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  1. I’ve made a pretty big mess of my life, does that count?

    Those pies are amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like them.

      1. This is a plea. Please finish something soon and get it to press. I have read all of your books many, many times. I see the last book, Maybe This Time, was in 2010. I have at least two copies of each book, home and cabin and most of them on Kindle also. Just finished rereading Agnes and the Hitman, Anyone But You, and Maybe This Time. I found the book Fast Women while in England and on my arrival in the U.S. bought every book you had written at that time. Pretty please, with sugar on it.

        1. Believe me, I’m working on it.
          I just posted the first act of the next book (working on getting the second act into shape this week), so I swear I’m on it.
          And the people who’ve been here a couple of years can tell you I have good starts on three or four others. I just hit a rough patch there for awhile.
          Thank you for caring (g).

  2. Like the Home Show, the RV Show and the Boat Show my husband and I would go into the Culinary Art Show in Boston to see the out of this world creations and those pies are right up there. I can’t even imagine making roses out of pie crust. Patience and skill.
    Yesterday it was back to the garden center to get impatiens for a strawberry planter, but it was like going to the grocery store for one thing, it can’t be done.. My $2.oo plan ballooned to $30.00 what with clearance plants I hope to bring back to life and one centerpiece filled with geraniums, vinca, etc. for the table.

  3. My main goal today is to call and fight with the insurance company. Ugh. Wish me luck.

    Those pie crusts are amazing. I love baking (and eating) homemade pie, but mine have never looked like that.

    I’ve deleted Instagram off my phone for the summer, but I can still access it on my laptop (which only comes out every couple of days). A few years ago, I realized that summer didn’t feel special like it did when I was a kid. I knew there was no way I could get back completely to those long lazy summer days with nothing but playing and reading all day, but I wanted some way to mark off summer and make it feel special.

    I kind of arbitrarily decided that taking a temporary break from social media would help “slow time down.” And it works (I mean it’s not officially summer, but I count after Memorial Day as summer). I still take pictures of fun things and I might text them to close friends or family, but my brain slows down a lot and I just enjoy things. The other thing I do is only let myself have gin and tonics in the summer 😉 They’re my favorite mixed drink, but they really do only taste their best on a warm day.

    This year I went one step further and disabled Google and Chrome on my Android phone. Time will tell if this is a great idea or a terrible idea, but Maps, Gmail, Drive, etc. still work (for now), so it’s part of the “summer phone experiment” now.

    1. Done fighting with the insurance company. Ugh. I am now going to buy myself a ginormous ice cream cone as a treat. 😉

  4. Amazing pies! I’m always just relieved when mine are edible, forget about pretty.

    Meanwhile, I’ve been busy. I made a deal:
    Gin Jones’s SIX CLOVES UNDER, the first book in the Garlic Farm mysteries, in which a woman inherits her late aunt’s garlic farm in Massachusetts and must learn the business from the ground up while also solving a series of local murders, [sold] to Martin Biro, at Lyrical Underground, in a three-book deal, for publication in March 2020, by Rachel Brooks at BookEnds (world English).

    That was from yesterday’s Publisher’s Marketplace.

    And now I’ve got a lot of Wednesdays (and other days) to work to fulfill the contract. First book is written, submitted as a full manuscript, second book is outlined, and third book is a hazy premise.

  5. I made vegan tofu burgers for my daughter, and they were scrumptious. She called that night to say she ate one cold while preparing dinner and needs the recipe. Made me smile and puff out my chest.

      1. It’s Deepak Chopra’s recipe, from his book What Are You Hungry For, The Very Best Tofu Burgers. I haven’t tried to google it, not sure what the rules are for posting that much from his book. Anyone know?

        1. Technically recipes aren’t copyrighted. However, the cookbook is, meaning the photos, layout, fonts, extra text, etc. are under copyright protection. So, a person is allowed to type or write up an ingredients list with amounts and instructions on what to do with those ingredients and share that. However, a photocopy or picture of the recipe in the book shouldn’t be shared.

          Or at least that’s what I learned in Library school.

