Inner Happiness

Inner peace always reminds me of that Groucho Marx line: “Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend, inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.”  

Yes, I know that’s not deep.  I’ve been sick as a dog for a month.  Be happy you’re getting a Happiness Post.

How were you happy this week, outside of the dog?Also outside of the dog: shaved dachshund and poodle fur, everybody back home from ten days at the vet, cool and happy:

36 thoughts on “Inner Happiness

  1. So happy for you and the puppies that you are together.

    Happy to have beautiful summer weather after the heat wave we were experiencing in Michigan. Actually also endlessly happy that we invested in geothermal when we had to replace our heating/cooling, but it still doesn’t compare with sitting on the porch with a breeze and birds.

    Feeling grateful to have good friends.

    Black cat is happy that it’s Sunday and we are sitting in “our” chair together. He sends purrs to all.

  2. Had fun with my friend down south this week. And my plants survived, thanks to another friend watering them – I’m now eating my own salad leaves plus the occasional tomato.

    It was great to get to David Austin Roses after another bad drive back – I decompressed by smelling dozens of them.

    I’ve sat in two friends’ gardens this week – yesterday’s had fountains: super soothing.

  3. One happiness is that you’re home, with your buddies, looking so very soignée.
    Raspberry season is starting, which is great, but also makes me miss our big Maggie. She loved to greet people who came to pick, then bound over with them to the patch, and lip off the lower-hanging fruit. Or they wouldn’t know she was there, then would hear the thrashing of a large animal in the canes, then her black and white head would push through.
    Some a nephew with his young family are appearing tomorrow, so that’s fun.
    And, the heat broke, phew!

  4. And 6 of those intrepid Thai boys rescued so far. Miraculous! Hoping that number rises to 12+1 as the day progresses! Parental happiness immeasurable.

  5. We had a wonderful week with kids and grandkids at Yellowstone park.

    But was unhappy to find my 12 yr Bassett hound at the vet when we got home. He had two surgeries to close up three major lacerations, one of which opened into the abdominal cavity. He has to wear a compression suit for another week to keep the sutures closed. But is on the path to full recovery.
    Vet’s guess is he was kicked by a deer.

      1. They tried to call, but we were on airplanes, etc.

        He is expected to have full recovery if we can convince him to not jump onto the couch for another week.

        1. Oh, good. I’m still catching up here, but fingers crossed. Also, put stuff on the couch so he can’t get up. I found a combination of a bed on the floor and inaccessibility makes them give up. They’re not happy but they’re not ripping stitches, either.

  6. Another one here grateful for the break in the heat. Went to see our favorite minor league baseball team play last night. It was outside, it was cheap. There was hot dogs and good ice cream. The boys love it. I don’t even like baseball that much, but I love soaking up the relaxed atmosphere, people-watching and thinking about my favorite scenes from my favorite baseball movies, esp. Bull Durham (only movie I like Kevin Costner in) and A League of Their Own.

  7. Aww, such cool cuties.
    Outside of the dog I haven’t been doing much. It’s too bloody hot here. Reminds me of when I lived in the desert.
    Happy that you are home and healing.

    1. I work in Rancho Mirage. This morning at 7:15 was 90 degrees and 51% humidity. In the desert! I know you lived near here at one point, so imagine 51% humidity. It’s awful. I actually live 40 miles away. We had a terrible storm, thunder/lightning. Electricity went off on Saturday from noon to 5:30.

  8. I made a list of all the summer things I want to do so that I don’t miss summer as I have in past years. I posted it on Facebook, one of the items was a Nationals baseball game, and a friend immediately offered me tickets for that night, with their ace pitcher Max Scherzer, because his son had a game. Then another friend saw this and said she would see me there. Beautiful weather, the Nats won, and I felt like the D. C. Area is also my small community.

    I should have been working (major meetings coming up, grant proposals and reports due) but I can’t regret it.

    Also our zucchini plant is flowering like crazy and we are eating scrambled eggs with squash blossoms.

  9. The dogs look adorable with new haircuts. And dapper. Their scarves seem colour co-ordinated with the pillows. Très cool indeed:)

  10. I got a new job!

    Finally moving away from the hellacious sales. Still a call center, but a step in the better direction.


  11. I don’t generally like small dogs. But yours look quite lovable. I don’t generally enjoy cats but a beautiful black one decided to play with me today, so that’s a yay.

    I’m not all that happy as I’m trying to find ways to fix the disorganisation from the first 6 months of the year. I guess I’m happy that I’m trying, I could still be in the morass of January to March!

    Very relieved about the children in Thailand.

