The Happiness of Power

Krissie and I had a blog called ReFab for a very long time, and now it’s time to shut it down.  We did that once before, and people missed Happiness Sundays, which was basically just a chance to share the good stuff that had happened once a week, so Happiness Sundays are now on Argh.  If nobody’s  interested, they will quietly go away.  And here’s the one that was supposed to go on ReFab today:


I have power.

Which means I have heat and light.

I am happy.

Also, if you’re on Daylight Savings Time, the time to spring forward was 2AM this morning.  Lose an hour, gain some light.

(Yes, that means we have Working Wednesdays, Good Book Thursdays, Cherry Saturdays, and Happiness Sundays now.   That still leaves Monday, Tuesday, and Friday for general writing stuff, plus if nobody’s that interested in the special days, I will see that they fade away.  I couldn’t kill Good Book Thursdays with a rock at this point, but it’s possible that Cherry Saturday has run its course since it’s been YEARS since we shut down the Cherry Forums, and I have no idea how the other two are going to fare away from ReFab.  

So we’re going to vote.  Here are the days as they are now:

Working Wednesdays: Talk about stuff we’ve made including crafts, food, gardens, fires, and trouble.  Not love, this is a PG blog. Post pictures on Instagram (see coming Wednesday for details).

Good Book Thursday: Talk about good books we’ve read that week.  

Cherry Saturday: Celebrate whatever weird holiday hits on that date; really just a day of chat.

Happiness Sunday: Talk about something that made us happy that week.  It used to be three things, but we slacked off on that.  This is actually a psychologically healthy thing to do, especially given the chaotic nature of the world right now, so we might want to give that a chance over here.

Once you’ve said what made you happy this week (do it, it’s good for you), tell me which days you think we should keep and I’ll tally up the votes in a week, or so.     





116 thoughts on “The Happiness of Power

  1. I don’t post much, but I have been around since the yahoogroups and would miss Cherry Saturdays and Happiness Sundays. I can’t imagine the burden that running these things for so long must be, but in all their incarnations (even secondarily over in the Bettyverse) they have brought me much joy, and so I will be content with however it all shakes out.


    1. You know, it’s not that much of a burden. If I take a long afternoon, I can get months of them done.
      I just don’t want to spam people with posts they don’t want.

  2. I like it all. Especially Cherry Saturday when somebody posts books published/ released by Cherries. Thank you to she who posts it! I forget right now.

    I came in too late to be a true Cherry but in time to be a Betty and a Refabber. It’s all good.

    Cherry Saturday reminds me of Random Sundays which I loved. At least, we treat it as such in the comments. “Argh Ink, where off topic is the topic!”

  3. I will/have gladly read all of them, though I seldom post. I love the community feel here but feel unsure, or am reading days late. Oh, not correct, I often regretfully skip Good Book because I always find new books I want to read that I can actually get and then nothing else is done for days. On the other hand when I want a new author, I start here.

    happy: I am having Roast Chicken for dinner, which I must go start very soon now. Love it and it’s easy. Especially happy as I’ve been doing RPAH elimination diet, to check for common food chemical sensitivities. Eat a terribly bland/limited diet for weeks then challenge possibles one at time. Chicken skin is apparently is full of amines especially when crispy. This week I’m challenging amines – eat lots and keep track of any possible symptoms. Chicken skin, bananas, chocolate, tinned fish. . . so far no bad effects.
    And not eating salicylates makes my ears stop ringing -also a very Happy

  4. I was really happy on Monday and Tuesday, when I thought my house purchase was happening at last, and that I might be moving in a month. (And it hasn’t fallen through yet, so nil desperandum.)

    Went to a talk by Ben Aaronovitch on Thursday, which was a laugh. And caught up with some artist friends at an opening on Friday. Plus fellow photographers yesterday.

    And now I’m vegging and reading ‘Bet Me’, which is so beautifully crafted as well as funny that it never fails to make me happy. (That’s the kind of story I’d love to write.)

    1. Oh, and I enjoy them all, and am happy everything’s moved here. My favourites are Thursday and Sunday, but they’re all good.

