This is a Good Book Thursday: What’s On Your Bookshelf?

I’ve been tossing books.  I know that seems like anathema, but I have way too many (and I left 95% of them behind when I left Ohio), thanks to my eyes I don’t read paper easily anymore, and I’d rather use the shelves for yarn.   (My iPad, however, is packed with titles.)  Still, there are books I will not throw out even though they’re falling apart.  My Pratchetts.  My ancient copies of The Uninvited and Green as Spring.  (Must read The Uninvited again to see if it holds up.)  Good Omens.  And of course a boatload of books on devils and demons and Hell, all scribbled over so now no library sale will want them.  Those will go at the end.  

Where was I?

Oh, right.  What books are permanent on your shelves, even if you’re switching to an e-library?

This is a Good Book Thursday, April 19, 2018

I read Skinny Dip again since I’d recommended it.  Still love it.  My Heyer binge is over along with my Rex Stout binge, so I haven’t been obsessively reading.  I think I’m going to skip the Comey book; I read the Fire and Fury book and that was enough, especially since the ongoing story is hard to top: Michael Cohen’s mystery client is Sean Hannity?  Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha.  Sorry.  (Not sorry.  Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha.)  I do have several new books I got because of Bookbub including Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued About because I loved the sample and Fluent Forever: How to Learn Any Language Fast and Never Forget It because it’s time I got the basics in something besides English (my Spanish needs a lot of help and my French and Italian are pretty much non-existant).  Also The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Composting.   I have plans, Big Plans.

So what are you reading?




This Is A Good Book Thursday: Can We Find Happiness?

My current rant is for book blurbs that end in questions: Can he save the woman he loves?  (No, she dies in the end.)  Will she learn to love again? (No, she becomes embittered and vindictive and a house falls on her.)  Is it possible for her to face her problems? (No, she’ll give up and go home to the town she swore she’d never return to and open a bakery-restaurant-B&B where she will become bitter and vindictive because there was a reason she swore she’d never go back, and she’ll die in the end.)   It strikes me there’s a reason there’s no blurb that asks, “Will Gregor Samsa find happiness as a cockroach?”  and also why I’m not asking “Can Argh People find good books to read?” Of course he can’t, and of course we can.  What did you read this week?