Cherry Saturday, April 21, 2018

Today is National Tea Day (in US and UK and possibly other places, but not International Tea Day because that’s December 15, no, I don’t why there are two Tea Days, drink up)..  My favorite is peppermint, but I am open to many others because tea is just a good thing (okay, not the fruit-flavored ones) and also with tea you often get cookies.  Even better, you get teapots, which I adore which is why I have so many.  Basically, tea is just a good thing that deserves its own day.  Let’s celebrate.  Bring cookies.    (The teapot above is a one-cup from Appletree Design.  I did not buy it.  I did buy the Sugar High Social cookie jar, though:

Full disclosure: After I wrote this post, I went to look for the one-cup on Amazon and bought it there.  Because you can never have too many teapots.  Also, the cookie jar is on Amazon, but I did not pay that price because I had already bought it on markdown at Zulily.  I’m not good with money, but I’m not insane.


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  1. I LOVE tea. For me, every day is a national and international and interstellar and intergalactic tea day. I can enjoy most teas, except yellow tea, which tastes like hay, and smoked tea, which tastes like old boats, hawsers and tar. Ugh. No lapsang souchong may enter this house!

    Another one of my secret dreams is to make my own teas. Not just herbal teas but adding tastes to black and green and rooibos and white teas as well. And to give them names that will make people curious enough to try them.

    Teapots. Wonderful things. But my cobalt-blue teapot has been missing since sometime last year and I just can’t find it. I’ve understood that cabolt-blue isn’t just any blue but really blue blue, so HOW in the world can a 2 pints very blue teapot just go missing? I have turned the entire apartment upside down thrice already and still I’m teapotless. It’s a mystery unsolved.

    I bet I’d find it again if I would buy a new one. Maybe that’s the solution…

    Happy tea day, everybody! <3

    1. Goodwill is a great place to buy teapots. People get them as presents or they drink teabag teas and don’t want to find space for teapots anymore and give them to Goodwill. My favorite teapot is a Japanese one I bought at Goodwill. My Minton one is beautiful but I only used it when I had a tea for friends (hats were required) and served several kinds of little sandwiches and cakes and a good sherry. It was very popular but a lot of work so I only did it once.

      1. I hadn’t thought of Goodwill and there a couple of them within 10 miles . It is worth a shot. This morning we went on errands, Lowe’s for blinds, when did they change to cordless? And then bought some pansies for the back deck it’s sheltered. But back to teapots we also went to Bed and Bath and couldn’t find a tea pot just kettles. Came home and searched online and still could not find at any I liked, yes, I’m going to spend x amount of dollars on a tea pot – nope. I’m down to my last Corelle tea pot. I sure do miss the Corning Outlet stores. I’m really not much for any fancy teas and keep tea bags in a zip lock bag in my pocket book just in case we go any anywhere where is difficult to order tea – just bring me a cup of hot water please.

  2. I love Darjeeling and Chai, but I also like my tea weak, no strong brown stuff for me. No lapsang souchong in this house either, it always reminds me of washing my son’s clothes after he’d returned from scout camp many years ago. Love the teapot Jenny.

  3. Every day is tea day. I have an entire cupboard devoted to tea. I bought a large collection of organic loose tea on line and I’m slowly drinking my way through deciding which are worth buying again. I’m dangerous in book stores, tea shops and garden stores.

    One of the saddest things about growing old was realizing I could only drink caffeinated tea in the mornings.

    1. Also chocolate as dessert after dinner But it is occasionally worth staying awake until 3 am to have French chocolate cake or chocolate pot de creme with whipped cream for dessert.

  4. I wish I liked tea, and adult beverages in general, better. I can’t stand the taste of coffee no matter how much cream and sugar and foam-acchino you put in (still tastes like dirty socks and bitter and ashes! Why do people like ashy burnt food?) so that kind of alienates me every morning of life with humans because I can’t stand it. Then some people are all “do you like tea?” and the true answer is “Yes, but only certain flavors” (no green tea, no black tea, no peppermint tea, no usual teas you have offered unless we’re at a fancy tea shop, it better be fruity tea) “and I NEED TO HAVE A LOT OF HONEY and if you don’t have it there is no point in my drinking it.” (Again, cream doesn’t do anything and the water in tea tastes really off without a lot of doctoring with honey.) And most of the time they stare blankly at me and are all “honey? what’s that?” I have a friend with the same situation so we have to go to fancy tea shops for that. Ain’t even a point in going to a Peet’s and theirs all suck anyway.

