year.
    Tomorrow work in heritage rose society garden in Old Town while HUGELY contemplating assassinating our crazed leader. (wrong time of year for garden work)
    Friday inventory and assess San Diego Floral’s semi-HUGE art collection. Gently set aside those works found wanting.
    Saturday morning oral history class, Saturday evening HUGE block party by village history center, Way We Were.
    And on Sunday she rested. HUGE maybe.

  15. I made a very very very old cupboard pretty. #WorkingWednesdayPics SarahV2K

    Am so happy. Big help towards the hoarding. Rule now is, “if it doesn’t fit in my existing storage, IT MUST GO!”

  16. I got 2 sweater sleeves done over the weekend, huzzah!
    As for my actual job, I had a huuuuuuuge thing I had to do today and it is almost done except I need one person to confirm something for me before I submit it early.


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