  6. I keep saying that I am going to do my own crochet coral reef (.org if you want to see what I’m talking about…), so I finally started that. So far I have one anemone done and some other things in progress.
    I also started working on the story that I’m going to be performing on Saturday. Why can’t I do that without an impending deadline being close? Sheesh.

  7. That is some stunning pie art. The open-top apple pie with the checkerboard of slices and the leaf edge? Would try that. It probably wouldn’t turn out like that the first dozen or so times, but … no downside to imperfect pie.

    I finished and published novella #12 this weekend and am now 4000 words into #13.
    Also have kept all my plants alive despite three days of baking temperatures. Also have gone over a quarter of the new choreography with the husband. More on that tonight. 🙂

  8. Sweet merciful lork, those pies~~~ @,@

    What I NEED to be making is appointments to observe speech language pathologists, but I’m having a heck of a time even getting the ones I call to respond. I guess I need to treat it like submissions to editors/agents, take rejections as proof that I’m working and send out even more requests…… =,=

    I did manage to finally make the second baby bootie match the first one, though, and I just have to finish up the hat to go with it and weave in the ends. 🙂

  9. I made a clean dining room table. For some reason, tackling this kept getting shoved further down the to-do list, but last night I looked at it and said, “it’s time.”

  10. All I want to do is make a damn appointment. I am trying to find a new mental health provider (old one retired, got complacent and got my meds from primary care doc past 2 years, meds decided to quit working after 15 years + life happens…) and I am soooo frustrated.

    First place: “We only intake new patients from 8-10 am Mon-Fri on a 1st come, 1st serve basis. No, we can’t just schedule an appointment. Please give us now your social security # and all of your information.” Um, no. Second place: “To schedule a new patient appointment, please press 1….rings and rings…we are on the other line or busy, please leave us a message and we’ll call you back right away.” Leave message. Send email. Wait 24 hours. Phone again…repeat. 3rd place: “No, we don’t accept insurance. It’s $175 for 1st patient appointment, and $110 for 20 min med appointments.” Bang head on desk, repeat.

    I might actually have something more fun to contribute to this weekly if I could get through the depression/anxiety/everything-I-touch-is-utter-crap blockage. I am putting the finishing touches/polish on a website I’ve been designing from the ground up (well, using Wix as a base, because html and I are on phrasebook only speaking terms). Most of the creative part was done before this block, thank god. I might be able to share that next week, if that’s sometime I can share here…?

    In the meantime, please send out prayers/vibes/demands or whatever comes to mind that the 2nd place calls me back. They’ve been recommended by two different friends. Thank you.

    And those pies look absolutely amazing.

    1. Of course you can post it here.
      And sending good vibes that the second place comes through for you.

      1. I went with my gal pal Tuesday and we both really enjoyed it. I had That Ain’t Right issues regarding 3D printing and zirconium/diamond substitution, but these were insufficient to diminish the high entertainment level. 🙂

  11. #WorkingWednesdayPix –
    I ate what I made, so I think that I managed to post a pic of some of the spices I used in the dish. Maybe. Insta is a bit fiddly for me, slightest tap and suddenly I’m looking at something else!

    And does anyone here know how to turn autoplay off on the videos?

    It’s when opening search and all the popular people show up. It’s odd.

    I finally know how muggle-borns feel when they go to Hogwarts and see all the paintings and frames moving.

    1. Don’t follow ‘opening search and all the popular people show up’. Haven’t come across autoplay on videos, either – but I’m looking at the site in Safari on my iPad rather than using the phone app. Sorry.

  12. I’m doing five hours a day on Thomas Cromwell, though I skived off today. I’ve decided to stop my weekly blog post of a photograph and write about garden ideas instead. It’s one of those ideas that feels really obvious when it finally occurs to me, and makes me feel happy, so I’m looking forward to it – though I need some free time to get going with it.

    Tried out an art class today which also looks promising. I don’t want to draw accurately; I want to feel confident in playing around with line and colour, to make pictures purely from my imagination. (I’ve got photography for engaging with the real world.)

    I’m also starting a short course of tai chi on Friday: I’m working on trying new things at the moment.

