Working Wednesday July 18, 2018

I think I need a new regular weekly post: Sleeping Sundays.  I’m sleeping all the time now, which makes it hard to make stuff.  Must learn to multi-task and write while sleeping.  Still, I have Big Plans.  BIG plans.

What was on your to-do list this week?

41 thoughts on “Working Wednesday July 18, 2018

  1. I’m a big believer in sleep. Your body must need it!

    No big plans today. Taking older son to speech therapy and waiting for new cat sitter to show up because of last minute trip to see the in-laws next week. I suppose we should make sure to give him a key. . .

  2. I’m trying out yet another reinvention of my working week. It won’t work. They never do. I was going great guns, reading through my many writing/ideas books and files, brainstorming which non-fiction/photography projects to focus on. Didn’t get round to having a weekend break, in fact. Then my freelance work turned up yesterday morning, and I discovered once again that I just don’t have enough mental energy to do my work alongside the paid stuff.

    So I’m trying out four days a week @ 5-6 hours a day freelancing; a couple of days off (including photography time); then start the week with one day on my own projects – which needs to include creating a web page for my editing so I can try and find work on gardening and other illustrated books, which I hope would be more enjoyable, and more sustainable in the long term (since the heavyweight tomes burn me out).

    And I must work on magic spells to conjure up a new home as well.

  3. I’m working on boring stuff this week. Getting caught up from last weekend’s trip on laundry. And prepping for this weekend’s trip back to Door County.

    I need to get hold of my sister to find out the meal plans.
    I need to go to Target to get a pinata and stuff to put in it.
    I need to take my daughter to the post office to mail her letter to her penpal in Germany.
    Do more laundry.
    Start packing up the stuff that goes back into our trailer (I didn’t use it last weekend)
    And hope that the stuff we ordered from Amazon all shows up before Friday morning.

  4. Somehow this week, I’ve managed to do a lot of things, even while working full time. It helps that I don’t have kids – I’m one of those aunts (and great-aunts) who are a valuable, yet under-valued, resource (no kidding – I read an article about it).

    The front clump of bushes was bothering me with its raggedy, overgrown aesthetic. I trimmed some during an evening, which then highlighted the need for a more complete trim. So Saturday morning, I was out with the clippers. Three trashcans full of trimmings later, I’m feeling pretty good about not having to deal with that particular set of shrubs for at least another year.

    When I came inside, I noticed that three kitties – two indoors and one out – had lined themselves up for napping. I had to post a picture.

    After the chores, I allowed myself time to play. I did some work on appliqueing pieces on a Row by Row quilt I’m making (it’s a Jimmy Buffett theme, so very beachy and fun). No pictures yet.

    I’ve been making excellent progress on the baby blanket. I’m getting into the short rows, as they say. Once the rectangle is finished, it will just need a little edging to be complete.

    Finally, I joined a “make-along” for a crocheted shawl. It is supposed to be done in four weekly installments. Here’s the finished product for week 1. Hopefully, I can keep up with this! I usually find that I start things like shawls, then put them away for some other time which hasn’t yet arrived.

    1. Oh, is that the Lila Bjorn shawl? I just dug out some watermelon whirl to do that, too. I haven’t crocheted since the hospital, so it’s time to get back on the hook.

        1. Part one took me most of Sunday morning (and taking my glasses off so I could look up close and make sure things were correct.) i.e., not too taxing!

      1. “Back on the hook” – ha! Great phrasing. It is a wonderfully useful sort of meditation, isn’t it?

  5. I need to work on whatever story I’m going to tell at a festival this week. The one I’ve been working on and want to tell really can’t be told around small children and there may be some in the vicinity during the event, but I am really just not feeling anything else but the crazy story. Sigh.
    Not getting much done this week, really, other than putting out fires at work, blech.

  6. I’m mostly working on accepting the fact that momcat is truly feral and needs to be released after she’s spayed next week. Apparently she was just tolerating me for the kittens’ sake, and now that they’re weaned and don’t need her any more, she’s done with the whole domestication thing.

