It’s Gonna Be a Good Go-To-Hell Day

I was not looking forward to today because I had an MRI scheduled.  I don’t mind MRIs, I can sleep through those, but the drive there included I-80 to 287 S, and that’s a bitch and I was stressed.  But they called and asked me to reschedule and I said, “YES!” and now I have the whole day free.  Oh, joy, joy, happiness, happiness, joy.  Of course I should be spending my time doing a decent blog post for here, but instead, you’re getting this and I’m going to go out and leap about, having a good time.

My plans are:

• Go to Walmart and pick up my last prescription and some picture hanging hooks and possibly some cheap white towels.  The possibilities are endless.
• Hit the grocery for eggs and garlic and sour cream and onions and steak and high fiber noodles and mushrooms and panko and mayo and chicken and Diet Coke and Snickers ice cream bars (the minis).
• Stop by the farm stand for NJ tomatoes and Romas and blueberries.
• Possibly go to Applebees for steak and garlic mashed potatoes while I go through my plot notes for Act 2.
• Set up my printer in the living room so I can do hard copy edits.
• Maybe get a chocolate shake at Friendly’s since this is clearly a go-to-hell-day.
• Take the dogs out in the yard again so they can run free and I can laugh at how fuzzy they are as their fur grows out.
• Make sour cream chicken and noodles for dinner, with extra onions and mushrooms. 
• Finish Act Two.  That might take the weekend.  So I’ll have a real go-to-hell weekend.
• Wallow in happiness.  

It’s a plan.  Anyway, you can see why I’m being such a lousy blogger lately.  Having just escaped death (in theory), I’m wallowing 24-7.  I recommend it.

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  1. Go for it.

    I am being tense this morning because my cat Aubrey is into the vet for blood work to see if his liver function is improving. He acts like it is but he looks like hell. My husband is taking him in for me because if the vet says anything even remotely negative (Looks like his ears need cleaning, Jessie) I will probably burst into tears and view it as a death sentence. I tend to over react when I am worried. So my husband takes him in by himself and I stay hope and fret.

      1. And yet I totally understand the hope/fret dynamic. It works almost as well as home.

        Hope you hear only good things from the vet report!

    1. I’m praying Aubrey is doing awesome and his blood work comes out perfect! Hoping & fretting with you. Let us know the results.

      1. Thank you. Aubrey was on cortisone for almost a year and we just took him off of it because his glucose level was raising and the vet thought he was developing diabetes. His glucose numbers after being totally off glucose for 3 weeks are back in the normal range. The vet thought he looked good but wants to wait another two weeks before he checks the liver enzymes again. So. Good so far. I am hoping that in two weeks everything will be back to normal. Aubrey is my darling.

  2. That sounds like a wonderful day. And the dinner sounds amazing! I’ll look up similar recipes online. Do you have a brand name for the high fiber noodles?

    I’ve been avoiding pasta because it’s high carb & low fiber. It would be great to have an option for once in a while.

    1. They were out of them, sbut here they are, vastly overpriced on Amazon:

      Should be a couple of bucks a package; ignore the low rating, it’s mostly because of the price and some woman who didn’t realize that if you boil pasta long enough, it disintegrates. I ended up getting Ronzoni Smart Taste rotini which is NOT the same thing as noodles so bleah on that. I think I have enough noodles in a canister to do my Bastard Sour Cream Chicken tonight, but I’m definitely going to search for another source if my grocery keeps selling out.

      It’s five grams of fiber for 180 calories, and High Fiber is one gram for every 50 calories so it counts.

      1. This the best food news I’ve heard in a long time! I don’t like cooking when I’m hungry, so I usually cook big batches of stuff at non-meal times. Practically everything I eat is reheated.

  3. A decent blog post is in the eye of the beholder – we hit writing, shopping, technology, pets and food – who could ask for more?

    I misread “shake” as “cake”. Might indulge in some cake in your honor so we are covered there, since you are actually doing ice cream. Though a shake sounds good too – just nowhere convenient to get one.

    Fingers crossed for good news on your kitty, Jessie.

  4. We always said we would read your grocery list if you wrote it and now this is come true. I’ve read your grocery list and all the other to do‘s. It was a fine post. I wish you much joy and happiness throughout the day and weekend!