    I’m never going to go to England anyway, but if I ever did it would probably be even worse than not drinking coffee in America. I asked an Englishwoman about honey there and she said “bring your own,” so….yeah.

    Between those things and not liking beer, I suck at Adult.

    In other news, I am going to two shows today, getting my hair done and MEETING MOM’S BOYFRIEND AFTER TEN MONTHS, FINALLY!!!

    1. If you’re ever in The Netherlands for some reason, come have tea at my place. I have fruity teas (both flavoured black/green/rooibos/white and just pure dried fruit, ecological stuff) AND honey. Always honey. My paternal granddad was a beekeeper until a stroke took that away from him 7 years ago. Can’t live without honey. Honey + tea = perfection!

      Sounds like you’ll have a great day – enjoy, with or without tea!

  5. I made a cup of tea this morning, green tea with lots of milk, and sat on the couch to enjoy it. When my phone rang, a fairly ordinary occurrence, I startled to the extent that I kicked the tea mug off the coffee table and across the room. So I just spent some time scrubbing the floor and the walls. I don’t think of myself as particularly high strung, and I hadn’t had a chance to drink any of it so it wasn’t the caffeine, so I’m not sure what that was all about.

    But happy National Tea Day!

  6. I love tea. I grew up on Ceylon tea. When bags started replacing loose leaf, we had to look for places that would sell it. Manufacturers and stores have since realised that people like loose leaf, so they sell more of it. I add milk, and nowadays without sugar.

    While travelling in France I enjoyed the Darjeeling from (I think) Comptoir Richard. And in India I loved the roadside chai, the breakfast chai, the Assam, the Darjeeling, and English breakfast.

    I’ve never gotten into Earl Grey even though I adore Jean-Luc Picard. I like some green tea and Jasmine green tea.

    I don’t like ginger tea, I’d rather bash up fresh ginger with a rolling pin and then put it on stove to boil for 10 to 30min (depending on taste preference), add honey and drink.

    Yesterday I had tea with scones, jam and fresh cream. Mmm.

    1. That sounds like a really cumbersome way to make ginger tea. I just cut slices off root ginger and pour boiling water over them. It’s naturally sweet. My favourite tea. (I’ve managed to survive sixty years in Britain without drinking tea tea.)

      1. That’s the way I do it, too. I do have some different ginger teas at home as well (for when I am lazy/don’t have fresh ginger at home), but no dried stuff can ever beat the root ginger slices with boiling water. Adding some fresh lemon to it can be nice, too. And you can drink it cold as well. 🙂

      2. I like it killer strong for colds and flus. The heat must exit my ears like flames shown when a cartoon character eats a hot pepper!

  7. I’m not a huge tea drinker but I love teapots. Fortunately, it is harder to justify buying teapots when you don’t drink tea. Otherwise I would have an enormous collection.

    It is probably blasphemy, but I like to add a teaspoon of instant cider mix as a sweetener.

    I have to find the link but my favorite thing I read was a blog post about a guy that ends up armour plating his cat’s automatic feeder to prevent the cat from snacking.

  8. For many years I couldn’t drink coffee (mitral valve prolapse–it made me too blippy, still can only have one cup in the morning…but I mix it with good hot chocolate and poof! mocha) and I had a HUGE collection of tea. Bags, loose, and of course, multiple tea pots. (I manage an artists’ coop shop, so I have three lovely handmade pottery ones).

    The one and only time I have been in Salem (for the NEC RWA writer’s conference where Lani was GOH, actually, years ago) I walked around town to see all the shops full of fun witchy things. And then spent all my money in this fabulous little tea shop with insanely good flavored teas. Go figure.

  9. Love almost all teas, ADORE teapots as a THING to collect. Years of forgetting all the things means that most of my teas need to be tossed and (yay) replaced, but have to keep acquisition of more teapots on the shelf for now. Le sigh. Happy National Tea Day!