  5. I am happy to have almost finished tiling the second bedroom in our little weekender (two bedrooms down, kitchen/sitting room and bathroom to go). I know how to tile now!

  6. Utterly confused by instagram but willing to try if someone tells me what to search or who to follow or whatever. Sunday happies are my favorite, and I am thoroughly programmed to come up with three!

    Finished baby blanket and pleased with the result.
    Took a day off my diet to eat home made birthday cake – yum!
    Auditing a class so taking three days off from work during a particularly stressful time in our work schedule; looking forward to this restful and enlivening week.

    1. Follow what you like. I search for working artists, authors who I love, galleries and museums, also farmers markets and dance companies… If you like knitting or crochet, quilting, look for that. If you like cute pictures of kitties in funny situations, there are those too. And if you aren’t enjoying instagram as a form of social media, by all means delete it. I think that twitter lasted two days for me.

      Actually, I read this book, Show Your Work, where the author broke down social media a bit. He said that different formats work for different people. Image based makers like instagram. Writers like twitter or blogs, etc. It was interesting. I hope this helps!

  7. I like all the days. They also help me keep track of what day it is.

    We are getting things done in the house. Painting the tv room (we’ve been working on it since before I got sick) and putting a new floor in the laundry room. Happy about progress!

  8. I’m happy that my power never went off (although I spent two storms holding my breath) and that I am finally making some progress on the revisions that two days ago I would have said were impossible. I’m also happy that after all these years, I have finally learned not to send hysterical emails to my agent at 10pm on a Friday night, and send them instead to my critique partner who talks me off the ledge.

    Not so happy that the new teenage kittens pulled the bagels off the counter and into the dining room and living room, munching and littering as they went, and then broke my favorite pottery bowl that I had carefully removed from the middle of the dining room table because I was afraid they’d break it. Sigh. They are cute though, and they make the house a lot less empty, which also makes me happy.

    I like all the days, although I don’t always have time to comment on them all. Somehow I never realized that ReFab had come back after it was shut down the first time, but I do like Happiness Sundays. I am still trying to figure out Instagram, but if you give me simple instructions, there is a 40/60 chance I will be able to do it…

    1. I didn’t realize you had new kittens! I’m so very glad to hear that. Even if they are bagel-stealing, bowl-breaking little rotters right now.

      1. Angus (my 12 year old yellow kitty) and I couldn’t stand the empty house after we lost Magic and her brother Mystic in January. So I went out and got a (now) 6 month old black kitten I named Harry Dresden. Then I lost my mind and got two more–probably 8 or 9 months old, possibly brother and sister but definitely bonded (they came from a 25 cat hoarding situation, so no one knows for sure), Koshka and Ember. I thought that getting older kittens would make them less crazy and destructive than younger kittens.

        I was wrong.

        I am now rearranging my entire house to keep them from being even more destructive than they are already. Koshka, for instance, chews on paper. There are teeth marks on all my carefully filed out in the open folders…

        Kittens–nature’s way of telling you to neaten and hide your stuff.

          1. I did know! And Koshka is a he, but I did it on purpose. In my 3rd Baba Yaga novel, the main protagonist (a modern Baba Yaga witch) has a dragon who is disguised as a gigantic Norwegian Forest Cat. The dragon’s name is Koshka, which is a kind of joke between the two of them, since not only is he not a female, he isn’t really a cat at all.

            My Koshka is a gorgeous boy with a lion mane and long silky black and silvery-brown hair, and a big puffy tail (maybe a Maine Coon or possibly even a Norwegian Forest Cat, since he’s a rescue, I don’t know). I decided when I saw him that if any cat was secretly a dragon, it was him. Hence the name, even if it isn’t gender correct 🙂

        1. I’m so glad. It’s not replacing pets, it’s augmenting your pet history.
          They sound marvelous.

          1. I still miss Mystic and especially Magic desperately. But it definitely helps to have new (albeit rambunctious) life in the house. Thankfully, they all seem to get along, both with each other and with Angus, who is Alpha Cat for the first time in his life and practicing looking regal instead of doofy. They don’t fill the gigantic empty hole in my heart, but they help.

