22 thoughts on “Cherry Saturday, June 30, 2018

        1. Yes: 16 ounces: one pound; 14 pounds: one stone (the table goes on up to a ton, but I can’t remember the rest).

  1. Haribo cola bottles, fizzy and plain, also their goldbears and fantasy mix, the most easily available are starmix, but I have to give away the yolks.

    I used to just buy penny sweets and later pick n’ mix but they changed the version of the sweets I liked.

  2. Smart move.

    We don’t use the word candy. Our categories here are sweets and chocolates. A Cadbury Dairy Milk is chocolate. A Lifesaver is a sweet.

    I love hard sweets over soft ones. I don’t like jelly beans and the like.

    I eat t much sweets and chocolate and am doing ok in giving it up.

  3. Thank you!

    Would cake count? It isn’t candy, but would be a sweet. I baked one last night, so it’s what I’m having.

    Happy Saturday all!

  4. I was planning to make peanut butter fudge in the coming week. Might have to do it today instead. (It’s the only fudge I can make that comes out right. Don’t like the marshmallow recipe versions, and the traditional versions never set properly for me.)

  5. I made a thick chocolate sauce this week which we had with fresh raspberries and whipping cream. I tell myself it was healthy (Fresh Raspberries!!!!) but really it is just an elaborate candy. But totally to die for.

  6. I had a BBQ with friends and we had fresh blueberries with homemade whipped cream. Not candy, but pretty yummy.

    Right now I’m having beer-flavored candy. Okay, I’m just having a beer.

    Jenny–how are you doing?

  7. Bob’s Sweet Stripes soft peppermint candies for me! Mostly because I’m out of gummy bears… 🍬

    Of course, I should skip it, because I’ve just been cleared to start exercising again post-partum and met with mytrainer and agreed to set a goal of no more than one sweet a day… And I’ve already had pastries, gelato, and wine. (It was a dry wine… But alcohol calories go in the “treats” column in my mind.) I really want to build back all the muscle I lost during pregnancy (yes, and fit into my regular clothes again, preferably before school starts again because right now I’m in the limbo of my maternity clothes being too big (stretched out!) and my regular clothes being mostly much too small…)

    ANYWAY. I am eating the peppermints. No one can stop me!

  8. It was Youngest Son’s birthday yesterday, so there were lollies. And cake. I had to test for quality control.

  9. Chocolate bars and wine at a Muse Retreat today. Yummy. Ate great meals and walked between writing.

  10. Russel Stover Sugar Free Chocolate Candies. I ate twenty miniatures tonight instead of dinner. 650 calories, 90 net carbs, no sodium at all. I considered it a fair trade.

  11. I have just polished off a rare treat; Allens Retro Party mix (small bag). It contains Teeth, Bananas, Milk bottles, Strawberries and cream, Cola Bottles, Racing Cars (meh), Honey Flavoured Bears, Lips, Pineapples and Raspberries. I feel a bit sick.

    Favourite sweeties – Marella jubes, Minties, Peaches and cream, Chicos, Kool fruits, Fantales, Jaffas, Red frogs, Musk sticks, Clinkers, Wine gums, Wizz Fizz, Pineapple lumps, Fruit tingles, Jersey caramels, Pascall fruit bonbons and Eclairs, Boiled sweets, Licorice allsorts, Redskins and Columbines.

    Favourite chocolate – Cherry ripe, Violet crumble, Golden rough, Freddo Frogs and Freckles, Picnic, Smarties, Toblerone, Chockito and the no longer made, sniff, Pollywaffle and Scorched Peanut bar.

    I have invested far too much time making these lists. I’m off to read ‘The Sugar Queen’ by Sarah Addison Allen.

  12. Apparently I do not eat “candy.” I eat CHOCOLATE. June was oddly low on the chocolate-consumption scale and I don’t know why. Will make a point of correcting that trend in July.

  13. I like peanut M & Ms, because peanuts are healthy. Just like raisinettes are healthy since they have fruit in them.
    I also like Three Musketeers.


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