Working Wednesday, May 9, 2018

I’ve been vegging, writing a lot but not getting anywhere except in my head.  Every week I come in here and say, “I’ll get the photos up, I’ll make progress on the house, I’ll finish the book,” and then I go back to bed.  The good news: Having to come up with something every Wednesday and failing is a good motivator.  The bad news: there really isn’t any bad news, I need this kick in the butt.  

What effect is this having on you?  I love seeing the pictures, hearing the progress, but is it making other people feel guilty (bad) or inspired?

And what did you do this week?


57 thoughts on “Working Wednesday, May 9, 2018

  1. Today is a very back and forth almost stereotypical suburban mom day. Go to school for very sweet muffins with mom event, go back for parent training, then go back again to take oldest to speech therapy. So the only thing I’ll be working is the gas and brake pedals.
    I’d save myself some time and hang out there all morning, but truthfully I need to squeeze a shower, nap, and lunch in there somewhere.

  2. I like working Wednesday. Instead of feeling put upon about the work I do, I can come here and brag about it – a hero, not a martyr.

    And this week I really need this. We have a LARGE traffic island kitty-corner to our house. When we moved here the city took care of it, watering it and mowing. But most of the trees had died off and people would race around it in their cars in the middle of the night and sometimes across it, which really messed the grass up. It was green is the best you could say about it.

    Then there was a budget crunch and the city turned off the water and stopped mowing. A neighbor started mowing the grass. We paid to have the water turned back on and bought landscape material and landscaped it. A kind person at the city surreptitiously had a load of bark and some topsoil “accidentally” delivered. Now we have a mini-park with flowering magnolias and shrubs and green grass. Kids play there everyday, bicyclist stop to relax on the grass, and an art class meets there in good weather. Mothers meet there with their toddlers to play.

    BUT. We are still taking care of it and it can be a lot of physical work, replacing what dies and keeping it weeding. The last week I have spend 2 to 4 hours daily weeding the flower beds so the load of bark we had delivered can go on them and keep the weeds down for another year. It has been a killer on my back but I am done (mostly) and my husband started spreading the bark.

    Now I can go back to cleaning up my own flower beds.

        1. Sometimes all you need is a different perspective when you’re in (or digging out) the weeds.

    1. You are literally an Ann Perkins. Good job, Ann! (LOL, I’ve been binge-watching Parks and Rec, so I mean this in the most enthusiastic and praising senses!)

  3. I need the motivation too. Allergy season struck, and I just want to sleep pretty much 24 hours a day because my head is all foggy. I’m not quilting every week (which is supposed to be my Working Wednesday pictures), but I claim the excuse of dealing with kittens and cranky momcat, who’s taking to scratching me aggressively, so now I wear a glove so at least she can’t reach the skin. I’m hoping this is a phase. I had another feral/desocialized-stray who went through a scratching phase before eventually coming to love having head rubs. But it’s stressful at the moment.

    Okay, so now I’ll go take some kitten pix to post so I’ve got SOMETHING to show for the day! I really do appreciate the motivation. And I’m also a big believer in fresh starts — Let go of past failures/laziness/whatever, and claim a fresh start. At least for me, it’s important to stop beating myself up for the past, and spend that energy on doing something productive.

  4. I like Working Wednesday, but I’m on holiday at the moment. Spent today exploring Milton Keynes, mainly the Open University campus, where the friend I’m staying with used to work.

    1. Jane, one of my favorite ways to relax is to go to realtor sites in Oswestry and look for properties for you where you could have a garden. Unfortunately I keep zeroing in on detached houses and bungalows because of the gardening possibilities which isn’t what you are looking for so it does you no good. I have lived in the same house for 34 years now so my garden is mature and the house is mostly maintenance issues instead of new and wonderful layouts so I am living vicariously through you.

      1. Bless you, Jessie. My budget is no more than £150,000, including any work that needs doing, so detached and bungalows are beyond my reach – plus I wouldn’t want to rattle round in somewhere much bigger than I need. But I do yearn for a bigger garden than most of the 2-bed terraces have. Let’s hope somewhere unexpected turns up once I’m back.