          2. I still think about Lyle. And Rosie. And Bernie and Lucy. And Jasper. And . . .
            Fortunately, I’m typing sitting in a LaZBoy with Veronica on one side and Milton on the other, and here comes Mona. It’s crowded, but we believe in togetherness.

          3. I will start doing that again. We have a Cherry Orchard (I forgot the right name for it) on facebook so it will not be a problem

          1. My Angus thinks he’s the Alpha of the entire household now that he’s an only dog, so has been having a second puppyhood (not that I’m sure puppyhood ever really ends with Labs) complete with gnawing on all the toys, yelling at us for attention, and getting as rowdy as his slightly tottery hind-end will allow. Unlike your Angus, Deb, at 13.5, mine is pretty much firmly in the doofus category and loving it.

            Jen, great way to put it – the next dogs we bring home will augment our pet history. Nobody could ever replace Emma and I miss her every day, and when my irreplaceable Angus crosses over I’ll always miss him too. Although I grew up with dogs who I loved and still think of all the time, Angus and Emma will always be Lord and Lady Rumblefuzz the 1st to me. They’re the first beasts I raised as an adult, from actual puppyhood, so somehow distinct from the ones who were part of my pack when I was a kid (all rescue dogs, yes that explains a lot about me doesn’t it?). Enjoy snuggling and staying warm with your pack 😉

        2. I got to meet Deborah in person at Crystal Magic Conference in Daytona Beach last month. She is a great actress 🙂

      1. Yep. When they’re sweet, they’re very sweet. When they’re not, they’re holy terrors. I keep telling myself that in another couple of years, they will be wonderful cats. If we all live that long.

  9. I like them all! I’ll miss Refab, but I can see writing a blog must be so much work.

    I took two sick days this past week to rest my eyes and now the left one feels a bit better, so that makes me happy.

    Plus my cat was extra snuggly yesterday, we had some great weather and I got out for nice walks.

  10. Enjoy them all but will probably post least on Wednesday’s.

    Having my son home from college on spring break
    Seeing him absolutely thrilled about his summer research opportunity—this is my “meh” kid and I was afraid he would go through life without finding his passion.
    Seeing my spring bulbs come up (although not so much for seeing the signs that someone was eating my tulips.)

  11. I like it all.

    Many things to be happy about today. I spent a week with a great friend who recently moved from AK to VA. Her daughter arranged for me to be there as a surprise for her mother, and how we managed to keep it a secret over months of planning was a miracle, but it resulted in much happiness.

    Stopped at my daughter in NY’s on my way home to CT, where I spent a week with no power nursing her through a bad case of the flu. She recovered, everybody in the 125g fish tank survived without power, and I did not catch the flu, so happiness abounds.

  12. Happy: My toddler has developed a desire to hug me and his dad at the same time while saying “I love you guys,” which is absolutely adorable every single time. He also told us on the way to the local Y’s “Kids Night Out” (evening daycare!) that while he was at that, “You and Dada should do something fun too, like a grownups night out!” 😆 We said, “Well, if you insist…” But really the best part is that he’s such an empathetic and generous little dude. Cross fingers we can help him stay that way!

    Post days: the more the merrier, in my opinion. Writing craft posts are my favorite but the community here is such fun that I’ll read anything!

  13. We have had sunshine here lately and the crocuses are out, which makes me happy. It’s not too warm, but there is that hint of spring in the air.

    Good book Thursdays are my favorite, but I like all of them!

  14. We had sunshine and above freezing temps yesterday! It was so warm and sunny that the snow all slumped down and some of the streets have started to clear. I saw curbs I haven’t seen in months.

    The dogs made me happy this week, well really all the time, but watching Jasmine come out of her shell and play tag with the puppy made me laugh. Also, Fred got into the no digs allowed part of the yard and had an absolute blast running and playing in the deep snow.

    Life is good.

  15. I love them all. Happy Sundays are a lovely idea – haven’t encountered them before! I love knowing that there’s a strong community that loves ‘my’ kind of books that lets me in!