    In FIFA World Cup news since Belgium beat my Japan, the loss has to mean something, so I hope Belgium keep winning.

    Pleased as punch for Croatia beating Russia but worried they’re exhausted.

    Football/soccer is played every where here, even without balls. Children use plastic bottles, caps from bottles, rolled up plastic grocery bags, rags tied up, and more. It’s nice to watch every four years. Tho’ I do watch some local games. I prefer rugby.

  12. Happiness is knowing you’re still alive and kicking!

    Except that, still just happy for no particular reason. Peace inside, sort of. War is over.

  13. It’s black raspberry season, and the weather is cool enough to pick them, so I’ve got raspberries inside me!

    1. I miss wild black raspberries from my childhood in Pennsylvania. I don’t know how many people I’ve met over the years that have never heard of them. They make wonderful cobbler and jam. I’m envious of your raspberry bounty.

  14. Got my Shasta Daisies planted. That’s a start. Next maybe the Day Lillies. I’m so glad the heat is gone. That alone makes me happy.

  15. Cute and happy to be home with you. Kinda want a dog again after seeing those liquid brown eyes.

    Hope you are feeling better too.

    Happiness is all the progress I am making on the never ending office work. Still a kinda nurse for husband, giving out meds after knee surgery. Driving a lot. Everywhere. Happiness in the future will be when he can drive again.

    Happiness is a relaxing day – as grand-daughter said this morning, “I’m not going out of the house. And, I’m not getting dressed and I will be cozy on the couch all day.” It’s a summer pj day with some junk food and maybe some ice cream.

  16. Happy to veg after Fourth of July cooking flurry, aided by membership chair calling off my Friday afternoon volunteer stint because just too HOT in Balboa Park.

    Happy pre-cancerous lesions frozen off face and hand, happy to apply the healing Aquaphor.

    Happy my favorite author is home once more with rescued pups definitely Working It.

  17. I manage a big July 4th fundraiser in Oregon every year, and happiness is knowing that it is OVER, it raised a ton of money for a good cause, and I got to ride in a van with members of The Guess Who, who were all funny and scary-talented. Awesome! Bring on summer — I can enjoy it now!

  18. Dog pictures make me happy! (Yes, I know everyone thinks of me as a cat person, but I’m an equal opportunity cute lover. More dog pictures! More, I say.)

    I’m happy because I spent most of the day with my best friend, celebrating her birthday in a low-keyed way. We went to see Incredibles 2 (cute), I made us an easy summer dinner of shrimp, corn on the cob, and tomato and mozzarella bruscetta with fresh basil from my garden, and we watched old episodes of Are You Being Served Again on Britbox. Plus, I gave her some yummy edible gifts like bacon onion jam. I didn’t get nearly as much done with the day as I’d wanted to, but she’s the kind of person who always does things for others and is uncomfortable when people do things for her, and I managed to kind of sneak this past her, so it was worth it.

  19. Really glad you’re back home with the furbeasties to protect you. Mona looks ready to fight.

  20. Happiness was spending time at the river with two of my besties, watching our kids get bigger and bigger. And showing off my town, from the redwoods to the beach to the best dang ice cream around, to friends of my husbands in town from VA. And watching the two men reconnect, and our two girls become thick as thieves, and watching his 15yo son walk hand in hand with him downtown. We seem to becoming this little enclave of neurodiversity, and it makes me comfortable and happy.

  21. What a set of beautifully groomed animals! LOL! I had to mow yesterday (first break in the weather in more than a week), and between rounds of mowing, I brushed our dogs. Good god, what a lot of fur! I’ve been very tempted to take them to a groomer for a shave, but the nights are cold here, and the days haven’t been exactly warm, either.

    How does one measure dog fur? I guess it should be by weight, but I didn’t weigh it. I bet I had a half a bushel of dog hair by the end of Sunday. And the thing is, it’s been raining so much that we didn’t dare brush them, so Rex (the main fur bearer) has been shedding all over the driveway for the past two weeks. The driveway looks felted. Kind of attractive, but it didn’t survive a sunny day; the hair dried and then mostly blew away.

    1. My mom had a cousin who spun the hair of her dog into yarn and proceeded to knit the dog a sweater made of its own hair. Golden Retriever, anyone?

  22. I’m a day late, but I did have a happy weekend – my cousin got married, and then next day I went shopping for a bride’s maid dress for another cousin’s wedding. I’ve hit that stage of your twenties where everyone is getting married. And I’m feeling positive about the week ahead because I’ve got a plan to accomplish the stuff that’s been stressing me out.

  23. I’m happy I don’t have to make kid lunches this week.

    Next week I start working with the kids on how to make/pack their own lunches.


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