Doing Happiness

I wouldn’t go so far as to say happiness is action-based, but I do think that what you do with your body has a huge impact on how you feel in your mind.  I love stopping to cherish a moment, but making something also floods me with joy.  As much as I complain about writing, when I finally get it right, it fills me with happiness, the same joy I get drawing, or watching crochet produce beautiful fabric, or even finally getting a room in this house cleaned out.  There’s a lot to be said about the happiness of accomplishment, and it’s even happier if the process is joyful, too.

How did you make happiness this week?

28 thoughts on “Doing Happiness

  1. I got sick again yesterday. And lost a day to migraine-like headache and stomach cramps. Figured out what was causing it. So now I know not to eat food at work.

    Today, I marked (graded) a lot of tests and captured a LOT of marks. About 4 columns left to do.

    All this, helped me to FINALLY push on the research. I’m really reading and re-writing. And it might also involve a simple fix of a title change. I’m resolved to working. It feels so good.

    I had to go in to work because I’d left the aforementioned tests behind on Friday. The best feeling I had was walking into my class an knowing that it was significantly de-hoarded and organised enough for me to use it efficiently and be efficient in it. I didn’t feel that sense of doom of something that I need to do and is urgent and necessary. It was done, and from here I can ease my way into clearing out more.

    In my case, acting IS happiness.

  2. I bought fresh art supplies and kept working on a couple of projects. I also took some long bike rides, and I’ve got a four day weekend, so the extra time off was relaxing and a happiness contributor.

  3. I went to the California Academy of Sciences yesterday (finally!), so that was delightful. I got to attempt to photograph blue morpho butterflies, my favorite, and went through the rainforest little biodome and their fancy aquarium. Good times.

  4. I am going to see Solo tomorrow, with mixed feelings, but it is something festive to do, which makes me happy.

    Also, today I was prepping to add some lilies of the valley to a piece that I am working on and looked up their meaning. Return of/to happiness, luck and humility. It seems fitting.

  5. The friend I was staying with in Oxford drove us over to Hidcote and Kiftsgate gardens for a swift tour, which was fun. Then I explored Hergest Croft Garden near Hay-on-Wye (wonderful rhododendron dell and azalea garden) on my own.

    My holiday was filled with sunshine and good company. And I’m taking an extra week now I’m home to try and restore my energy and refocus my plans for the future.

    1. If I ever get back to England, Rachel is going to take me to the Poison Garden. She sent me a ton of literature on it and I put it in a book that’s still a WIP. She promised she’d take me about a thousand years ago, but I’m going to hold her to it. Assuming I ever get back to England.

  6. I finally sat in my office for several hours straight. I had not been able to do that since my knee surgery two months ago. I got a lot done, plus I hooked up a new printer without calling the kids for help. Yay me!
    Today, I went to see the movie Book Club, unfortunately did not find it funny, as I had hoped, but rather quite sad and extremely boring. Has anyone else seen it?

    1. I rarely go to the movies but this is one I was thinking of seeing when it comes to the library (or Netflix). But with your rousing endorsement, I’ll definitely pass!

  7. Today I put two friends on the shuttle back to the airport. Sad, but so happy they came to visit me. That hasn’t happened in the the last 20 years (I blame the ex-dh). I hope many more people come to visit.

    But then I had a nap and went to another friend’s party and that was lovely too. I am gaining lots of happys from being with friends these days. And once the big D is final and the kids are all back at college I’m thinking that I’ll have room for more and more people to visit. I don’t think much of people in general, but I LOVE MY people.

    If anyone needs a restful and laughter filled vaca they should come stay with me.

    It’s the family you make…

  8. I went to my great local museum and saw some good special exhibitions, visited my favorite painting, and got some postcards and note cards that were marked down in the shop. I like sending real mail.

    I also bought a beautiful silk scarf at a thrift store. I didn’t have a large square scarf so now I can pretend I am going to put all my scarf-tying YouTube video watching to good use.

    My hold on Snowdrift, the Heyer short story collection, came through yesterday and I am half done. There are red wine and chocolate chip cookies to accompany the book tonight!

  9. I went for a walk on the canal towpath. Tomorrow we have a block party. That’s probably it.

  10. I finally found out that my Irish great-great-grandfather had fought in the Civil War. (Okay, so he’d also survived the Great Famine and helped build the Transcontinental Railroad. But he NEVER talked about being a soldier.) So yesterday I went to Gettysburg and honored him and his comrades at their only memorial.

    I’m very content.

    1. My library gives us paper receipts for returning books/dvds etc. and I never look at them because I can always find out online. Until one day I actually read the receipt and noticed that the library has a subscription to So if I ever feel ambitious enough I know where to go for information. I just know things from the family grapevine, Irish famine on one side, Scottish resettling (America, Australia and Nova Scotia) on another, German farmers in the mid 19th century Midwest and so on.