    Happy: we’ve had sunshine here, a brilliant blue sky sunshine after a couple of months of less-than. I moved here 2+ years ago, away from Oklahoma’s scorching summers and miserable winters, to a land of green trees, snowy mountains and very mild weather – on the ocean – and generally? Just being here makes me very very happy. Happy to be out of OK and in a place where people are generous and kind to each other and the planet. Happy that I have three very special dogs to walk on the beach with and snuggle on no-beach days. Very happy to be alive.

  16. Happies: 1. Finally getting A DEADLY THANKSGIVING SAMPLER (Danger Cove Quilting Mystery) submitted to my publisher. 2. Getting my dead dryer resuscitated. 3. Making some progress toward finishing a quilt that’s been lingering in the almost-done stage forever.

    I love all the days, but could live without Cherry Saturday if it became too much hassle.

  17. I had no idea there were days other than Good Book Thursday and Cherry Saturday. The way I see it this is not my blog so I’m just as happy to read what everyone else is up to, contribute a little bit, learn something of the world around me, the new kittens, JaneB’s house etc. It’s whatever you want to do Jenny. I’m just happy to be a part of it.

  18. I will miss ReFabs but glad that Jenny and Krissie are taking care of themselves. Very happy that Happiness Sundays are continuing. DH arranged a family movie night to watch Thor Ragnoruk. He’s been very affectionate and chatty lately – like most 16 yo”s, he’s up and down with his interactions with his parents, so enjoying the upswing. Lovely morning of yoga, coffee and conversation with a dear friend who has agreed to coach me through some work issues.

  19. Although I am sad to see ReFab bite the dust, I am really glad that all will continue here and on Krissie’s blog. I like all the days.

    Happy – this week was tough, but good: more wins than losses, building good relationships, positive feedback on various initiatives and I’ve now managed to write every week-day for three weeks straight. And DH has an interview for a job that will bring him to my neck of the woods so that we might have a chance of living together full-time for the first time in two years. Plus good progress on refurb of our house back on Isle of Man, which should be ready for rental when the bank is prepared to let us start renting, at the beginning of June. It’s a temporary contract, but my gut feeling is that something will turn up so that he can build up to a permanent teaching job locally.

  20. I must check in here two times a day at least to see who is posting what. It is my coffee break time from working on the yard and garden and the house remodeling projects. And it is my wake up call that I used to have a life painting, sculpting and creating art that I seem to have lost since we decided we needed to finally get the house together. But this is a constant nag that other people manage to have busy lives, families and a creative life, so I should start figuring out how to do it instead of writing that part of my life off.

    Happiness is three days in a row with sunshine and two of them I was able to start cleaning up my garden. Happiness is figuring out how to make lemon rissoto in my Instant Pot. Other than mincing a bunch of fresh herbs, was that ever easy. And it only took about 15 minutes cooking time from sautéing the rice and onions until I put it on the table. And it was perfectly cooked. Happy, happy, happy.

      1. It is warm stuff that comes with blue skies. I will get a little more tomorrow then the air becomes grey and wet again.

        Of course, if you live in New York and have storm storms for your winter and spring recreation…….

        OTOH at least snow is bright. Rain is just grey out here. And it goes on most years from October through April. I have friends and neighbors who spend the entire period planning trips every 3 weeks or so to see something other than grey.

  21. As long as it’s not a burden to you, I would enjoy all the days.

    Happiness. After months of grieving, I wasn’t sure I could find anything to be happy about, but I tried. I was surprised to find that, yes, I do have things to be happy about, and that is a happy right there.
    One, my dad called this week – three times! – and may come to visit soon. Two, I’m looking for puppies (notice the plural) and will soon have dogs in my life again. And three, my daughter’s birthday is this coming week and we’re planning a day of shopping and hanging out.

  22. I think Cherry Saturday may be the weak sister of the bunch, but that’s just me. I’m in for whatever shows up! I’ll miss ReFab (again) but will follow you and Krissie wherever.

    In happiness news:

    My Fitbit, after not syncing since I did an IOS upgrade in early January, miraculously healed itself and is now syncing, so I’m back in steps competition with my friends, although I lost about a month’s worth of steps, including Paris, where there were a lot of them.

    My homemade furniture polish continues to inspire cleaning – I think my house is the cleanest it’s been in a year. 🙂

    And I’ve only got 3 more weeks of my self-imposed vegetarian diet (DH and I generally go veg for February or for Lent – this year we decided to do both for some reason). I’m fine with vegetarian, I’m just starting to miss tuna, and chicken.

