The Breakfast Slog

Bob Mayer used to make me walk the terrain of whatever novel we were writing (translation: go walk around the setting), and as much as I bitched about it, he was right, it really helps.  So this morning I walked the terrain of Nita’s breakfast scene.

Yes, the same damn scene I’ve been trying to fix for months.   It’s too long, it goes nowhere, it’s infodumpy (which I now have a new horror of after watching Justice League) and it’s annoying the hell out of me.  But I need it there because it’s the first sober interaction between Nita and Nick, and it has to establish the foundation of the relationship.  I have accepted that I have a vulnerability problem with Nick ( he’s dead, so he’s invulnerable) and I have realized that I need a much bigger end to the scene and fixed that,, but it’s still all over the place.

So since it takes place at breakfast in a diner, I went to breakfast at my diner and ate the terrain.   Continue reading