This Is A Good Poem, May 1, 2018

She burned her candle at both ends and won the Pulitzer for poetry, but what Edna St. Vincent Millay to me was one of the first female writers I read who truly did not give a fruck.  She was anti-war when that was unpopular, then supported the war against Hitler when that was unpopular.  She was bi-sexual when society demanded that you pick a side and that side better be hetero.  She was headstrong and hedonistic,  “a frivolous young woman, with a brand-new pair of dancing slippers and a mouth like a valentine,” according to one critic who proposed to her (she turned him down).  She had a damn good time, and she wrote damn good poetry: Continue reading

Grammarly: I’m Just Not Sure

Krissie is the last stages of copy editing her book and wanted to know if I knew of a way to get a word frequency list in Word.  (I don’t.)  One of the things I tried was this new app called Grammarly which is being advertised all over the place. Essentially, you download it into your computer, and it lurks in the background, leaping out at you with red lines whenever you type something wrong anywhere.  I tried it on a Word doc, thought “Hell, Word does all of this already” and deleted the app.  Except it didn’t delete.  

I’m sure if I went back in, I could figure out how to get it out of my laptop, but I’m starting to rely on it because it’s not just for Word.  Turns out, it also checks the posts I write in WordPress and, even more helpful, any comment I write in any comment box anywhere.  Given how remarkably easy it is to screw up a comment, that’s a real plus.  Plus the fixes for a mistake are easy and elegant.   Continue reading