  23. I’m happy I have power. And dogs.
    I’m happy we’re shutting down ReFab because I wasn’t taking good care of it and I felt guilty.
    I’m happy I’m doing Working Wednesdays because having to report in about making something will make me feel productive, even if I’m not. Plus with DST, now I’ll have enough light to take pictures.
    I’m happy next weekend is going to be in the fifties. WARMTH.
    I’m happy I have a new T-shirt that says, “You know what I like about people? Their dogs.” In this neighborhood, that’s going to go over big; there are happy dogs everywhere.
    I’m happy I’m getting back to Nita because I got NOTHING done this past week trying to stay alive during the power outage.
    I’m just generally happy.
    Going off to the diner now for a ridiculously calorie heavy late lunch/breakfast. There will be carrot cake.

    1. I had a sudden and insanely intense craving last night after dinner for a particular kind of cupcake (dark chocolate Guinness with Bailey’s frosting, if anyone is curious). A friend occasionally brought them when she came to visit, from a bakery local to her, and got me hooked. When Magic the Cat died back at the beginning of January, she overnighted me a dozen, most of which I ate or shared right away.

      I knew I had eaten the few I stuck in the freezer at the time, but my craving was so bad, I went to the mudroom freezer anyway and looked, as if that would magically make one appear. AND THERE WAS ONE LEFT. (It was like the Hannukah miracle of the oil, by golly.) I was so happy. I mean, jump up and down happy. Fist-bump the air happy. I swear, I’ve gotten book contracts that didn’t make me as happy as finding that damned cupcake.

      So happiness, there you go. Sometimes you desperately need it, and the universe gives you a cupcake miracle.

      1. Guinness chocolate cake with Bailey’s frosting is my favorite cake and has been since I had my first piece while on a vacation in Ireland.

        Must go dig around in my own freezer . . . I’m sure I stashed some away there the last time I baked, in an effort to avoid eating the whole cake.

  24. I like all the days, my favorites are actually when you have something on your mind you are working through, and we get to talk too. After that, Books Thursday, Happy Sunday, Working Wednesday, and then on.
    Happy because we’ve got sun today.

  25. I’m happy I did my beach walk on Saturday. (There are pics on Twitter.)

    I’m happy I de-hoarded the work desk, even though it meant going in on a Saturday. I also got most of my grading done today. There’s still work to do, but it’s a BIG start.

    I’m ambivalent about taking a 3 hour nap. I obviously needed it, but it meant less time for home clean-out. I am happy that I feel rested.

          1. Oh: my mistake – I wrote Twitter when I meant Instagram. I’m not on Twitter. Sorry. (And sorry I’ll miss your pix.)

          2. You don’t have to be on Twitter. In the Google search bar, enter @SarahV2K followed by and her posts come up. (BTW, nice beach shots, SureThing!)

  26. I’m happy my kid is about 99% done with his PhD thesis is ready for editormom to swoop in. I’ve read this thing about 10 times already, so it shouldn’t be arduous. Best of all, he’s almost a doc and that’s the culmination of 6 years of hard work. Proud mom!

    I’m in for all the special days and whatever else you’re willing to give us, Jenny. I’ll miss ReFab, but I know how hard it can be to keep up a blog. I’m sucky at doing mine regularly, especially right now, when I have editing gigs going and a deadline for my own WIP. Make it work for you, baby, and I’ll be here, all smiley and glad to be present. 😉

  27. I’m happy that my 8 year old son does not have scoliosis, the curved spine was a muscular issue, not a structural spinal issue, and the specialist says physio will fix it. So happy I cried. Not in front of my son or the specialist.
    I’m happy after dropping my 10 year old at school this morning, ready to head off on her first school camp. She was excited and confident and beautiful. On Thursday she’ll may have morphed into an over-tired tantrum throwing wreck, but I’m still happy.
    I’m happy I ran 10k yesterday and can still walk up my stairs today, training ahead of schedule. Awesome.

