27 thoughts on “Cherry Saturday, July 28, 2018

  1. (-: Oh, gosh. I haven’t had a picnic all month yet! I guess tomorrow is the day. What would you put in your picnic basket?

    The most unusual thing I’ve ever seen is when a British friend put together a picnic basket for us. She combined tuna and canned corn, and stuffed it in a baguette. It was really yummy, though! Sweet pickles and tuna and corn is very nice, especially when the bread is protected from the juices with a slather of cream cheese on both sides.

    But my favorite is fried chicken, potato salad, cukes/tomato salad and chocolate cupcakes for dessert. Oh, and watermelon for later!

  2. I was sort of doing this last weekend at a storytelling festival. Or at least we brought sandwiches because there were very few food vendors (one had some kind of problem and didn’t show so it boiled down to one booth + hot dogs) and they were a drive away to the nearest grocery store.

    This weekend: state fair.

  3. Not picnic weather here: sharp showers, with heavy rain tomorrow. Which is a pity, since I fancy making a picnic and going exploring. Maybe next weekend.

  4. Well heck. I guess I’ll have to make myself a sandwich and eat it outside on the patio. This year is especially buggy and I hate bugs. They find me tasty, the little buggers.

    1. I have the same problem, Kate. Which got me eyeing screened gazebos–cheaper than a porch and can be placed anywhere. Seriously thinking of getting one and now thinking fab place for picnic, too:)

      1. I want a tree house. I have plenty of trees and I’m at the top of a steep hill, so I could have a treehouse with a walkway from my back yard. All I have to do is write eleventy million books so I have the money . . ..

        1. Sounds like a great project for an industrious Scout troop. They could build you a tree house for free as a learning experience. Imagine all the badges they could collect. It’s a win-win, you get your treehouse for only cost of materials and they learn team-building & construction skills. Add in an easy-bake oven and they could bake up cookies to sell in the house, too. Thinking the Scouts could do well with this idea…

  5. There’s a childrens book about picnics named “Who Called The Ants?” I must go see where the classroom copy is.

    I had a post- Lunar eclipse high that turned into such a crash that I needed a nap. Cloudless skies, so beautiful and the clouds only started moving in at about 10.30pm or so when I went out for my last look.

    I love the photos of the #BloodMoon over historical and/or holy sites. AFP photographer Aris Messinis has some great photos of Greek God statues and the Blood Moon.

      1. Yes. Teddy Bear’s Picnic song. Had the album. Still know it well. So funny & nice to hear someone else mention it:)

  6. We are in Colorado, and have been riding up in the mountains. So we’ve had picnics the last few days. But eating in a mountain meadow, surrounded by aspens is a wonderful way to lunch.

  7. Picnic sounds wonderful. Not today, because it’s very very windy, but I’ve always loved picnics and such things. A lot of my best childhood memories are of picnics, both summer and winter ones. I wish I got to picnic more. The two times I visited Brussels this year, Naia (my friend) and I picniced in various parks and with whatever deliciousness we could find in the grocery store. It was heaven.

    The temperature dropped from being around 37C (98.6 F) the last days to 22 C (71.6 F) today, adding some wind, thunder and short showers of rain. Sleeping has been a real hell for me with the heat, I can’t handle it and end up in the shower at 3am drowning myself in cold water… So very happy with this change. Keeping fingers crossed I’ll sleep better tonight.

    Hope all of you are having a wonderful Saturday (hopefully with picnic included), that you stay cool and away of bugs and sunburns with either ice cream or something cool and refreshing to drink.

  8. I want to say a not so fond farewell to the month of July because if my family did not have bad luck we would not have any luck at all. Along with the usual accidents of summer related injuries (sprained ankles and broken wrists) to grandchildren, this week my son who is a delivery truck driver had his backpack containing wallet, phone, keys and work binder stolen while he was on a delivery. Driver’s license he had on him for ID but the rat bastard thief managed to get whatever cash, social security card and credit cards and within 15 minutes wracked up $500 in charges before he could get a new phone and call the bank and credit card companies. May he rot in hell. The only good thing was that another truck driver found his binder with his DOT card and returned it to him. Pheww, that’s out of my system.

    Now back to picnics, gazebos, under a shaded tree looking for four leaf clovers, unfolding a table cloth or sitting on a beach towel and opening up that picnic basket to all the goodies. And a large container of iced tea. A book, a Frisbee, on the beach a volley ball, at the surf a surfboard, for the children a pail and shovel. In my younger days it was sun tan lotion now it’s sunscreen. Still good times.

  9. Too hot/humid here to do anything outside, so I’ll be picnicking indoors in the A/C. Actually, don’t feel much like eating, it’s so hot/humid, and I NEVER don’t want to eat! It’s just gone on forever — the heat/humidity, I mean — and looks to be continuing (after a two-day break) for the next two weeks or more. Ugh. Whine, whine, whine.

  10. I think we’ll have a picnic on our living room rug then. It’s supposed to be way too hot to sit outside and sizzle today. I love the Scout-built treehouse idea!!

  11. It’s too hot for me! It’s 102 with 20% humidity. For North L.A. County (Left coast) it’s too hot to go outside. Also, the fridge went out (TG for the garage fridge!) so we BBQd what defrosted yesterday.
    I’m not sure I’ve ever been on a proper picnic. I’ll have to work on that…

  12. It was cooler this morning so I biked. Then my husband and I went to an arts festival and that was lovely. I bought three tiny framed prints of paintings based on characters and scenes from the Narnia books. They “sparked joy” and the artist read very pleasant. He’s an author and illustrator.


  13. Closest I can come to a picnic this weekend:
    Korean barbecue from the food truck in Balboa Park. We ate on a bench.
    Leaving now to walk to the History Center block party — there will be food.

  14. My husband is participating in a city tree inventory today so no picnic. However, I will come close: hamburgers topped with slow cooked onions with sage, corn-on-the-cob with chive butter and home-made strawberry ice cream. That’s picnic fare.

    1. Yum, love the menu. I will do onions with sage, inspired combo. We slather mayonnaise on cob corn, chile powder and lime juice. Now I will try the chive butter.

  15. My favorite picnic memories growing up were the drives up to Minnesota to drop off or pick up my siblings from college. Nevada would come over the day before and make her world famous fried chicken. There was a state park about halfway up to Northfield where we would stop for a picnic lunch. Since my mother never deep fried anything, eating cold fried chicken at the base of a sandstone bluff was quite a treat.


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