  13. My goal for tonight when I get off work is to sort out the next scene in my WIP. It’s a hard slog at the moment, but I’m getting closer to the end of this draft, and knowing that feels good.

      1. I didn’t know raccoons could climb so high. My fear of heights (acrophobia) kicked in just looking at the news story.

  14. Once again I baked for the upcoming herb and flower festival’s herbal bake sale. I made lemon thyme bars and mojito mint/lime bars Monday night. I have 3 days left to make anything more I feel up to. I want to make rose petal shortbread cookies but am waiting for my roses to open up so I can use the petals for color (and taste). They are almost there so I might be able to make them.

    I am also contemplating making pineapple sage banana bars. The only problem with those is that I usually use a cream cheese frosting on them and I’m not sure how long they would keep safe on a warm day. I could make them without it but it really makes the bars special.

    1. I never knew how to use my pineapple sage culinarily! It’s such a lovely plant; I wish I had some this year.

  15. I’m working on a Broken Riders novella and dealing with the news from my agent that she can’t sell any romance that isn’t spicy these days. I can’t believe that’s where we’re at with this business, but apparently so.

    And now I want pie.

    1. Well, I’m screwed.
      I not only don’t write it, I don’t read it. I’ve dated enough dicks in my life not to need to read about them.

        1. The rules apply to everybody. Except they’re not rules, they’re publishing ideas that will be proven wrong as soon as a sweet romance hits the NYT list. Then it’ll be “NOTHING SPICY SELLS!”

    2. I really wish people would just grow up and call them what they are: erotica. If you’re not grown up to walk into the erotica section of a book store (or Amazon) then you’re not grown up enough to read about sex. Also, the covers are usually hideous.

      1. There is a difference between spicy/hot romance and erotica.
        The purpose of romance of any kind is to tell the story of a relationship.
        The purpose of erotica is to arouse (and there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just a different focus).
        So the narratives are constructed differently.
        Put it this way, in romance the characters and the plot are more important than the sex.
        In erotica, the sex is more important than the characters and the plot.
        Both genres have all three, the emphasis is just different.

      2. (snigger) I’m not very grown-up. I used the word “erotica” today when I really meant “porn”. I didn’t completely trust my audience not to shun me.

    3. I ALWAYS want pie-especially if it has been baked by my sister, The Queen of All Pie. Hers don’t look as pretty as the ones in the pictures, but boy, do they taste good!

  16. I spent today helping my mother troubleshoot the electronics in her new apartment, which is about two blocks from my house. She jiggled the infant around to keep him happy long enough for me to eat lunch today, which was pretty exciting. We got about halfway through her list of issues, too, with her working the mouse and the remote while I nursed and gave direction.

    The most creative thing I got around to was taking some pictures of the newborn on my late father’s prized genuine Turkish rug Before the infant got around to spitting on it.

    He waited until he was back on the regular road to spit up,thank goodness.He does have a pretty good sense of timing for an infant!


    1. Regular RUG… Lots of typos here. I blame typing one-handed on my phone while nursing!–and thank God for nursing pillows and voice to text! 🙌

    2. What a sweet child! And I love the rug. I’ve got such a thing for patterned rugs like that . . . . Some museum was selling reproductions of famous rugs as mousepads (I think the company is Mouse Rug), and I got two; I wanted about 12, but I don’t even use a mouse these days, so I controlled myself. However, they are better as a textile than they are as a postcard, and I know I couldn’t afford a mini-rug that was made the traditional way.

  17. I LOVE the pies. I was not too creative this week, but I learned two new songs on my guitar (a Scottish strathspey, which is s sort of a dance [who knew?] and an Irish reel), and worked out the complicated chording for the strathspey. I think my ability to sight read music is getting better (it could hardly have gotten worse).

  18. Still a’working on the chain gang of proofreading the scanned copy -yes, long story – of a book Floral Association put out in 1998, columns Kate Sessions wrote for our magazine California Garden, 1909 to 1939. Gardener that I am, I find the material fascinating. Downside: I’m now proofing EVERYTHING I read. Not a happy state. You want Nita Dodd’s final proofed, I’m that person. I don’t wanna be doing it reading along current version, but my brain evidently doesn’t report to me on the issue. Figure you don’t want to know yet, so I’m keeping it to myself. That’s what I’m making, a flawless book and self-restraint. Thank you, thank you very much.