    1. LOL, I was going to say something very similar! Have a lovely go-to-hell weekend, Jenny! You deserve it.

  5. Wallowing in happiness sounds an excellent plan. I’ve just knocked off after a week of maximum-full-time editing and proof-reading. Hope I can keep it up, because there’ve been no houses to look at. I’m really hoping the cloud’s going to clear in an hour so I can go up to the old racecourse and watch the lunar eclipse. I’ve been looking forward to it all week, but of course the heatwave would break today.

    Looks like it’s going to be a wet weekend, which we need, but which is a challenge when I need a break from work. I’ll probably end up editing photos, which is a bit too similar to the day job.

  6. They have to sedate me to the point of anesthesia to get me in a MRI – evidently I can produce huge amounts of adrenaline – so they have been doing CT scans for most of what they need. My ovarian cancer did not respond to the new chemo, so things are looking pretty grim. Have been told that I should take the next couple of months to get things in order. They are trying some kind of chemo that is used for colorectal cancer every week to see if they can at least slow it down.

    Having said all that – the new treatment may be doing some good. My appetite which has been non-existent since January is returning, I can actually walk around the house without panting and I have been sleeping pain free. My daughter is coming for a couple of weeks starting next Wednesday and we will get things lined out that are important to me. So in honor of “Go-to-hell” day, I just came in from lunch with my honey and I HAD ONION RINGS!!! I may suffer the rest of the day but IT WAS WORTH IT! Grab the good when you can has always been my motto and I see no reason to change. I still feel that I have been one of the most blessed people with family, friends, jobs, life in general and I am going to keep on paying attention 🙂

    I do have to say that I did get a little tired (and jealous) reading your to do list for today!

    1. There were also a lot of naps in there.
      Just hell on the new chemo not working. I’ve been in a similar situation–“There’s no treatment for the stage you’re at so we’re just gonna throw everything at you”–and it’s exhausting, not just the stress of the treatments and the bad news but the stress of supporting everybody who’s worried about you. It’s a really good time to become a selfish bitch and just get what you want. As I keep telling my daughter now, delayed gratification makes so sense, so fuck it, I’m having THAT.

      Meant to say, I’m doing the “get things in order”, too, and it’s oddly liberating. “Here’s all the work you’ll have to do after I’m gone, good luck with that, now get me a milkshake.”

      1. Yes to everything you just said! It was kind of strange hearing “let’s just try this – it may work and give you some better quality of life for a while” but why not? I have a terrific doctor and support staff. Knowledge is great but they have KINDNESS and real caring and that is so important. My mother died with dementia and I have worried about that but at least now that is something I don’t have to be concerned about 😏. It hurts to see my family and friends so sad but their love has been inspiring (and humbling) and keeps me centered. And yes it is weirdly satisfying that things will not be left in a mess for someone else to fix. I can be a bit of a control freak. Just a bit 🙄.

        1. I tried to explain the dementia thing to Mollie, too. “This means you won’t be watching me mindlessly fill in coloring books in twenty years,” which is about where my mother is now. I’m a lot more spooked about walking around without a full mind than I am about checking out before ninety (or in my case, seventy).

          I just want to live to see Trump and his buddies go down in flames. Bob Mueller is my spirit animal.

          1. Well we didn’t get to this age by being wimps – and today we hug our puppies and recognize the love we have around us. Will be thinking of you in that MRI monster next week – you are so brave 😳

          2. Nothing bad happens in an MRI so no bravery.
            Driving TO the MRI on NJ highways, that takes courage.

          3. Tangent: A friend just picked up two spirit kittens. That’s the term the shelter uses for cats who are strays (like being born in the woods and lacking exposure to people and people things).

          4. For some STUPID reason, I just went to Petfinder to surf the dachshunds and now there are two I want to adopt. I already have three dogs plus my future is still dicey. But I want those dogs. They need me.

            Must get off the internet now.

    2. Bummer on the chemo. They told my niece that her cancer was terminal three years ago. And the first two types they tried had marginal success. At present most of the tumors have disappeared or shrunk and she is feeling better than she has in years. Sending positive vibes your way and I am hoping for all the good things for you.

    3. I’m sorry about the chemo not working. Happy about the possibility of the new treatment doing some good. And always ecstatic about onion rings :-).

      Good luck with all of it. Hugs.

    4. Wishing each day you find joy! Actually, I wish that for all of us! 🙂
      Also am hoping for healing. May they find something that works.

  7. My job is officially going away in 4-8 weeks. I have a test for another job on Monday, and a week later an interview for another job. Tonight I’m going to veg out and forget all about these stressful things. I’m planning an easy dinner of cheeses, charcuterie, and wine! Lots of wine. 🙂

    Wishing everyone a good weekend!

