Happiness is Summer with Friends

When I ended up in the hospital, I explained to my doctors that I had to go home and get my dogs and board them at the vet.  Just as they were prepared to taze me to keep me from leaving, Krissie drove down, collected the dogs (who adore her), schlepped them to the vet, and washed my dishes.  She also came to the hospital twice a day and made me laugh.   And when I got out four days later, we went to the diner and assessed the situation which, as far as I was concerned, came down to one thing: I am extremely lucky in my best friend and my daughter, who did everything while I was flat on my back getting holes punched in me.  Krissie’s coming down again at the end of July, preferably without another heart failure on my part, and we will laugh again because she is my best friend, and because laughing in the summer (or winter) with friends is the best recipe for joy I know.

How did you kick up your heels this week?