Okay, Back to Work

I’m home, I’m stable (well, in context, I’m stable), and it’s now time to get back to work.   I’d meant to start back yesterday (it’s Monday!  Go To Work!) and I did e-mail with Krissie so we could start sharing progress stories daily, and then I went to sleep.  But TODAY . . . 

Okay, today I’m going out to a farm stand and buy tomatoes because I suddenly have a craving for frittata.  

And today, I’m going to clear out the last of the guest room and the bathroom so two rooms in this house are clean and bright.  

And today I’m going through all the notes on Nita’s first act that you all gave me and doing a rewrite, especially that at-what-point-is-she-too-dumb-to-live for not accepting the supernatural.

That’s a full day for me, invalid that I am.  Actually, I’m not an invalid, I feel better than I have in months.  But I’m still pacing myself.  

Then tonight I’ll e-mail Krissie and probably say, “My accomplishments today?  I bought tomatoes.”  Sigh.  

OTOH the dogs are chewing on rawhide bones and having a great time, so I think the whole tender-teeth thing is probably in the past.  Nothing but good times ahead.

Anybody else have plans for the week?