  8. I am officially in my new home, dream farm……Artist retreat. Started the insane process and decision to sell old home and buy new one in January. It almost broke my SO mentally, challenged me beyond what I thought I was capable of (and I survived a severe life changing car accident and being a SCI paraplegic is just part of that), managed to keep all seven in house animals alive and all the selling buying and changing of life legal and above the law…………short of murderous thoughts towards very stupid people. But I am here, the dogs have permanent smiles on their slobbery faces and the cats are in climbing and chasing heaven with upgrading 950sqft to 1560sqft, Horses incoming in 3 weeks while I make sure the fenceline and hay storage is solid. Now that i am again on the other side of another life obstacle I am so grateful and happy
    Plans ahead
    *drink a glass of something cold and iced while I water my transported garden
    *kiss my mending sweetheart
    *eat Pizza beacause its bloody hot and there is a fire nearby so fuck it lets just get pizza with everything.
    *watch a movie
    *and play with all the animals instead of unpacking more boxes, the boxes can wait.

  9. I think that sounds like a plan.
    Today, as we await blood test results to find out if my six year old’s hella terrifying widespread rash is from West Nile or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (fuck the fucking insects), we rejoiced that the steroid has reduced the rash greatly. We rejoiced by painting with ‘real’ watercolors that squeeze out of tubes, visiting the library to be the very first readers of I Am Sacajawea by Brad Meltzer (we’ve been waiting for it) and making french toast with homemade honey-orange syrup. The latter was, in retrospect, a poor choice since it was only after i ate two slices that i checked and found out i’d blown sixteen fucking weight watcher points on it. I was literally out of calories at 5:40PM today. But we had fun. We let freedom ring.
    We did NOT let the bastards grind us down. Not today.

  10. I don’t know how you stand the NOISE and the CLOSE SPACES of the MRI. (Sorry, they tried to do one on me years ago and not only did my claustrophobia mean I only lasted 5 minutes before freaking out, but the experience ramped said claustrophobia up by a power of a bunch.)

    I just barely managed the MRI on my knee when I screwed it up a couple of years ago, and that was only going in to my shoulders. (Plus Xanax for the win.)

    I’m glad it doesn’t bother you. The drive would freak me out too. I’m used to living in a small town where major traffic means two lanes in either direction, usually with plenty of space for passing, except for road work.

    Made it through another online witchcraft class for my Patreon supporters, this one for the full moon and equinox. I love teaching, but it is very energy intensive. And it didn’t help that Koshka, the lion-cat, tried to hack up a hairball in the middle. Ah, the glamorous life of the famous author. Snort.

    1. I’m not so good with driving in urban traffic–i break into a sweat and clutch my phone as it dictates directions that i’m always sure i will fail to follow properly.
      Hope Koshka is well now and not making any messes!

      1. Well, we haven’t had any more hacking…I’m just waiting for the old “hairball on the bed in the middle of the night” trick. Might be the only time I’m happy that the new kitties don’t mostly sleep with me.

  11. I left the last notes on Act 1 before the comments closed? I thought one of my better notes was that five days one earth is 12 hours in hell. So if Nick is on earth for five days the time in hell is between noon and midnight. Something to keep in mind for the second act.
    Glad to know someone outside of my family finds getting an MRI difficult.
    I’m having allergy testing done, because I always seem to have cold.

  12. I’m good with Go To Hell Day. Today I got half my writing done and then stole my friend’s ten-year-old daughter for the rest of the day. We watched TV because of reasons. And I made her pasta with sauce and cheese for dinner. Oh and ice cream.

    Said ten-year-old is adopted and has attachment disorder (along with her brother who they also adopted) and the two of them have turned my friend’s family and life upside down. Anyway, Now that my life is simplified I’m trying to help by occasionally having the daughter over so my friend gets a break.

    Adoption is not always the wonderful thing that I assumed it was. Attachment Disorder can actually start in the womb and it took them years to figure out what was causing the disruptive behaviors. I don’t know why I’m telling you Argh people all this. I hate that there doesn’t seem to be much the world of psychology/psychiatry can do for these two. And you can’t just unadopt difficult children. Their home will never be the same again.

    Luckily for me, I have the easy part. I can be Fake Aunt Kate and entertain the girl for a few hours a week. (the boy is at a special school. talk about parental guilt.)

    I really do not know where this is coming from.