    1. I always want to know, but it’s a PITA to do a copy edit, so I don’t blame you for skippingit.

      1. Doesn’t need doing at this stage. So much fun to read! My brain needs to concentrate on All The Fun.

  19. This has been a very un-creative week for me, but those pies are inspiring! Also, so pleased to find that I am not the only one who can’t find the dining room table from under the piles of stuff. I need a table intervention….

  20. I posted my 500th Instagram post this week. I started in March 2017 at a time when everything felt a slog. Posting daily on Instagram totally changed my engagement with my environment. It keeps my head in the creativity game.

    Those pies are amazing.

    1. You know, that’s a good idea. If I can figure out how to post from my phone AND find something of interest to photograph every day . . .

      1. I found it kind of tricky to figure out how to post from my iPhone. I installed the Instragram app, somehow (can’t remember how) gave it permission to access my photos, and then it let me post from the phone. But it didn’t seem incredibly intuitive.

        1. I have managed to forget my instagram password, so it’ll be awhile until I get that straightened out.
          In the meantime, I have Uplet.

      2. Donna Andrews did a year of pictures challenge on facebook (this was before Instagram, I think). Mostly flowers, IIRC, but sometimes neighborhood pets and the like. She may still do it but moved to IG, but I haven’t followed her there for no particular reason.

  21. OMG those pies! Absolutely gorgeous. Have now subscribed to the account to revel in all the beauty. And here’s me still working on making a pie crust that is edible… ;-P

    In actual WorkingWednesday news, I’m working on handquilting my son’s forest animals quilt during his naps. I’m doing the background with a grey diagonal, and will outline the animals in appropriate colours once that is done.

  22. The Very Best Tofu Burgers from the Chopra Center. They are super delish, and I’m not even a vegetarian. I did use gluten free bread, toasted, to make the bread crumbs. And we made some burgers spicy by adding cayenne pepper. Here is the recipe:
    2-3 slices dried bread. 2 tblsp olive oil, 1 cup chopped leeks or onion, 1/2 tsp black pepper, 16 oz fresh, low-fat extra firm tofu, drained and crumbled, 1/4 cup mixed nuts and seeds (walnuts, almonds, sunflower or pumpkin seeds, or others) 1 cup grated carrots, one cup grated zucchini, one tsp each of these:dried basil, oregano, thyme, tarragon, minced or powdered garlic, one tablespoon Braggs liquid Aminos.
    Preheat oven 350. Place bread in food processor pulse into crumbs and set aside. One tblsp oil in pan, sauté onion add pepper. Remove from heat and cool. In processor add tofu, mixed nuts and seeds, zucchini, carrot, onion and pulse a few times. Add spices and Aminos. Pulse unti smooth. Mixture should be thick, yet firm. Don’t overcpulse. Scoop mixture out with 1/2 cup measure and form into balls. Flatten into burgers, coat with crumbs, heat 1 tblsp oil in pan and sauté patties until golden brown. Turn with care. Place on oiled sheet pan, bake 10-15 minutes until firm. Serve as entree or on a bun. Yum!

  23. I worked on my kid this week. Finally had the appointment with the developmental psychiatrist. 2.5 hours of discussing everything that’s gone wrong for my 8yo kid since conception, in front of said kid. It was grueling, and god, I hope it’s worth it. She’s sending her for an EKG and a possible MRIand blood work and if we can find a spare $5K a full neuropsych eval to see if we can finally get the autism diagnosis I think she deserves.
    Yeah, it’s been kind of a rough one, but if I can get my kid to feel more comfortable in her skin, it will be worth it.

      1. If your pediatrician writes a letter explaining why the neuropsych testing is medically necessary for reasons other than school your insurance might help cover it. For example my kid’s pediatrician explained he needed to know whether my kid needed ADD meds to drive safely.

        Good luck.


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