      1. My husband got me a DNA test and membership at ancestry for Christmas.

        We both use it to run down distant family connections. And it gives you access to censuses for 1940 and earlier. Although do not expect to find much on the 1890 census because all but 6 thousand records burned.

        I am having more fun tracing family of cousins and nieces and nephews then my own (my aunts and great-aunts wanted to join the DAR so they did most of the work 50 years ago on my Mom’s side). And my husband whose family knew a lot about their background found all kinds of interesting stuff that he did not know.

        It is almost addictive.

  11. Did all the things: purged and rearranged bathroom and bedroom, watered and weeded the garden, laundry done and put away, planning session with the neighbors on rewriting city preservation policy. We will eat well: deviled eggs, smoked turkey, my heirloom potato salad.
    At the Library patio book sale, found a garden club cookbook. Only eight years old, but the recipes seem dated, which is nice in a way because ethnography. I’m acquainted with some of the contributors, which is a happiness. A few are gone now, so moments of memory.
    Celebrated with a botanical building dinner the 150th anniversary of Balboa Park. Surprise to me was the people drawn by the restaurant food or social media. Silly folks. It’s all about the HISTORY.

  12. Met a group of African-American women in the elevator of my cousin’s apartment building, who were headed for a book club meeting. I asked what the book of the day was — which I now can’t remember — and couldn’t resist telling them that Stacey Abrams, the new Dem candidate for governor in Georgia, has written romantic suspense under the name Selena Montgomery. Prize-winning books, too. What are the odds that one of her books will shortly feature as their book of the month?

  13. I got all the lawn mowed yesterday — even the deep-ish weeds and last year’s overgrowth. So that means I’ve got a lot of the garden mulched, now, too! Such a good feeling to have it done, and as I get older, I don’t feel terrible on the first day after a lot of exercise. (-: I’m a little worried about tomorrow, but I’m going to try to do some stretches tonight, and schedule a trip to the hot springs tomorrow after work. Happy! I’ll be even happier in the fall when the plants are at full growth!

  14. I got the full draft of my MBA project finished and out for review. It’s due at the end of the week and I’m more relieved than happy, but I’ll sure be happy once I hand it in!

  15. This week? Went on a very nice picnic with some friends with kids, kids roughly falling in age from 9 years to 9 months. It’s six adults and six kids, most of the kids under six years old, so getting together in someone’s house is usually pure pandemonium.

    This time there was lots of room to run and play in a pretty setting, hot sunshiny weather, good food, and wine. Lots of wine.

  16. I’m happy that today’s a holiday and I don’t have to go in to work. It has also been gorgeous weather all weekend long with lots of sunshine ☀️!

    We’ve pretty much decided on the flooring we’ll buy. I’m happy and eager for that project to happen. Sadly, it likely won’t be installed until July, so expect more on that topic then.

    I started a new exercise program. Three days in. I’m feeling good about that too and don’t hurt too much. 😀

  17. This week we did the annual birthday dinner for my sister-in-law. I did high tech for most of it: sous vide for the leg of lamb and Instant Pot for the risotto. The lamb was in a mustard/garlic/rosemary marinade and it was a morel risotto with asparagus. My husband made strawberry rhubarb pie. The tossed green salad was simple and I bought a bunch of pates and olives for appetizers, so that was easy. Everything turned out perfectly. Everyone had a good time. And I don’t have to do it again for another year.

  18. Went to a family cook-out at my Pop’s house. My Mom passed away in September, and he’s really struggling. (We all are). The were together over 30 years. None of the 5 of us are his bio-kids, (he’s our step-daddy, emphasis on *daddy*) but we all show up there every weekend, every other weekend to try and do what we can to help him. Grandchildren showed up and brought great-grands. It was a much better weekend than I thought it would be, because of this. My family makes me happy. Even the ones I don’t particularly care for. Love is a verb, not just a noun. 🙂

  19. I finally finished the last changes on my current manuscript, and tomorrow I’ll send it off to the editor. Not sure they’ll buy it – if not, I’ll publish it on my own with Amazon – but it sure gives me a sense of accomplishment.

  20. I finished making a 9-foot gallery ledge, a project I started a couple years ago. I also made the decision to hire someone to install it. That will keep our dining room wall from being un-made.

  21. I went to a wedding in upstate NY and got to spend time in the lovely Hudson Valley. Weddings are especially lovely when you’re sure that the bride and groom are well-suited.

  22. Sorry I’m late to the party. My happiness was giving myself a 3-day news and Internet fast over the long weekend. It was lovely. Back to reality now.


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