    Perhaps as a way to deal with that, I’ve been on a huge de-cluttering binge. Everything Must Go! And I’m not all that cluttered to start with. But every little thing that’s not quilts, kittens or food is annoying me, and I want it gone. I’ve even packed up old computer towers that had been in my garage forever, so I can take them to the dump for recycling.

    1. For the computer towers, does your town have a place for recycling electronics? Ours was at the fire station, and has now moved to permit office. Amazing what they’ll accept.

  7. The big thing on my to do list is starting to set up the garden space for next year. This involves measuring, staking, mowing the lawn that’s there now short and covering with cardboard, and then laying grass clippings and mulch from the bush that needs to come out and a tree that needs trimming back on top of the cardboard with whatever other compost we create, and in the spring it should be ready to be a garden. We also have weird lumps in the lawn that have to be leveled out and spread over said garden space to help it along. The level area can then become space for the workshop and chicken coop. It’s cooler now, thanks marine air, so I’ll make some headway on this while that lasts.

  8. I spent the beginning of the week at the Extending Teacher Creativity Workshop, a three-day grant-supported workshop where teachers get to basically play around doing creative stuff. I chose printmaking and had a lot of fun! (Pics tagged on Instagram)

    Unfortunately that means my to-do list is… Extensive. 😱

  9. I am doing the usual “stuff” and have written lists of all the “stuff” to do in the next week and half including all the last bits and pieces to buy and ship before travelling back to the Arctic to reno the duplex. Of course, well laid plans never really go according to plan, do they. So…just to add to the mix, I booked a mani/pedi the day after the massage tune up. Figured there had to be some attention to the body which soothes the mind.

    BIL is being helpful with some stuff = big plus. Now I need the contractor to email me back with the dates for the floor installation. Husband still not able to kneel until Sept.

    Sleep well and heal to you can fulfill your big plans.

  10. Another lesson learned this week is me focusing on what’s above my head when just doing general cleaning. Take for instance the cabinet above the stove which is above the stove vent. I had to climb a step stool to get something out of the cabinet when I noticed all the grunge on top of the vent. I’m mortified, but yet nobody pointed it out to me. So I sprayed it a lot with Windex to get all that crap off.

  11. Cranking my sleep schedule back to a time that works for normal humans so that I can help Stephen out with getting his temporarily freelance writing schedule solidified. Planning out high-level logistics of a major purge in preparation for moving someplace greener with better air quality. Getting in the pool with ridiculous inflatable pool toys just to float around and let things not hurt so much for a bit. Cooking healthy meals from scratch instead of being too tired and balloon-animaling, then getting delicious, expensive delivery that makes us feel like crap.

    I’m tired just writing this, and am afraid to add in actually writing anything of my own – even though RWA starts today which puts me in WRITE ALL THE THINGS THE HELL WITH THE WORLD mode even at a remove – because I don’t want to say I will, and then be too tired and flake because life and disappoint myself. Ok, first, more coffee…

  12. I published more stuff over the weekend. This week I started working on, aka actually writing, a third historical novel, one that has been back-burnered for a looooooong time. The novellas are so much easier to write, even these new ones that I am doing “properly” out of the gate.

    Dug out my old notes for the novel and what I want to do with it now is very different from what I wanted to do with it years ago. Funny how that happens. It is probably for the best that I let it ferment all this time!

    Otherwise I’m not doing much. Performing just enough to avoid summary dismissal at the day job, letting the dust bunnies proliferate at home, but at least I am keeping the plants watered and birds fed.

  13. Boss is traveling this week, so worked one day in the office, one day helping someone set up their accounting system, and now three days working on sister projects, so a lot of diversity and enjoyment.

    And today I came home and ripped out a swath of invading “looks like hostas, smell like carrots” plants that have been trying to take over a flower bed. Sadly, the ground was dry enough and the plant wily enough that I know I missed some roots, but at least it LOOKS better.