        1. I do need an English lesson. There were two terraced houses in Morda today (I know, I know, outside of your preferred area but I get carried away) that had nice gardening areas but they were posted very ominously “viewing advised”. And I have been ignoring ones with that posting.

          Does “viewing advised” mean “There are one or two glitches that are going to cost you thousands of pounds to fix but they don’t show up in the photos” or does it mean “This is such a good deal that it is going to go fast – so if you are interested, you need to get off your butt right now and call for a viewing because the photos do not do it justice.”

          Here if a place says “Starter home” or “Fixer upper”, it means the rest of your life is going to be devoted to making it inhabitable, particularly if you have no money to spend. Also if it is a “starter home”, it probably is only big enough for one or two people.

          1. ‘Viewing advised’ really doesn’t mean anything. I, too, thought it must mean either ‘we can’t do it justice in the photographs’ or ‘this is going to go fast’, but soon realized it’s just estate agent waffle.

            Houses that need a lot of work will have something like ‘in need of some modernization’ or ‘mature family home’.

  5. I panic sometimes because I don’t have something for Working Wednesday. The ebb and flow of my week varies, but all in all I like it. It motivates me. The Daily February posts were great for me, establishing good habits for my social media scheduling.

    I was working on clay today, and I need to step on it, before the leaves get too big. I have been procrastinating and already missed the teeny tiny ones. Sigh.

  6. Feel like an idjit, but what’s the hashtag for Working Wednesdays? I posted a lovely picture of my front yard last night (I’m @carolpres on IG) and will edit it to add the tag, since it’s been a major source of my work since the fall.

    1. Also, if you go to Instagram, look and see if there are dots under a photo. If there are, that means multiple photos on that post. So, if there are 3 dots, there are 3 pictures.

      For Diane’s cabinet post, there are 2 photos – a finished one and part way done one. It’s neat to see the difference some paint and hardware made!

  7. It’s me birthday and my beloveds know that I like phone calls so I received a lot of those. I make calls birthday cake too.

    I think I’m that hold out who wrote letters for birthdays weeks in advance to read by the date even though the telephone was easier.

    I had the birthday lunch with friends on Sunday already.

    Today I made my first real batch of garlic pickle. I need to get whole garlic goodness in my life, so a mild pickle it is. Photos soon. I’m off to check about the whole Instagram thing properly in a bit. I will be suitably incognito as usual. Today one of my grade 3s told me that one of the grade 6s is following a teacher on Instagram. Lort, save me.

    I don’t even like the children knowing my birthday because some want to buy trinkets or sweets and then the ones without money feel bad. Ugh. I did get a LOT more hugs than usual. I have 43 children in my grade 3 class and usually about a third hug me daily (best perk of the job). Today a lot more did.

    They also cut Bougaivillea blooms to give me so I put all in a vase on my desk.

      1. Oh, I was having the most wonderful fantasy of receiving a birthday call and the doorbell rings and there is birthday cake too.

    1. Oooh, I need to know more about the garlic pickle. I have a recipe, mostly just use it to preserve the garlic (and included it in the garlic farm manuscript that’s on submission), and I’ve never known anyone else to pickle garlic. Wondering if it’s the same one I have — basically just vinegar and salt (and maybe a pinch of sugar, can’t recall) and the whole cloves and refrigerate for a few weeks. And wondering what you’re planning to use it for. I’ve heard it used on crackers with cream cheese but haven’t tried it.

      1. I’m going to butt in. My pickle recipe is a 5:7 vinegar/water brine with about a teaspoon of salt per 500 ml/pint. I add green dill seeds, even when I’m just pickling garlic. This are great on the side of a sandwich plate, or any roast meat dinner. I water-process the pints for 10 minutes, and the quarts for 15.

        To be honest, though, I don’t tend to eat the just-garlic ones. It’s weird, but I feel like I’m committing to a lot of garlic-eating when I open a pint, and they’ll sit in my cupboard for a year or two until I throw them out. I enjoy them much better with pickling cucumbers.

    2. (-: Happy birthday!

      I love dill pickles, and my recipe always has me put in two cloves per quart/900 ml. However, pickled garlic is so yummy that I always put in more. Usually two or three large cloves per pint/450 ml. It makes the cucumbers taste great, too. The only time this doesn’t work is when I don’t process the pickles — then things can get a bit too harsh and garlicky. The heat mellows things out so well.

