This Is A Good Book Thursday, July 18, 2018

I’m still in Golden Age Mystery mode, more so since Amazon Prime put some of Christiana Brand’s books on sale for $1.99 for Prime Day.   I started with the third Inspector Cockerill novel, one I hadn’t read and was amazed all over again by her characterization.  Then I went back and got the first one and then the second, which is Green for Danger, one of the best mysteries I’ve ever read, about a military hospital during the Blitz.   One of the reasons it’s so superb is that Brand wrote it during the Blitz, next to the military hospital where her husband worked, typing in her hard hat. It’s considered by mystery experts to be a classic, but everything she wrote is marvelous.  I’ve got four more to go, and Amazon put some Catherine Aird on sale, too, so I’m good for the rest of the week.

What did you find to read this week?