  10. I can’t drink coffee anymore. Too many years away from it, I’m afraid. But I’ve turned to tea recently.

    Love Numi’s chocolate pu-erh tea. It’s not sweet, and no sweeteners added, thank goodness. I usually add some honeybush, red and green roiboos and extra plain pu-erh. Better than coffee.

    Love matcha. Ceylon, and green tea with toasted brown rice. The jasmine green tea pearls are good, too.

    No sugar. No milk. Not ever.

    I have one yellow tea pot. And now an electric tea kettle to pour the water in at the ‘right’ temperature.

    I know how to live on the edge.

  11. I love tea. Iced tea with no sugar (because even though I’m from the South, the amount of sugar some places use is horrendous). I love peppermint tea, ginger tea, and Earl Grey; but I’m not fond of the fruit teas.

    We went to a tea room for my daughter-in-law’s baby shower, and it was perfect.

    My mom gave me this wonderful glass teapot, but we’ve moved and I have no idea where it is. I should unpack more stuff.

  12. Le Sigh. I love teapots and my daughter collects them. Tea is good too. I keep thinking I’ll do high tea here at the house. With cucumber sandwiches. I’m just waiting for my last child to go off to college. Teapots. So fun.

    1. I’ve done this. It’s a lot of fun. I use the very thin bread at supermarkets and do cucumber sandwiches and smoked salmon sandwiches. The idea was tea tasting so I made several teas in different pots which also let me use more teas and more pots…
      My nest is empty so I had time and also baked cookies and had strawberries and clotted cream too. You could simplify this by skipping baking…

  13. I have an elegant royal blue teapot with gilt detail that I inherited. It makes a lot of tea so I don’t use it often.
    I’m staying with my sister who doesn’t have a teapot so I’ve been making lots of tea in a
    2-cup Pyrex measuring cup. I had an oolong blend this morning.

  14. I love tea. I have a collection of different teas for different moods. It’s always been a family thing, too – there was a running joke that you put the kettle on if you wanted my mum or grandmother to turn up or phone. Every cup of tea I drink is a memory of my mum.

  15. I’m a fan of fruit tea. And peppermint. And ginger. And peppermint and ginger.

    I gave up black tea a couple of years ago because I’d got addicted to it, so I’ve been exploring non-caffeinated teas ever since. Rooibos is ok but I like fruit tea more.

    Really, it’s impressive the range of flavours you can drink by pouring hot water on leaves or berries.

  16. I’ve been a tea drinker since I was very young. I prefer black teas (my fave is Fortnum & Mason’s Royal Blend), and some fruit teas (but not fruit mixed with black tea), ginger anything, and peppermint tea. Also, I love a spicy chai. You can keep the Earl Grey and lapsang souchong.

    Oh, and I always drink my black tea with milk. Not half and half or cream, you savages!

    And I drink it all day long. My last cup is generally at bedtime.

    The only thing I really collect is teapots, though I prefer that that be useful as well as pretty.

  17. My favourites are earl grey, and Melbourne Breakfast (a T2 black tea with vanilla). Both are good to drink without milk, which works well for me.

    This afternoon I bought myself a tea infuser (good for mugs of loose leaf tea) while in Boston, and had a good giggle at the tea paraphernalia in the Boston gift shops 🙂

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  19. I love the one-cup at the top of this post – so cute. Unfortunately, I don’t drink tea. I’m allergic to it. I know, it sounds strange, but here it is. I might be able to drink some herbal tea, but I don’t know which could cause my allergy to spike, so I don’t even try. I only drink coffee. No allergy. It is the only drink that doesn’t cause me any allergic reaction. But no milk, no chocolate, none of the carbonated beverages. And alas, coffee pots don’t come in such cute incarnations.

  20. Peppermint, ginger tea, chamomile, Irish breakfast, and plain red roses with cream, 2 teaspoons of sugar because that’s always how I drank tea with my dad when I woke up early one morning when my parents were having breakfast together. Best memory of my mom and dad and me. If I’m feeling blue I have a cup of red roses and a slice of toast.