    3. Happy birthday!

      Also, you can make your instagram account private so that no one can see anything without your adding them 🙂

  8. I didn’t read yesterday’s post until today, and I have to say that “eating the terrain” amused me no end!

    My boss is gone, so I was supposed to help my sister Monday, Tuesday Wednesday, but her schedule changed, so I ended up going to work for a few hours Monday and today. (just look at that sentence – good thing I didn’t want to write for a living she said, too lazy to fix it)

    All pretense to work at home ceased when I got notification the second book in the Murderbot series was ready to download. Thanks again for whoever posted about the first one. And this covers me for Good Book Thursday too so apparently I am being very efficient!

  9. I also posted photos of the ugly bathroom vanity after painting and adding new knobs. It looks much better! #workingwednesdaypix

  10. I refuse guilt. It’s taken years, but I’m unashamed by my mess, my propensity for laziness, my ability to sit (and maybe crochet) and achieve very little.

    I cannot post a proper working pic this week as we’re ripping out the bathroom and I don’t want the girls (away at Uni) to know. If all goes to plan (and really? When does it ever) it will be all over and they’ll be surprised when they come home for mid year break.

    I did go to a handcrafted market last weekend. It was interesting but a little disappointing because someone else had already made everything. I want to make the things. I did buy a lovely artwork, she completes my loungeroom, so I’ll call her work!

  11. I feel guilty only about not getting around to Instagram…and also motivated to get there. Eventually.

    Otherwise I enjoy coming here and telling everyone about my exciting worklife (today: upgraded building controls software!!!).

  12. Over the weekend I planted the rest of the annuals I bought the week before. I haven’t got instagram working yet but when I do I will post a picture.

  13. Today I made a “match the teacher to their pet(s)” game to play at our end-of-year celebration meeting, which was lots of fun! We gave up on the idea of organizing a program and just played yard games, tried to identify each other’s animal friends, and chatted and ate. Best meeting of the year!

    I’m currently crossing my fingers that the toddler is REALLY asleep (it’s pretty quiet, so…) and trolling to motivate myself to do some of the massive load of work I need to get done before baby #2 arrives (due in 18 days, yikes! And #1 was 10 days early, so 8 days is more likely… DOUBLE YIKES).

  14. I am apparently making cold germs which is making my throat sore. Dammit.

    I’m planning on making new wardrobes (well buying flat pack and then putting together), but that’s still a plan, not an actual at the moment.

    I’m actually working on, well, work, at this point. After 4 months I’m finally transitioning to a new role. It’s more senior, for a different team than I’m in currently and in an area where I know nothing. So I’m half looking forward to it and half going “What have I done?”

    I’m enjoying the posts, I’m using them as the impetus for getting my wardrobes sorted (that and the fact that they were built in the 1950’s and really don’t suit what I need at all).

  15. I’m on Instagram (deborahblakeauthor) but I’m still figuring it out. And I’m handicapped by the fact that 95% of my photos are on my computer, and you can only post to Instagram by cell phone (which I rarely even turn on) and, thankfully, tablet, which I do sometimes take pictures with. So I’m way behind the curve here, but I can at least click people’s links and see that way.

    I’m working on the Oracle deck book, which isn’t as much pressure as writing a novel (although difficult in different ways) and waiting for my agent to get back to me with edit notes for my latest novel. So I’m planning to finally get some jewelry making done. The only complication there is…new kittens. My old cats didn’t much care. I could leave piles of supplies out for weeks on TV tables, and string beads for hours with no one paying any attention. Magic the Cat often sat on my lap, and would occasionally reach up and delicately close her mouth over the necklace I was currently stringing. I’d sigh and tell her that nobody wanted to wear a necklace covered with her saliva, and eventually she’d let go.

