Working Wednesday, March 28, 2018

I’m working on shawls, but because I want them to be mindless so I can think, I get to the borders and stop.  Borders take some concentration.  This is why I currently have six shawls that are done except for their borders.  The one I’m working on now is still in the repeat-the-same-row stage, and I’m loving it because it’s a great, simple pattern (ch multiple of 15 plus 10, break the yarn; ch 10, then repeat [5dc, skip 10ch/ch10] and break the yarn at the end of the row, repeat until you run out of yarn).  And since the yarn I’m using is a crazy-colored cotton with lurex, I’m having a blast with it.  It should take me through all the movies I want to watch this week (I’m studying super hero movies–Wonder Woman, Thor Ragnarok, Guardians, maybe Dr. Strange–because I want to), I should be able to work through the whole 800 yards just fine.  

So what did you make this week?  

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  1. I just finished my manuscript after many months of toil and trouble. Problem is I will probably not even sell it because after I talked about it with my editor, they got a new CEO who decided that they will no longer publish present day novels, just historicals. So I’ll have to look out for other options – wish me luck!

    On the other hand, I got back to my sewing machine and made some stuff. Wanna have a look?

    1. Awesome sweatshirt. The cats look like any one of them could apply for a job posting as a guest cat on Read a Good Book Thursday.

    1. Editing is definitely work. I’m editing the 5,000 photographs I’ve accumulated in my ‘All downloads to sort’ folder, and wondering why I’m feeling tired.

      1. I feel your pain. One of my many many current projects is going through my mom’s and grandma’s photos…. starting from around (not kidding) 1886. Cause grandma saved her forebears’ photos too.

  2. I’m intermittently working on crocheting 100+ flowers together into some kind of wall decoration and then making a few sweaters of my own design. I got a huge stash of rainbow DK yarn that I am going to try to turn into some kind of long vest or dress or something.

  3. I finished the new website for my work. Such a relief to have it launched. Of course, there are hiccups, but that’s to be expected. And now I can return to my regular hours and stop all the unpaid overtime. I’d post a link to it, but I’m feeling super fed up with work and don’t want to even think about it anymore.

  4. I took a picture of four huskies and made a parody hip hop album cover using Photoshop.
    Next on the docket are some sets of animated gifs from a couple of videos.

  5. I am cleaning up the mess I made stripping the closet of old painted wallpaper. I now have all three layers off. The room smells better and a couple of dozen cracks are exposed. Oh the joys of an old house. There is almost no wallpaper left in the house. Other than one built-in wooden seat in the family room that had water leaking into it for at least 50 years, most of the weird smells have been eradicated.

  6. I finished a revamp of my author website just over a week ago. It had been hanging over my head for months, so it was a thrill to cross it off my list! Now I’m onto dealing with the editing letter for my novella, waiting for the one for my novel, and working on discovery and first draft for a third story.

    Yesterday, I did a critique for a friend of her cozy mystery story. It was nerve-wracking because we’re friends IRL but I had no idea how the critique would land (unlike the crew that studied together under Jenny – we speak the same critique ‘language’). She was very appreciative and asked follow-up questions (we were on Skype), and wasn’t the least bit defensive. So I think it went well!

    1. I frequently critique stuff in the non-writing world (well, writing, but non-fiction, for social media and correspodence), and I tend to forget that the writer isn’t from the professional writing world, and isn’t used to getting feedback. Sometimes I freak them out. I’ve been trying to be better about offering a caveat about not taking it personally and including something positive. It’s just that I’m so used to working with other writers that it’s hard to remember others aren’t used to critiques.

      1. I found that the two most helpful things are What Must Be Kept and What Needs Work. Starting off with all the good stuff that the writer has to keep isn’t just flattery, it will keep her from inadvertently deleting the good stuff as she fixes the weak stuff. Then say, “This part needs work” instead of “This part is bad” because “needs work” means it can be saved. I think as long as you keep it within her idea of what she can do, you’re good.

        Then I remind them that I’m not God and that I’m often wrong. Because that’s true.

        1. Absolutely – I always start with what needs to be kept. And there was a lot of good stuff! My what-needs-work comments mostly took the form of ‘I got confused when…’ and ‘I didn’t understand…’

          Gin, I’ve been in the same boat, critiquing work by non-writers (usually engineers, scientists, sometimes CEO types), and am by nature very to-the-point about such things, so I’ve had to learn to dial it back. I was going over some pages for a co-worker once, a super-smart mathematician and all-around good guy, and I started the conversation with, “OK, we can work with this.” He was genuinely excited because that was such high praise from me. So, yeah, I’ve needed to work on my critique delivery skills :-).

  7. I’m still gestating (7 months down!) and my Baby Size App says he’s 16″ long and somehow also the size of asparagus (????). Maybe I’ve never gotten fully-grown asparagus before but that seems pretty extreme!

    Toddler and I made a Kandinsky circle imitation at the children’s museum this morning, but it’s lost to fate because I forgot to retrieve it from the drying rack until we were already back at the car, and I wasn’t that attached. So no pics of that!

    During naptime I’ll need to start on the grading I’ve been putting off all week, which will hardly be photogenic, but I’m planning to use the 20/10 method from UnF*ck Your Habitat and maybe I’ll get something creative squeezed in during the breaks–I’m hoping to assemble the Easter baskets and do some decluttering too. Because I am a chronically over-planning maniac.