    I can see I’m going to like Happiness Sundays (especially given I will get them Monday morning, so it’s a great positive start to the week), Working Wednesdays sound fun, and don’t you dare take that rock to Good Book Thursdays. Saturdays I enjoy, but it would possibly take me a while to notice if they didn’t happen.

  28. I like them all. I especially like the idea of Happiness Sundays because some days I need reminders and if you have a blog comment list full of them, something is bound to resonate.

    I’m happy that I’m starting book 3 in my Touched by a Demon series and I actually know what it’s about. That usually doesn’t happen for at least the first 100 pages.

  29. I’m happy to learn that my friend, and ex writing buddy, is returning to L. A. I haven’t had a writing pal for several years, and once she settles into her new job, I hope she wants to write again.
    All of the days are fine with me, but my favorite is Thursday.

  30. The sun!! The sun makes me so happy. It’s still a bit cold, but I took a walk anyway.

    And I will read whatever days are decided, but I especially like Good Book Thursdays and am interested in Working Wednesdays. I feel like these feed my dual addictions of books and crafting nicely. Thanks!

  31. Do whatever works for you! Like Maine Betty, I most enjoy the posts where you’re working through writing, or office cleaning, or home fixup. And, like Mary, I enjoy following the rotating cast of characters.

    Sunday happies:
    – Two family health issues ended well.
    – Pleasant drive with DH to an event two hours away – where he met with people and I hung out by the fireplace in the lobby, writing. Okay, I was writing about industrial batteries. But it was still fun.
    – I’m playing with found art and am now the crazy old lady picking up rusty washers and whatnot. This week I found excellent whatnot.

  32. I love all the days even though I rarely comment. Sad to see ReFab go when I just recently realized it was back/I was back, but I get the mental overhead is a thing and it was beautiful while it lasted.

    I’m happy we’re decluttering. I’m happy a teeshirt that says, “You know what I like about people? Their dogs.” exists because I need one. I’m happy that Stephen and I can finally talk about something besides dog poop & life logistics, because it means we’re coming out of grief-induced survival mode. I’m happy that we’re having banana pancakes for dinner. I’m happy it rained this weekend so I didn’t need to water anything. I’m happy that I want to write more than I want to be a responsible adult.

  33. I’m happy because I just finished rereading Crazy for You. Turns out, I read it too quickly the first time and missed much of what the book was about. And I forgot that the episodes that I later remembered as weird were seen as such by the characters at the time and were thought about and argued about. My bad memory . . . Perhaps reading it fast (my initial Jennifer Crusie phase was to read them all as fast as possible, focusing on the romances) paired with another aspect of Crazy for You: in some ways, it upset me and I had to deal with familiar issues, like gossip in a school/town where a coach is a god and where a suspected lesbian is anathema; like change without having a clue what the outcome will be; like risking people’s reactions — which can become frightening and dangerous; like letting other people figure out their own “angles of repose.” And more. I wish Bill weren’t so familiar. Great book. Happy Day.

    1. Yeah, I know coaches. Never have a relationship with a coach. They say stuff like “Pain is fear leaving the body,” and you say, “That makes no sense whatsoever,” and arguments ensue.

  34. Oh, yeah, it was my birthday on Tuesday. I got a trip to the dentist to have an old filling out and a new one put in. I also picked up my new glasses so that was good. No presents because we are saving for our trip.

    I have a big happy from today and I don’t want to forget about it. The people who built this house put in a central vac system and somewhere along the way it died. The people we bought the house from just pulled out the plug in places, they didn’t even fix the drywall (I fixed it back in 2011 because we have cats and they are just not compatible with holes in the wall). The container has been sitting over the washing machine and I have hated it daily for years. Today, I moved the washer, whacked it with a 4 lb sledgehammer a few times on the bottom and took it down. This is the year for fixing up the laundry room and that was a big step.

  35. I’m happy I spent hours at the Tucson Festival of Books today. They gave me a free bag and I bought three mystery novels. Also there was prickly pear lemonade. I’m also happy Jessica Jones is back and my Ragnarok DVD arrived. I did nothing last night except watch Marvel, and there are still seven more episodes of Jessica Jones.

