The Time to be Happy is Now

Why now?  Because now is the only time you’ve got right now.  Unless you have an actual tragedy pressing down on you in the next five minutes, unhappiness a lot of times is fear of the future.  Well, a lot of us have that–have you seen America lately?–but right now, in this moment, how are you doing?   If it’s pretty good or even just okay, wallow in it.   

Right now, in this moment, it’s a rainy Sunday, I have three dogs who are annoyed they can’t go out (they can, they just aren’t fans of unnecessary wetness), I have a book to write I really like, and there’s a pancake mix from Krissie and pecans in the kitchen.  I’m happy.

How’s by you?


41 thoughts on “The Time to be Happy is Now

  1. Right now, kittens are making me happy. I was able to pick up three of them today without freaking out the momcat. So incredibly soft, it’s beyond words to describe. Pix at Instagram, GinJonesMysteries, for anyone who missed it before.

    Also, asparagus season. Eating freshly picked asparagus while standing in the garden — again, no words for how good it is raw when it’s that fresh.

    For some future, anticipatory happy, the garlic is doing well, and I got some work done for my agent (love saying “my agent,” still new enough to feel fresh and happy), so she’ll be able to pitch my garlic farm manuscript soon!

      1. Yep, five. Momcat is sort of in the gray area where it’s hard to decide if she’s feral or just a really de-socialized stray. Or maybe I’m in denial (I’m determined that she’ll turn out to be a stray and can be socialized). So she appreciates the food and the warm, but not so much the being in a (large) cage and having people look at her.

        1. We had a similar story when we moved to the ranch. A mama cat had kittens in the barn and we had to trap her to get them. She would hiss and fuss when ever she saw us, but eventually allowed us to pick up the kittens. Long story short, we tamed the kittens (4) and found good homes for them. Our vet neuters/spays barn cats for free and knows how to handle wild/feral cats, so we were able to end her kitten bearing years. She was never “tame” enough to pick up, but ended up being a really loving cat who loved being petted (although was always ready to leave ). She died a natural death 15 years later. We think she was less than a year old when she came to us.

          1. That’s what I’m hoping for. I don’t need her to be a lap cat — I have three of those already — just not be afraid of me is my goal. And she’s young, like yours. Between a year and 18 months, I’d guess (but I forgot to ask the vet), so I’m hopeful that she’ll adjust.

    1. Oh, those kitten pics are SO adorable!. Thank goodness I don’t live next door 🙂

      Where I am in upstate NY, we’re about a month behind in the garden. I just saw the tip of my first asparagus spear breaking through the soil yesterday.

      1. Yeah, all my long-distance friends are saying they’re glad they don’t live near me. Trying not to take it personally!

  2. Snow is gone, some songbirds are here, the sun is shining. All is well. Some days it doesn’t take much.

  3. It’s a beautiful sunny day, and I’m watching toddler play in the sprinkler while husband plants flowers and veggies in the garden. If only I were sipping on a nice adult beverage instead of lumbering around extremely hugely and sweatily pregnant, things would be perfect… But as they are they’re pretty dang good!

    My mother and brother are currently en route with a moving van to establish her in an apartment about two blocks from our house, and the house is a total mess but nothing having the movers drop off an upright piano and a gas grill can’t complicate.

    I guess until I started doing this I didn’t realize how I’m really just hanging in the eye of the storm and ought to be enjoying it. Mindful happiness, here I come!!!!

  4. I’m making out my Mother’s Day gift/wish list. Number three son keeps threatening me with a jelly of the month gift jar. I am just kidding, other than that I’m looking out my window to a gloomy day but the moorings are out in the bay with boats soon to follow.

  5. Went for a lovely walk, and feeling 96% better from whatever cold thing I had. Reading “Stir” which is beautifully written and has recipes I want my sister to make and share with me!

  6. I’m on holiday with DH in the Dominican. Overcast today but we went for a long beach walk this am. No plans for the rest of the day, except for a cold drink or two and a swim.

  7. Just back from a sunny day in the garden at Powis – which is my substitute until I have a garden again. Looking at my balcony full of thriving plants – I spent yesterday sorting it out, so everything that died over the winter has gone, and my dahlia seedlings are there instead.

    I’m feeling more peaceful, and enjoying some new dreams of where I might end up living. The sun’s helping. And I had lunch with a couple of my mother’s friends on Friday, which was fun.

    Oh, and my solicitor’s only billed me for a quarter of the time she spent; she’s going to pass the rest on to the other two purchasers she’s acting for. And various friends and relations are happy for me to come and visit, so I’m off on holiday for a fortnight first thing on Tuesday.

  8. Lunch with friends that I hadn’t seen in a while. Laughed so hard that my face hurt.

  9. Spring has sprung. Brand new goslings in the park… Swam today. Both kids on their own in different cities and doing all right.

  10. Have had a productive yet relaxed weekend. The sun has been out at times and the temperature has been perfect.

    I had a nice conversation with my mom where she pulled a (very rare) MamaBear moment, which I found very cheering.

    So, everything is OK. I’m happy with that.

  11. Participated in Spring Heritage Rose Show yesterday, our group’s fragrant, beguiling heritage roses the usual hit. Spent the day gossiping and planning with rose buddies. Fun to have the group join in for the setting up and taking down.
    Late October the national group American Rose Society comes to town, and our local heritage group will show then too. So we both live in the moment and happily anticipate.

  12. I have the happies. I had a weekend getting my own stuff sorted which after 6 weekends of helping other get their stuff sorted, was very satisfying.