    1. Although adoption is still probably the best solution to the problem of homeless children. I keep reading there are more and more children in foster care, for many reasons including the opioid crisis.
      I do know people who have had positive experiences with adoption. And I’ve known many people who’ve had problematic children they had biologically.
      I’m glad your friends have you to help.
      I agree there many thing psychology/psychiatry need to get better at treating.

    2. I’m good with being your safe space, Kate. It sounds like a highly complicated situation.

    3. This is a great community. You can say anything. Even the thoughts you would not tell close friends because you would not want them to be judgemental. Because we know you are basically a good person (not that your non-Argh friends don’t also know this) and there needs to be someplace to talk about perceptions that are not socially acceptable.

      My husband’s friend was adopted and while a nice guy, I would not want to be his adopted parents. He basically blames his adopted parents for not having his “own” family. And I know his adopted parents really well and they are wonderful people. Even our friend will – grudgingly- admit that he was never abused and was treated kindly. And he would never admit that he resents that he is not their “real child”. He was adopted when he was three or four so his foster mom never discussed his adoption with him because she assumed that he remembered. Which he did not. And when an adopted cousin asked him about it when he was 11, he went berserk. Our friend is one of the reasons I have never been hot to adopt. And I am sure there are great adoptee/adopted family relationships.

      While you can’t tell if a birth child is going to be okay, at least they can’t accuse you of not being their “real parents”.

      Although one of my nephews once told his Dad that he had ruined his life because while he loved his mother, his Dad should have married someone with a better chin so our nephew would not have had a receding chin and looked like a freak. His mother was less than thrilled with this assessment.

  13. I didn’t read your post until after 11pm,but I must have sensed your will to wallow because that’s exactly what I did this afternoon. After I finished my P.T. I ran a few errands, found a new bra on sale and then bought more ice cream than I could fit in my freezer. And since I was across the street from Aldi with my thermal bag in my pack, I also bought a box of Mango paletas and a frozen pizza for dinner. The proof that this was what I was meant to do today is the fact that I got it all in the freezer even though I bought 2-3 times too much. Life, and dessert for the next month or two, is good.

  14. Can you squeeze in a recommendation? The Husband wants to know which texts he should read to learn more about narrative structure and story telling. He wants to incorporate more of this into his trial practice.

    1. Oh, that’s a good idea. I used that all the time in teaching: the basic theory is that people don’t listen to abstract ideas, but they glom onto story (hence the parables).

      The basic text I usually recommend is Segar’s Making a Good Script Great. It doesn’t have anything on point of view because it’s about screenwriting, but he wouldn’t need to worry about point of view anyway. It’ll give him the quick and dirty basics easily, and then he can build on that. McKee’s Story is another screenwriting text, except it’s the advanced version. There’s stuff in there I still don’t get, but he can brilliant on elaborating on Segar’s basics. There are a lot more, but it’s been awhile since I really looked into what’s out there. There’s also the Writing/Romance Blog which is a series of short essays I must finish some day. Linear story structure starts here:

      1. Yes, please finish the short essays. I’ve learned so much about story from you. Truly excellent teacher.

        In October I am going to Nashville for Robert McKee’s Story seminar. Three days, full, all day with breaks. Have been wanting to do this for years. Had some Alaska Air cancelled tickets to use before November this year so using them plus a bit of cash to fly to Nashville and then home. Did you know if you cancel flights on Alaska Air, they give you voucher type of credit anyone can use! I used mine, my son and husband’s cancelled flights all on me. And I don’t feel guilty at all. I’m worth it. Ha! Husband and I are doing a favourite trip, taking the train to San Francisco, biking and walking and eating for two days, he flies home and I get a four day trip to Nashville. So happy.

        And…glad you had a wallow day.

        1. McKee is brilliant, but he can also be kind of . . . a bastard. Listen to the theory, and if he tells you that you’ll never be a writer because you disagreed with him, ignore that. I think he’s rude to everybody, but possibly ruder to women. But again, wonderful on story, so you should learn a lot. I’d love to hear him speak.

  15. Here in Africa we got to watch the magnificent Blood Moon eclipse and I saw Mars for the first time.

    That was such a cool sentence to write!

    I adore you Jenny and I don’t want to rain on the wallow, which I think of as the hot sand from Mercedes Lackey’s Joust, but please refrain from using “…. is my spirit animal.” It is devastating to indigenous Americans whose cultural practices were prohibited right up until the late 70’s. I used it too before I learned that it was terrible cultural appropriation, not appreciation, of People who survived literal and cultural genocide.

