No, We Were Not Hacked

A commenter took us down.

Someone who shall be nameless enabled comment notification (you get an e-mail every time there’s a comment) and then decided she didn’t want the e-mails and so marked them as spam over and over and over . . . 

Our web host shut us down because it thought we were a spam site.

That meant that Mollie had to deal with the web host, who was rightly protecting the net, while trying to get the commenter to stop marking e-mails as spam.  She lost a good chunk of her weekend because of this, and of course, we lost the blog for the better part of two days.  So comment notification has now been disabled.  

The only information of yours we store on here are your e-mails/ISPs so you can comment without waiting for approval, and of course, we don’t sell the e-mail list, so no worries about the shut-down on your end.  On our end, we’re still fuming and trying to make sure it never happens again.  Please, if you’re having a problem with e-mails from this site, which you shouldn’t have because we never send any, LET US KNOW.  Don’t mark them as spam unless you want Argh to go under again.


Serious Pleasure

Pleasure is a “feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment.”.

How did you enjoy satisfied happiness this week?

(Don’t google for “pleasure.”  You get a lot of pictures of a cute scooter and then “ribbed for her . . . .”  I kind of wanted the scooter, but the reviews were awful..)