    Love Good Book Thursday. I like Cherry Saturday, too, even though I was never on the Cherry forums and rarely post. The random holidays are fun, especially when I read the posts at work. That’s how my work computer ended up with a red panda background for months.

  36. Continuing Happiness Sundays keeps me happy.
    Coffee Wednesday with my exercise group happily happened.
    Chamber music, three matching pieces, Mendelssohn outstanding for music and for playing.
    Bonus: Trip to Pearson’s Herb Gardens. Among other plants – rue! lavender! huge-flowered purple penstammon! – I now possess cardamon as a houseplant.

    I vote for the lineup. And thank you for curating and keeping us going.

  37. I’ve been too busy to keep up with our garden, so it’s spent the last few years slowly falling into overgrown weedy chaos. Just before Christmas I conceded defeat and started getting a gardener in for a few hours a week.

    He’s transformed it and every time I look outside, I’m so happy. I’ve even planted a herb garden for the first time in years, and yesterday I bought flowers to fill in some newly-bare earth.

    Turns out I needed the garden, I just didn’t realise how much.

  38. Out of deference to folks who enjoy, need, crave sun, I held back from mentioning, but I’m overcome.
    RAIN! rain rain rain rain rain. Downeth it came. I and the good earth rejoice.

  39. Sorry to hear about the re-demise of ReFab, but things do change.

    I really like the Happiness Sunday posts, even if I am terrible about posting. It makes me think for a minute, and I like knowing that there is at least that one bit of consistent positivity in the week.

    My happy this week included an unexpected (though very brief) visit with Son and his puppy; a new lawnmower and a break in the rain so I could use it; and the changing-of-the-clocks so that I won’t be coming home from work in the dark.

    Not so happy was the rolling garage door, which is stuck part-way closed and at an angle but, on the bright side, my car was in the driveway, not the garage when it broke, so at least I am not trapped without a car.

  40. My 11yo had a sleepover on Friday and I put the girls in charge of dinner and it was fantastic. Between the cupcakes and the slime, my food coloring stash was decimated, and the kitchen took a long time to clean, but the giggles were totally worth it.

  41. I’m fine with all of them. I didn’t do ReFab but I’m alwasy willing to read about what everyone is doing. This place is one of my links with sanity and reality, which I treasure.

    As for happiness, I got blonde highlights in my hair on Sat. We toured a ninja/obstacle course gym too. We’re going to check out the basic class and open gym with the kids. I started the kids watching American Ninja Warrior a few years back to help my daughter figure out how to use her momentum to KEEP moving on the monkey bars instead of coming to a dead stop and then trying to get to the next bar. Now she’s excitedly watching the women do this and cheering them on.

    My son has been reusing the toys to build his own courses in our tiny back yard. I’d rather he break a bone in a gym as opposed to our backyard because he is NOT stopping anytime soon…

  42. For the day after Happiness Sunday I’m going to state, March 2018 s—-s, bites the big wazoo. Third storm is on the horizon with 14 to 18 inches of snow predicted. We’re down to the last of the wood, hubby will be bringing the old generator closer to the house, but not to close, just in case the power goes out, again. This is the time of the year we see the yard coming to life with crocuses popping up and the tulips are up a couple of inches. I look forward to the happy faces of pansies in the garden shops, maybe next week.

    1. But I did Google/copy the recipe of Guinness cupcakes with Bailey’s Irish Cream frosting, all I need is the main ingredients.

  43. I really look forward to Good Book Thursday. I have read so many books that were posted on the site. Thanks to all who share!

  44. My happiness is my puppies, Bella and Janey. (They’re 3-1/2 year old rescues, so technically not puppies…but they’ll always be puppies to me.) They are the center of my world and my sister’s, they are what makes our house a home.

    The fun part is how different they are. They have the same coloring — black and tan like a Rottweiler or Doberman — but that’s the only thing they have in common. Janey has giant, pricked up ears and a stiff, 6″ long tail, a short muzzle and round head (so she often looks puppy-ish), and she thinks she’s a badass but she’s afraid of the sound of grocery bags rustling. Her nicknames are Miss Thing and Sassafrass Sassypants. Bella has rose ears (which are ears that fold back instead of forward), a long tail, deep chest, and she’s pretty laid back, especially compared to her sister. (We believe they’re littermates.) Her nicknames are Sweetness (because she’s a very sweet dog) and Mona because she moans at you if you don’t pay attention to her when she wants something.