  21. I like ordinary tea, english breakfast, pg, tetley, but my friend is a connoisseur, The Fortnum and Mason tea selection is her idea of heaven. (Fortnum & Mason are the posh royal grocer in London, very popular for their hampers )

  22. I like Irish Breakfast best. Earl Grey and Chamomile the least.

    Hot, black tea needs milk and sugar for me. Cold black tea is drunk straight. I have no idea why.

    I’m not a big teapot fan, mainly because I never get spouts that pour decently. I really don’t like dribbling tea everywhere when I try to pour.

    And a dinosaur silicon tea strainer is what the ugly link below is.

  23. Tea, white and one. I take my coffee the same way but coffee is not as reliable as tea. Coffee can be bitter and sludge like. Tea is more reliable. The everyday black kind of tea. English breakfast, Irish breakfast and Australian afternoon tea all all acceptable. I love Sleepytime, especially at bedtime but it is perfect on a cold gloomy day when you need a bit of comfort. Green, peppermint and chamomile are nice and all have their place but are not my default choice.

    Iced tea is lovely on a hot day and a Devonshire tea is the perfect justification to eat jam, cream and scones.

    Having tea from a pot makes it feel more of an occasion and is more environmentally friendly than tea bags. Tea bags are easier when I’m feeling slack and can’t be bothered to get the teapot out and wash it up afterwards.

    While I like smelling fruit and perfumed teas I have strong opinions about drinking them. Enda Kenny has summed up my feeling perfectly about my mother’s favourite tea. See the lyrics and video link below.

    Earl Grey Tea

    Is it perfume? Is it tea?
    Whatever it is it does nothing for me
    Should I drink it? Or dab it on?
    Can I swap it for a coffee or has all the water gone
    It is hot it is wet.
    It is eau de toilette
    Is it from the House of Lipton or Chanel?
    I only want a cup of tea not this stuff you’ve given me
    If you think I’m going to drink it go to

    Help me
    Someone call a doctor, call a nurse!
    Call an ambulance I’m poisoned
    And I think it’s getting worse
    I only wanted a cup of tea
    But I fear that my last mouthful will be the death of me

    It is hot it is wet
    It is eau de toilette
    To my mind it is more toilette than eau
    If you want to spoil your day
    Add the oil of Earl Grey
    I’m reliably informed it’s bergamot….
    What a mouthful
    Is it perfume? Is it wee?
    Whatever it’s supposed to be it doesn’t taste like tea
    Should I drink it or dab it on?
    Can I swap it for a coffee or has all the water gone?

    It is hot it is wet
    It is eau de toilette
    Is it Twinings? Is it Tetley? Let me see
    Go ahead make my day
    But please don’t make me drink Earl Grey
    All I want is a proper cup of tea

    1. Krissie LOATHES Earl Grey. Mostly I want peppermint but I’ll drink anything that’s not fruity.

      And yes on drinking it from a pot not a bag in a cup. (A couple of bags in a pot, I’m okay with. Or a Tea Forte bag in a cup because those little leaves are just so pretty.) I’ve even changed from water in bottles to water in a carafe because I’d rather pour.

  24. While I was searching for the Enda Kenny song I found a few others which you might enjoy. Tea, the panacea for the ages and, apparently, the inspiration for many, many, many songs.

    Paul McCartney – English Tea

    The McGetigans – Tea

    Judie Tzuke – Cup Of Tea Song

    Yorkshire Tea – The Tea Song

    Flo and Joan – Have a Cup of Tea (A 2017 Song)

    Doc Brown – My Proper Tea

    Tea Podu Video – Anjala

    11 Acorn Lane – Time for Tea

    Yorkshire Tea – Blessed are the Teamakers

    Elemental – Cup Of Brown Joy

    Jack Buchanan – Everything Stops for Tea

    Binnie Hale – A Nice Cup of Tea

    Róisín O – Tea Song

    The Kinks – Afternoon Tea

    Worzel Gummidge: A Cup O’ Tea An’ A Slice O’ Cake Song

    Ross Hardy – The Tea Song

    Gilbert O’Sullivan – Where Would We Be (Without Tea)

    Kristina Palattao – Tea Song

    The Delphiniums Blue – Tea Song

    Nirvana – Pennyroyal Tea

    There are loads more odes to tea on YouTube, and many more that reference it including oodles about the Boston Tea Party but all of this has made me thirsty. I’m off to make a cuppa.


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