    1. Envious of your clear skies, Sure Thing. I found a good viewpoint, but the cloud just kept getting thicker, until I gave up and came home. Kept looking from my flat, until after midnight (well after the end of the full eclipse), but never saw the moon at all.

    2. Sure Thing, could you bring me up to date on the term “spirit animal” and why using it is cultural appropriation? I thought many people worldwide believe in or have imagined such animals. What other phrase would one use? Thanks in advance.

      1. It’s 6.10 in me neck of the woods, but I gotcha girl. As soon as I get time, I’ll post it.

        1. I’m not Indigenous American, and certainly not American so content disclaimers apply. Twitter and Instagram have me as Sarah V 2 K, no spaces or underscores. I retweet a lot about these sort of issues, from people a lot knowledgeable and smarter than I.

          Let’s go –>

          “Spirit Animal” is cultural appropriation. More on that later. Let’s start with history.

          In 1892 practicing Native American religions was made illegal. Also, somewhere alongthe timeline, Native Children were put in boarding schools, made to speak only English, and adopted out to White Christian families to erase the race and culture.

          In 1978 constitutional protections were extended to include Native Peoples’ beliefs and practices. There was a Religious Freedom restoration act that was enacted in 1990 and added more protections, but I don’t know much detail.

          I’m going to take a flyer and say that as an Argher, we most likely fall into the age demographic of the latter events occurring within our lifetimes. Can any of us even compute that? How RECENT religious freedom as a Right, is to the Native People of the land!

          The effects of the cultural erasure and familial fracturing are devastating. ‘Are’ because they are felt to this day. The grief and fury is visceral, which is why I feel such empathy. Some of the resources I tap are people who have had to say the same thing repeatedly and are done with sparing other people’s feelings. They don’t engage because they’ve done this work already so we meed to educate ourselves. More on that later.

          Native communities should be able to monetise their own cultures by selling their own art and craft work, but no, famous white designers appropriate designs and make multi-millions while native families who have the same skills are struggling to make ends meet. Can you imagine, seeing the kardashians using a native blanket design that isn’t as good as the one that your grandma couldn’t sell to any vendors? I’d be LIVID.

          These same People have their water sources contaminated in 2018. In protesting further contamination, they are heavily criminalized. There is PROOF that these pipelines are dangerous, especially as there have been recent leaks on pipelines that were assured to be safe by the powers. Can you imagine the abject fear of losing a natural resource?

          So, to begin with, Peoples were murdered and starved into extinction. Then forced onto land with treaties that were not upheld, then had languages eradicated, children stolen (kind of still happening – see @TamaraMStory), and cultural practices criminalized. Then others come to put pipelines through the land dedicated as the People’s.

          Later has arrived, NOW for cultural appropriation and the not sparing of feelings.

          @apihtawikosisan structures the clarification of cultural appropriation as “People who get to decide what is or what isn’t cultural appropriation = people from the group the cultural property originates.”

          AND goes on to say, “People who DON’T get to decide what is or isn’t cultural appropriation = every motherf*cking one else.”

          Not sparing other’s feelings :- see this post by Mari, who I also follow on twitter. Fair warning for firm, frank language but a damn good read.

          Now for cultures world-wide that use similar concepts. Let’s take Nordic or Finnish shamanism – these are cultures that succumbed to the spread of Christianity. What crusade type activities there may have been, occurred in the 1200s. Such Euro-shamanistic practices have been revived under Neo-Paganism in the 20th century and I haven’t read of any being subjected to ethnic cleansing, and I read widely. Maybe some are ostracised, maybe some are seen as kooky, I believe that there was one murder by a man who accused his victim of being a witch, and none since. Maybe I’m generalizing but mostly European origin shamanistic practices are viewed with a condescending indulgence, is it because it’s White European in origin?

          (Here, parts of the Witchcraft Suppression Act (1957) was declared unconstitutional in 2016. Our reason is that we’re taking on MANY of the colonial and apartheid laws and it’s taking a while to get to everything.)

          If someone is standing in The Americas uses the term “Spirit Animal” and someone else says, “No, don’t…here’s why…” and the first one says, “But I was talking Finnish shamanism”, that’s likely a cop-out to save face. (Yes, I’m judging here.)

          Aboriginal Australians have the Dreamtime with some animal-like Spirit Beings. Now, they are another population that have survived physical and cultural genocide and are on the receiving end of disrespect and worse. I’m not even going to go about how visiting people treat Holy Sites like Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, even though expressly prohibited by the People who act as the guardians. (Seeing some of the disrespect makes me feel ill.)