    1. Right there with ya on the chronically over-planning. And it makes me nuts because I like having things done SO MUCH MORE than I like reiterating a process to accommodate life events that interfere with doing the fun creative stuff.

      Right now I’m still making space both physically and mentally – decluttering, shredding, redoing meal & financial planning, rewriting a book from scratch that got so much bigger on the inside when I wasn’t looking. Oh and yesterday I made enough dinner for a few days, so there’s that too.

  8. I never sew clothes for myself, but I’ve had the urge to do so recently (and the sweatshirt has me really inspired, although I need to make stuff for professional events).

    So my project this past week was to look at patterns. I’m thinking about something like this (the single-layered version and with a scoop neck and short/long sleeves) in some fabulous fabric:

    It’s for a day-long meeting (more of a working session on a project) I’ll be going to in New Orleans in April, which will be biz casual. But I don’t have any summer clothes (it’ll be 80 degrees there then, compared to 60 degrees where I live), other than boring old polo shirts, and I thought this event will call for something fancier than that, but not an actual business suit.

    So, something bright and cheerful and summery.

    Research counts as working, right?

  9. I am working on home improvement and gardening, as usual. This week was a “we must start to fix this” meeting with DH about his mess of a home office, which precipitated a trip to Ikea … maybe we can now start making progress. We moved in almost six months ago and he hasn’t done much since December. He got it to a point where he could manage his business (i.e. machinery hooked up and a couple square feet of work space), and then stopped.

    Nagging = work.

  10. I cleaned, not enough, but it has been building since November. My house looks slightly less hurricane struck.

    And I hung my small show on Monday. Happy dance.

    The rest of this week I have been prepping earrings for the Spring Market season. That’s what I hash tagged for today. I like the black and white photos, they are cards from an old Time Magazine card game. My only issue is that photos of men outnumber photos of women by a lot in the deck. So the men are going to wear earrings too. (feminist grumbling).

    1. Very nice. I have to admit, the binding-tacking-down part of quiltmaking is not my favorite. I can’t imagine doing it in a car, slowly or otherwise.

      1. Truthfully, the mom to be sent me a photo of her color scheme and told me to go bright. She’s an interior designer so I tried to be true to what she asked for, knowing she’d appreciate but not entirely like the quilt if I deviated too much from what she wanted.

  11. I finished my last square on my patchwork quilt, finally, I started it in 2015, so just need to sew up the whole thing and crochet the border left.

    Now have time to finish off Milly the Sheep, then take a look at my other UFOs.

    Trying not to be distracted by shiny new things (people on this blog have so many ideas)

    This is the year to do one thing at a time, then I might actually complete something

  12. So fun hearing about everyone’s projects! I’m excited about my next project, I’m making prayer flags for a friend’s housewarming. She is worried about nasty neighbor that hates dogs and complains to the City for random inspections. (Other guests are bringing smudge pots and sage to dispel negative neighbor energy). I ordered blank prayer flags and fabric paint from Amazon because I don’t want to step inside Hobby Lobby. Right now I’m sketching out designs for the flags. I think I am more successful with free-form sketching — the dog I sketched from on-line “how to draw” ended up looking more like a squirrel; my freeform sketch is not professional but it looks like a dog. My prayer flags will include flowers, chickens, dogs, and hearts.

  13. I’m writing. Sort of. Trying to write anyway. It isn’t going as well as usual, but that seems to be my new usual. Sigh. And waiting for revision notes from my agent on my previous revisions. Which, apparently, ditto.

  14. I worked on the nightstands I posted on Instagram and also made a little headway on a few little chores that have needed doing for a while so that felt like progress. I’m with Kate, I’ll take progress.

    Once the nightstands are done, the next big thing is the bed itself and that’s going to be a bear. I might have to wait until August when Tall Boy goes fishing with his buddies. He’s a really bad sleeper so sleeping in one of the spare rooms will be tough on him.

    1. I want to watch it again before I post on it, but yep.
      Same with Wonder Woman. I have issues with Wonder Woman, great leap forward for women and girls that it is.

      Probably Monday?

  15. Studying superhero movies sounds fun. If you want to see some international superhero stories, you might like:

    My Love From Another Star

    Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

  16. I went to a craft retreat over the weekend–I made graduation cards for my son and some of his classmates/friends, did some revisions on my WIP for my critique group meeting on Monday, and ate more yummy food than I should have when I’m trying to lose weight. All in all, a good and creative time!

  17. Still obsessed with doing baby blankets. I finished two in two and a half weeks, which is a record. Also put them away rigat away (also a record) so didn’t take a picture. Started a new one, so perhaps a picture of that one for two weeks from now. If I can make instagram work, of course.

  18. I’m working on my social life – I went on a coffee date with a guy and it did not suck, despite the part where I started it out by confidently calling him the wrong name.

  19. Between last week and this week I made a centerpiece of faux succulent plants. The only one I recognize is a cactus, but there all different colors of green so I added a pop of another color, strands of lavender. Then stopped fiddling with it.

  20. Working away (besides photos, above) at my daughter’s FORTIETH BIRTHDAY QUILT.

    Determined to finish it for her birthday. She will be 43 on May 10.

  21. I made a pizza base using only self raising flour and greek yoghurt. I’d only recently heard that this was a thing. I had some greek yoghurt to finish up as well as random things in jars.

    It was … ok. I’d definitely do it again if I didn’t have a pizza base to hand but I’d prefer Lebanese bread instead.


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