Good For ABC

ABC just canceled Roseanne after Roseanne Barr tweeted some truly despicable things, and I expect the free speech and censorship accusations to start shortly.  So just to be clear, they didn’t quell her free speech, she can still say anything she wants.  And they didn’t censor her show’s content, they canceled it because the show’s figurehead had become too toxic to support.  They can do that.   The idea that anybody can say anything and if there’s any blowback it’s censorship is not only ridiculous, it’s not even logical.  You have the right to say anything you want.  And then you have the responsibility to accept the consequences.   The problem around here lately is that there hasn’t been much consequence to blatant racism and sexism since so much of it is coming from the White House.  But they just arrested Weinstein and Barr lost her platform and I’m starting to feel better about my country.

ABC has done some dumb things in the past (they canceled The Middleman, the idiots) but this one is a smart thing.  

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  1. Well, I still think the “dumb thing” they did was actually renewing the show knowing how problematic she was online and elsewhere anyway.

    What did they think was going to happen? She’d change? We’d change because of her? What exactly was it worth?

    They didn’t so much as fore her for being racist, they fired her because they couldn’t explain it away or keep it hidden without looking complicit.

    Now can we have the Blackish football episode?!

    1. The one thing that annoyed me about Black-ish is: They had the little girl, Diane, saying “Hello, Friend”. Which is what Cosby used to say after his son was killed.

      I just thought it was so inappropriate to have a girl, a child saying that. I get that you want to show support for Cosby (I was so hoping the allegations were not going to be true), but it should have been Dre saying that.

      And, OMG, Yara Shahidi is beyond gorgeous!

    2. So true! I’m glad the show got cancelled, but I feel for the many people who lost their jobs because Roseanne Barr is a racist nut.

      1. That should have been: *What was it worth?* So true!

        Yet another posting failure. 🙂

      2. I was wondering about people losing their jobs too. But I think most episodes are filmed ahead of time and they are paid at the time of production not when the episodes are shown (I am guessing here. Anybody who knows the facts feel free to correct me). What they probably lost is a chance to have the series renewed and steadier employment.

  2. ABC also cancelled “Pushing Daisies” and “Homefront”. So their stupidity goes way back. (BTW, I started watching “Pushing Daisies” after Jenny’s review/post of Olive singing maybe “Hopelessly Devoted To You”. I love Kristin C). I *still* miss Homefront.

    But I’m glad ABC cancelled Roseanne. Wonder what Jayden Rey thinks about her.

    And, I totally support free speech…. but if I say what I’d like to at work…. I’d be fired PDQ. Any action has a consequence, good or bad.

    1. My guess is that it was less a matter of them wising up and a more a matter of them finding an excuse to do what they’d wanted to all along, but couldn’t.

    2. I read somewhere that the boss at ABC is an African American woman – that if a white guy was still in charge, it would have been glossed over until they couldn’t gloss anymore.

      I also read that reruns of the show (old and new) and being yanked by other stations.

      But I never watched this on the original run and my thought was “ugh” when I heard they were renewing it.

      Oh, and Ambien has a tweet or something out stating that racism is NOT a side effect of Ambien.

      1. LOL. Good for Ambien. I think she blamed Memorial Day, too.

        In ABC’s defense, two white guys who were in power over Dungey supported her completely, including Sherwood who’s head of ABC/Disney TV and Iger, the CEO at Disney which owns ABC. Granted, ABC is such a small part of Disney that I doubt Iger’s worried much, but that was a big show for ABC. Good on them.

        ETA: Here’s the Twitter feed from Ambien:

      2. There’s portion of one of Craig Ferguson’s stand up specials where he’s referencing Mel Gibson excusing himself for his anti-Semitic rant because he was drunk. Ferguson says something like, when I was drinking there are many times I’d be so drunk I was (barely able to walk), but I never opened my mouth and had the Third Reich march out of it.

  3. I just saw a clip of Jimmy Kimmel saying what I was thinking that they should rename the show ‘Dan’ and everyone would keep their jobs. I’m sure the principle characters have contracts but everyone else is on unemployment. I find her too exhausting.

    1. I saw a tweet this morning that took it one step further: a pic of Christopher Plummer, with the logo of Roseanne. (I had to look it up to see why it was funny; Christopher Plummer, the dad from the Sound of Music, was the guy who replaced Kevin Spacey when Spacey’s scandal broke.)

      1. There have been a lot Sandy Duncan tweets because she took over from Valerie Harper on her show, but Plummer is a lot more apt because of the scandal context. (Grammarly wanted me to put “apter” instead of “more apt.” And now it’s flagging apter. It’s like auto-correct on weed.)

        1. Stupid robots, sucking the flavor out of everything. “Apter” may follow The Rule, but it sounds so silly. Truncated, even.

          I am very happy to hear that Sandy Duncan is still alive! But I’m a little afraid to look her up and find out what happened to her. At least it sounds like she wasn’t involved in some grimy scandal.

  4. Totally agree with cancelling this show. I was excitied to see it start but highly disappointed that it was a “platform” for the Tweeter.

    Congrats ABC

  5. Similar rows about free speech here in the UK following the jailing of a prominent racist for contempt of court. I urge anyone who is interested to read The Secret Barrister blog which gives the full legal background.

  6. My favorite comment so far about the freedom of speech thing is a tweet from Matt Hernandez: ” Freedom of speech isn’t freedom from repercussions. That’s why everyone who works retail doesn’t tell you to go fuck yourself.”

    Truer words, and all that.

  7. Also: could we please stop trying to make Samantha Bee’s comment about Ivanka (she shouldn’t have apologized) equivalent to Rosanne’s tirade? Not the same, sorry.

    1. No, it’s not, but it was a brutally dumb thing to say, and it torpedoed the important thing she was saying.

      I don’t know who she thought her audience was, but she missed on that one, and she should have apologized for using a sexist slur when it was unnecessary to her message. It was just incredibly dumb communication from somebody whose job is communicating. No, she should not lose her show, but she should be smarter with her platform.

      And Roseanne should have lost everything for being a racist.


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