Good For ABC

ABC just canceled Roseanne after Roseanne Barr tweeted some truly despicable things, and I expect the free speech and censorship accusations to start shortly.  So just to be clear, they didn’t quell her free speech, she can still say anything she wants.  And they didn’t censor her show’s content, they canceled it because the show’s figurehead had become too toxic to support.  They can do that.   The idea that anybody can say anything and if there’s any blowback it’s censorship is not only ridiculous, it’s not even logical.  You have the right to say anything you want.  And then you have the responsibility to accept the consequences.   The problem around here lately is that there hasn’t been much consequence to blatant racism and sexism since so much of it is coming from the White House.  But they just arrested Weinstein and Barr lost her platform and I’m starting to feel better about my country.

ABC has done some dumb things in the past (they canceled The Middleman, the idiots) but this one is a smart thing.