Cherry Saturday, June 16, 2018

Today is World Juggling Day.

Or as any woman with a job and family would say, “Every day.”









16 thoughts on “Cherry Saturday, June 16, 2018

  1. Also Jill sent this:

    Cherries and Friends
    * Mainstream Fiction with a Central Romance
    Heidi Cullinan Shelter the Sea
    * Romance Novella
    May McGoldrick Sweet Home Highlands in ‘Christmas Kilts:A Highland Holiday Boxed Sets
    * FF&P PRISM:
    Light Paranormal
    Alyssa Day ‘Christmas in Atlantis’
    * Steampunk and Historical
    Anne Renwick ‘The Silver Skull’ and Novella A ‘Trace of Copper’
    Add this from Barb Ferrer:
    Darling Cherries—I have some great news. I just signed a contract with Tule Publishing for two connected romances. Some of you who were in the Cherry critique group back in the day actually read some very early drafts of it and now, all these years later, it’s finally sold! 

  2. In celebration of World Juggling Day, today I will not juggle anything. Instead, I plan to knit all day and let my husband keep any necessary balls in the air.

    1. That sounds fun. I may do this later, I am mostly taking the day off anyway. My plans until 6 p.m. have to involve leaving the house while the Lawn Guys come (they are incredibly agonizingly loud and here for an hour every Saturday morning), maybe go to some rummage sale, and I SHOULD be practicing (see bel0w).

      I actually know how to juggle, I learned with Koosh balls and scarves. I can’t do it for very long, but I got the general idea.

      I have a storytelling performance tonight about my old roommate’s cat that didn’t get spayed. Should be fun. I feel like I should practice a little more (I’ve changed the order of details around a bit) but part of me is rebelling, sigh.

  3. The only things I’m juggling today are my opponents in the fighting game I’m playing on the Playstation. In the corners. (Haven’t managed any juggles so far, but I still have 6.5 h left of today to try…)

    Hope all of you are having a wonderful weekend!

  4. Back in high school I kinda learned to juggle for a VBS skit. It hasn’t really stayed with me. XD

    This weekend I am juggling three overlapping petsitting jobs. (Luckily my sister can help so I don’t have to actually be in two places at the same time.) Plus studying, and hopefully doing something with all these lovely veggies I’ve got. @,@

  5. Tomorrow my husband is going on a six hour bike ride (did I mention he is in his 70’s – and also possibly insane) so this morning I made him a full breakfast. Then I made a peach pie. Then a shrimp salad for lunch. Next is a pork roast with potatoes and carrots. Then garden. Then ….. then…. Hummmmm. I wonder if I have makings for a martini around here someplace.

    1. I used to keep a bottle of gin in the refrigerator for days like that so I would always have martini makings around.

      1. I always have vermouth because I like to use it when sautéing mushrooms and adding to sauces. But if I kept a bottle of gin in the refrigerator, I would probably have to replace it on a weekly basis and I am the only one around here who drinks it.

  6. I’m leaving today for a week in San Diego (spending time with my parents, who are in their 80’s although they can still run circles around me–in my dad’s case, literally, since he plays tennis 5 mornings a week and I still have a bad knee, and my youngest sister, and my stepdaughter and her guy are coming in from San Jose for a couple of days) so yesterday was spent juggling packing and cleaning and sucking up to cats, and also going to see Ocean’s 8, which was a lot of fun.

    Hope everyone has a great week. I’m off to see the ocean!

  7. Yesterday (I’m a day late), we were juggling a cat, an “emergency” trip to our vet, and a road trip to an 8th grade graduation party for our niece that was 2 states over in IL.

    Our kitty is okay but hated the car ride and has an inch long cut on her belly that should heal fine – in a month. She’s long haired so her belly was partially shaved and she was given a shot of antibiotics. She doesn’t want to talk about it. Hubby went to the party without me so I could stay home with our injured kitty. She’s our daughter.

    Because I stayed home & Sophie slept most of the day, I got a lot done – dishes, laundry, vacuuming, and quilting. Hopefully, I’ll have something to show on Wednesday.


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