Working Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Today, I am working on my health by going to my GP for the first time in, uh, three or four years.  And then possibly finally getting some color in my bathroom.  I very practically made all the tile in there white because tile is difficult to change and I could add color other ways, but frankly it’s kind of meat-lockerish in there.  Then I thought about painting a border on the tile, but the whole room is a shower, so that’s not practical.  And then I had this BRILLIANT idea and bought tub stickies in bright colors and a lot of bright colored accessories and some yellow oilcloth and I am going to town on the meat locker today (slowly with much resting in between because still sick).  I also ordered some light blue grout dye, which I am slightly nervous about it but it won’t be here for awhile, so one thing at a time.

So what did you make this week?