  14. I had a week if bad eye stuff. So I did almost nothing being listening to podcasts. Couldn’t read, make stuff, go out much. Burned through a scary amount of sick leave. I’ve just started drying some flowers for a for resin piece.

  15. I’m working on being pleased with any progress in my story even when it’s only a little bit at a time. Someone I trust said the first chapter doesn’t completely suck, which helps. It’s a much more pleasant world than reality despite the chaos goddess and beautiful women obsessed with vengeance against her. Friday I’m working on getting the mapping done for my next round of radiation while we wait for the paperwork to go through to start my next infusion medicine. It’s technically an immunotherapy, not chemotherapy despite being administered like traditional chemotherapy. I do hope I’ll sleep better with it than I am with my chemo pill!

  16. Hope to make it to the Balboa Park’s Old Globe tonight for The Tempest, Kate Burton as Prospera.
    Other than that, the usual: practice of yoga, garden watering, grooming the dogs, proofreading scanned copy. Oh, and political inveighing.

  17. Using my time in bed to assist negotiations between new cat and resident cat. They’re both ten months old and working out reasonably well, and both sleeping with me, one on each side.

  18. I actually made my goal of 5,000 words a day twice this week. and it looks like I’ll make it again today, even though I had to drive 2.5 hours and hole up in a hotel because my youngest daughter’s flight comes in at 1:30 am. I did not book that flight. But while I’m waiting I’ll write. I’ve noticed that it’s a lot easier to write stuff I outlined than stuff someone else did. I’m usually a pantser, but I just can’t do that for ghostwriting. I have to know what I’m writing to get enough done.

    Jenny, after I had my heart thing I spent two weeks sleeping before I went back to work, and then slept a bunch when I got home from work. Six weeks on, I’m just starting to be able to stay awake all day. YMMV but I wanted to let you know you aren’t alone on the sleep front.

    1. Oh, good. I feel like such a slug because there’s so much to do here, and all I do is snore.

      1. Big trauma takes big recovery time, no matter what “recovered” looks like for you now. I know patience is not necessarily one of your virtues when you have a goal in mind, but please be patient with yourself around this.

  19. Today was my day off and remarkably, I hit my goal of getting a bunch of things done while still having a relatively mellow day. (That never happens. Never.) Lots of little things. Getting the cover flat from my cover artist and sending it to the woman who is formatting the new novella. Sending promo info to my Llewellyn publicist. Sending workshop submissions to Pantheacon, a big Pagan convention in San Jose in February that I’m going back to in February for the first time in years. Did an energy healing session on a regular client. Pulled a few (very few) weeds in the garden. Emailed back and forth with a friend and his wife who lost their 10 year old son on Monday. All good things, and then I actually let myself take the night off to watch a movie a friend recommended: Playing It Cool, with Chris Evans.

    I made a bunch of jewelry over the weekend, but forgot to upload pictures to Instagram to share here. Sigh. But I also picked a lot of red raspberries in the yard. Here’s a picture of them.

  20. It was Mandela Day yesterday. A day when we are reminded to serve using our time and energy. I came up with an idea for the whole school that involved planting flower seeds that I supplied from my garden. The barriers put in my way were obvious, even to others. Sigh. So I’m not a favourite because I think indpendently but damn, get out of our way when we’re doing something that you couldn’t do!

  21. Work has been all consuming this week – got home after 10pm last night. However, crisis has passed and came home at a reasonable hour tonight, after picking up my weekly flower box (from a local farm). Spent some time tidying up last week’s bouquet and arranging this week’s – love having fresh flowers in the house and my own garden is barely hanging on after 3 weeks of hot, dry weather. Made grilled tofu and veggies for supper. Tomorrow is catch up day at work.

  22. I went ahead and posted a photo to #workingwednesdaypix of a piece I started before my eyes flared up. I’m hoping to get back to it this weekend. 🤪


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