    But the Wild Bunch (Harry Dresden is 8 months old, and Koshka and his sister Ember are probably around 10 months) are clearly going to be a different story. They whiz around the place like deranged panthers on speed, get into everything, and chase anything that moves. This does not bode well for jewelry making. So I’m trying to figure out a new approach before I even attempt to get started. I’ve ordered a new bead board that comes with a storage case with a cover, so I can put away a work in progress safely, and a tackle box-like contraption to store the bags of beads I’m currently using so I don’t have to pack away every damned thing after every 2-3 hour session. (I usually do jewelry making in 1-2 week spurts, then put it all away again for the next 3-4 months so I can put most of my attention to writing.)

    If it goes well and all the beads don’t end up on the floor, maybe I’ll have pictures to post next time. In the meanwhile, I’m just trying to get the garden together after a late start, so all I have pictures of are the frogs in my garden pond. I can’t really take any credit for them.

    1. I can’t remember if you have a Mac. If you do, get Uplet; it lets you upload photos from your Mac laptop.

    2. My solution is to email the photograph from my iMac to myself, pick it up on my iPad and save it. It’s then in Photos on the iPad, and available when I’m posting on Instagram. (I looked at Uplet, but it costs money and I’m only posting occasionally.) This seemed a real faff to begin with, but it’s automatic now and only takes a couple of minutes. It means I can post my real photographs, all ready for Instagram – processed and cropped in Lightroom.

      If I do post any pix taken on my phone, I transfer them to the iPad (via Airdrop) and crop and tweak them in Snapseed before posting.

      1. Yikes! Anyway, I could email myself pictures on my tablet, but oy. That sounds like a pain. If I actually get any jewelry made, I’ll try to remember to take pictures on the tablet too. (An Android based model, not an iPad.)

        1. I have Google drive set up to automatically back up pictures from my (android) phone, and installing it on my Mac means the pictures are available there too automatically. I know iCloud gave me a lot of trouble (doesn’t play nice with non-Apple stuff) but Google drive is free and I find it easy. It’s also cloud-based so my pictures are also accessible from my work laptop through my internet browser if I need them!

          1. Similarly, I use Amazon Prime to back up my photos. Free for photos but a space limit on video.

    3. Jewelry making, I think we have the same temperament as far as attention span. This morning what I would really, really, really would like is a light with a magnifying glass for trying to attach split rings.

  16. I finished the draft of my self eval today!!!! Tomorrow I’ll review and tweak it. I hate that thing. Way too much to do every year (21 Paige’s) given the raise amount (1% – 3%). Still happy dancing that I got this far. It was due a month ago, but then IT dropped their bomb and all focus was on that.

    This past Sunday I got a quilt quilted. it’s for an auction at ALA’s annual conference. The funds that it raises will be used towards a scholarship. A bunch of librarians made the blocks, one librarian put them altogether, and then I quilted it. I still need to wrap the binding around to the back and sew it down. I made 2 of the blocks too, but a while ago.

    Working Wednesdays do not make me feel guilty. I do make sure that I do something though, ideally creative, so I have something to post. Most of my creative work is done on the weekends due to the day job taking up time during the week. I just save my posts until Wednesday.

  17. I planted out sage! And it’s a good thing I didn’t get too ambitious and do more; we had the temps drop below freezing last night. I’m worried about my geraniums and the basil that I had outside; didn’t have time to check this morning when I left the house.

    Sage should be fine, as well as the thyme and citrus. The weather forecasters in my area must be going nuts; none of their predictions are coming true, even in the short-term forecasts.

      1. Writing or plants: I have to learn to just do it, and if it doesn’t work out, be ready to replant. I hate seeing something die on the vine, though, so to speak.

        The basil seems fine; I’m not sure if the geraniums are frosted or sunburnt. Poor babies. The plants have so much to deal with this spring; it’s more unsettled than usual.

  18. I flew to the big smoke (that’d be Auckland) for a conference for the day, and it was excellent. Interesting and inspiring. It was on how we can build better communities through better decision making about our homes, towns, and cities.

    Lots of highlights, but one in particular was fresh thinking about how the narratives we tell ourselves (as a country) are often false or at least not the whole story, and that telling ourselves the same story all the time creates inertia in our decision making – so even though we want things to be different, we keep making choices that keep things the same. Lots of other factors at play too, but exciting stuff. I have pictures.

    1. That sounds excellent. America is so full of competing false narratives right now that we’re completely rudderless.


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