Cherry Saturday, July 14, 2018

Today is Pandemonium Day.  The word “pandemonium” is from Milton’s Paradise Lost and means “all the demons,” or possibly “the place all the demons hang out,” and he seemed to think it was bad.   Well, you know what a buzzkill Milton was (the poet, not the dog).  I like to think of it as Hell’s Elk’s Club.  

From there the word degenerated into a synonym for chaos, which isn’t nearly as interesting or probably as accurate since there isn’t a lot of evidence that demons aren’t as organized as human beings, who in turn aren’t as organized as ducks.  Organization is greatly overestimated in living things, is what I’m saying.  

So today, you get to be as disorganized as you want, in celebration of . . . I really have no idea.  Nobody really organized this holiday.

It’s also National Ice Cream Month.  Might want to go with that. Continue reading