          What this example is for is to show that each culture gets to used the term as it wishes and declares. Not as outsiders wish.

          I hope I kept on point and didn’t meander too much.

          I end with other terms that may be allowed. I tweeted them before I started this. Copy of my tweet below.

          “In addition to the fabulous @Polychromantium reminding us to use Patronus or Muse or Inspiration and somebody adding fursona, I hereby add finsona and feathersona. I’ve considered finfacade and featherfront within synonyms for persona, y’all have to weigh in.”

          Go read more. Start with @Polychromantium, @apihtawikosisan, and @NativeApprops.

          General guidelines – Read, follow, try not to ask for explanations, as they’ve either blogged it, reblogged it, or published a book on it. Go read those first.

          Best of luck on decolonizing your minds, I’m on the journey too, but it’s rewarding as any self-development that I’ve ever done.

    1. It’s really Bastard Sour Cream Chicken, very similar to Bastard Steak Stroganoff. I used to be a truly excellent cook. Then I became a single mother with a full time job going to grad school at night. I learned bastard cooking: there’s a legitimate way to make a dish and there’s a slap dash wrong side of the blanket way, and I go for slap dash.

      Glop some butter in a BIG pan. (Yes, I know butter is bad, but I’m already on the short list of life spans and I intend to go out with a mouth full of buttered onions and garlic. Also BIG pan; I have a wok the size of a small swimming pool that I use.) Quarter an onion or three and slice and throw into the melted butter. (How much? Eh, how much do you want and how much steak or chicken do you have? Guess). Throw in some sliced mushrooms. Lots of sliced mushrooms. When the onion has sweated, throw in some chopped garlic. Cook briefly (garlic burns fast). Dump out the onion, mushrooms, garlic into a bowl, and add thin sliced steak or chicken into the butter pot, a little at a time so that the pieces don’t touch each other. Flip once. Sear steak sliced thin very briefly (like maybe half a minute both sides but I like rare), chicken until most of the red is gone. While you’re doing that, dump a couple boxes of broth that matches whatever meat you’re using in a different big pot, bring to a boil, dump some high fiber noodles in. Cook for six minutes. Dump the meat as it’s cooked into the onion bowl and then drain the broth from the noodle pot into the meat-free pan that’s now full of browned butter and meat juice. Stir in whole wheat pastry flour to make a roux. When the roux thickens and has cooked for a little while, add whatever else you have on hand–a couple tablespoons of tomato paste, diced fresh tomatoes, basil, some leftover wine, some Dijon, whatever–or just skip the extra stuff and proceed directly to throwing everything back in the pot including the noodles (BIG pot). Cook through (that’ll finish the chicken so you won’t get food poisoning) and then turn down the heat and throw in a carton of sour cream. Big carton. Stir to combine and heat through. Divide into pyrex bowls with lids, put half in freezer for later and half in fridge because if you’re me, you’re going face down in the sour cream that night and all day the next day.

      I have some of this in the freezer right now and it’s calling me. Tomorrow, I’ll make the chicken version. It’s sour cream week at Squalor on the Lake.

      1. Can’t wait to try this! I hope your dinner was wonderful. I bet you had the fixed stares of dogs on you while you dined.

      2. I truly hate your name on the short list of life spans. Not fair.

        I reread Agnes for the cooking and the salivating, now I want pancakes.

      3. I have a recipe where you dredge the chicken strips in seasoned flour (salt, pepper & paprika) and then brown them in the marinade drained from a jar of marinated artichoke hearts (and butter, if needed). You then proceed as in Jenny’s and deglaze the pan with a mixture of water and lemon juice, scrape all the browned bits off the bottom of the pan. Saute the onions and finish the sauce with Parmesan cheese . Add the chicken strips & reserved artichoke hearts and stir until hot. Serving it on green noodles adds a much needed pop of color.

        This recipe originally called for veal, but who can afford that?

      4. OK, if anybody else wants to make this GF, I did it with tapioca flour and it worked great. NOM! If Cascadia hits tonight I will go out with a happy stomach.

        1. My husband is gluten and dairy free (also soy) so I use the Domata brand rice flours. I love the one that’s a one for one substitute for wheat flour. They’ve added whatever xanthum gum stuff to it already.

  16. I was just wondering where I can get a list of your books just a text one I am organizing my ebooks and want to make sure I am not missing anything lol and I am lazy thanks in advance


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