    I also worked on determining what my top life priorities are and what actions I need to be taking to make those priorities happen. It will be a long road, but I’m repeating to myself “It’s the journey that’s important” which isn’t helping as much as I’d like 😀

    Also, my mother is living with my brother up in Brisbane for the next four months which I’m very happy about. My bro moved there 20 years ago so Mum hasn’t spent that much time with him since then, he’s also got a 2 year old daughter, so Mum’s spending time with both of them, which is great. The really good part from my perspective is that for the first time in 20 years he’s responsible for Mothers Day (and doesn’t that sound really bad) but it will be good for him…

  13. I have five days off starting today, and am visiting my parents in sunny QLD. It’s ten whole degrees warmer than Canberra, and last night I got to sleep with two very happy cats. The dog was so excited to see me he went completely cracker. Life is good. 🙂

  14. I got to spend yesterday with my friend Ellen (our tradition is to watch all three big races together) and we made a start on the garden. Today it rained all day, but that was okay, because it watered the things we planted yesterday 🙂 (New onion and strawberry plants, for the curious.)

    By big/little happy moment today was when I lay down to take a nap in the afternoon and the three new cats (Harry Dresden, who is 8 months old, and Koshka and Ember, who are about 10 months old) lay down with me. Not abnormal, but then Angus, my 12 year old, came in, checked things out–circling around twice before making up his mind–and joined us all on the bed for the first time. He’s pals with Harry and tolerates the other two just fine, but if they’re all on the bed, he usually just goes in the other room. This time he lay down on top of me and purred like a maniac for 45 minutes. All the happy.

  15. My bronchitis is definitely on the mend — yay! I live in a time when there are things that will help said bronchitis move along — yay! (Bronchitis + seasonal allergies + reactive airways from all the coughing = no fun.) I live with the best sister and the best pups. My ex-husband paid me the money he owes me, and I got my half of our last joint tax refund, so some mild economic anxiety has been relieved.

    1. Oh, I hear you on the respiratory illness thing. Recovering from my last bout was an amazing feeling.

  16. It is beautiful here. Sun is shining and temps are in the upper 60s/lower 70s here in MN. My pup takes me on a daily walk. Now if I could only get my planters ready to put out front and add some color.

  17. I spent 5 hours in the garden and planted all the rest of the annuals I bought plus some seeds and seedlings we had started. I have some bulbs to plant next weekend but my garden is almost ready for summer.
    Saw the Royal Shakespeare company do Hamlet. I didn’t think the director made great choices but Paapa Essiedu who was Hamlet was just stunningly good. If you ever get a chance, see him.
    DS finishes junior year of college next weekend and we get him for 6 weeks before he heads to Switzerland for his summer internship.
    It’s still mango season. And I harvested the first sorrel.

  18. Sent my oldest off camping with her Girl Scout troop, which meant we played as a family of three this weekend. No major meltdowns from my youngest, which is always a relief. And I got hugs from some of the Brownies in her troop, so yea!

  19. Home situation is super heavy atm due to Fiancé being diagnosed with serious depression and burnout. (This is the reason why I’ve needed so many comfort books lately.) I’ve seen it building up for years and years and it’s only getting worse… Last days have been slightly less heavy. I’m happy about that.

    I e-mailed an ex-colleague of my Father’s Saturday evening and asked him if he would be in for starting a music project again. We’ve done some things together before and I thought it’d be fun to record something again, it’s been so long. Though we are of completely different musical tastes, we enjoy the challenges the other comes up with. He called yesterday evening and was very excited and encouraging. So maybe, maybe, MAYBE we will record something again soon. That makes me happy, too.

    And I asked my father if we could record a song I’ve wanted to record for years, and he immediately started looking for chords an started practicing it, so MAYBE that one will also see the light of day this century. Makes me happy as well.

  20. News music is always a good thing.

    My son’s First Communion was yesterday. The weather was so much better than predicted. We had blue skies and sun and what counts for warm weather in SE Wisconsin. My house is cleanish and we have leftover cake and ham. This all makes me happy.

    Also we’re getting towards the end of the handbell choir season. This makes me happy but guilty. I get Thursday nights back and can bail on Mass on Sundays once we’re done.

    And I think steak on the grill is happening this week, which will make me VERY happy.

  21. I’m happy that the main water line into the house decided to break when we were home. I can’t even imagine the mess if it happened while we were on vacation. I’m less happy that it happened at the end of the week, but at least they hooked up a temporary, non-potable solution for the weekend so we could use the toilets and wash our hands. And weekend rates would have been astronomical, so better the end of the week than over the weekend.

    Currently trying to think only very dry thoughts, as they just shut off the water “for a couple of hours” and I don’t really want to have to drive somewhere to use their facilities.

  22. Husband cleaned off the deck, had lunch with son and wife at newly renovated Havana restaurant and planted flowers in the big planter. Decided to plant white violas (I think that’s what they are) and placed them on the bench. I like it.

    Happy with the weekend and now it is Monday.

  23. Happy that I seem to be healing quite well post knee replacement. 6 weeks today and I’m getting around without the cane unless going out for a lengthy time. Son and his girlfriend and dog visited and brought me a hamburger and garlic fries for a late lunch. Devoured it in minutes. No dinner for me!

  24. We had beautiful weather over the weekend and I got much accomplished including quilting a quilt, which I’ll post pictures of on Wednesday.

    I’m also happy I’m mobile. I restarted couch to 5k for this summer and was pleased with how I did. Not at all like the first time I did it 2 summers ago. While, I don’t enjoy exercising and think endorphins only happen in extroverts, at least I’ve never felt one, I am really happy with the way it improves my daily life.

    1. I’ve felt the endorphins and they’re glorious.
      But I was running five miles a day. Probably not going to do that again. (It was thirty years ago. I was young.)

  25. “The time to be happy is now, the place to be happy is here, and the way to be happy is to make others so.” Ingersoll, I think.


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