  45. My happies from last week include
    1) The opt paperwork was approved for a person I want to hire, so now we have a start date!
    2) I saw a crocus blooming yesterday in front of my house. (Sadly it snowed today)
    3) I get to work from home today.

    As for which days you keep, I’m good with all of them. I don’t, yet, have an Instagram account, but that’s one social media I’d be okay with joining. I rarely read anymore, it seems, and most often when I do, it is business related, but ignoring Good book Thursdays is easy & nice to know I could look there if I needed a recommendation. I like Happy Sundays and am happy they are moving to Argh from ReFab since I missed the reboot. Cherry Saturdays are a nice opportunity to chat, but if you decide not to have them, we’ll keep chatting on one of the other day’s post or wait until Sunday. It’s your call.

  46. I was happy on Sunday because it rained very usefully almost all weekend, I got a lot of things checked off my lists, and in the afternoon the sun came out and a bird was singing outside my back door. And then DH took me out to early dinner and when we got home we watched “East Side Sushi” which was really good.

  47. As has already been said, do as you wish and most likely I’ll read it. I too date from yahoogroups days, but since I lurk rather than post I’m rather under the radar.

    I particularly like the idea of Happiness Sundays, and so should probably contribute (albeit I’m doing this on Monday):

    This week I’m happy for:
    my son (13 weeks old today!)
    a central heating system that works (it’s been cold here, tho not as cold as across the water, admittedly – I’m in England)
    I figured out what to do for dinner first thing this morning instead of leaving it until the last minute (it’s the little things!)

    Not the most creative, but the first three things that came to mind!

  48. Oh, also, I really enjoy Cherry Saturdays because they make me laugh – posts and comments 🙂

  49. My happy for the weekend was that I finally managed to stand up on the paddleboard for longer than 30 seconds, and this means that my Fall Off Paddleboarding becomes Maybe Standup Paddleboarding.

    Second happy was that I managed for the first time ever, to get off the paddleboard under my own volition, rather than me losing balance and falling off. WooHoo.

    It’s only taken about 6, hour long sessions to get to this point. Who knew that a board on water and an unbalanced human trying to stand on it, equals constant falling off???

  50. My happy on Sunday was that I got to go home. My Mom is recovered enough from surgery that she can make it for a day or two without one of us staying with her. Good news for her and lifesaving for me.

  51. hopefully this makes you feel both happy and powerful but did you know that if you type into google “funny romance novels” you’re the top hit and plus three more. Congratulations! Also, why do you think more authors don’t write in the genre? (or at least don’t write well 🙁 ..)

      1. I checked the descriptions of the other top contenders for funny romance novel on google but none interested me. Jenny does not have silly heroines. Jenny doesn’t use humiliation as a romantic device between hero and heroine.

        1. Jenny is the best by a large margin. have laughed out loud at some of Julia Quinn’s books and Loretta Chase’s.

  52. (-: I’ll vote for all of the days. I also think the idea of letting them go when they need to go is perfectly reasonable.

    Sunday happiness on a Tuesday? I have found a great recipe for cheesecake that works perfectly for 12 cupcake-sized ones. My kid and I made them on Sunday (along with some lemon curd), and we made a double-batch. Fed my in-laws, fed her father, fed her friends . . . and I had cheesecake in my lunchbag all this week!

      1. You are in NZ, right, so grams are OK?

        110 g. all-purpose flour
        pinch of salt (adjust according to the salt in the butter)
        50 g. cold butter
        50 g. sugar (light brown sugar is very nice)

        Whiz in a food processor, and put a heaping tablespoon in each cupcake liner. Gently press down, and bake at 175 C for 10 minutes.

        224 g. cream cheese
        50 g. sugar
        1/4 to 1 tsp. vanilla
        1 regular egg (although this is flexible, IMO)

        Beat the cream cheese and sugar in the food processor (it’s OK if there is some flour left). Beat the egg and vanilla in another bowl, then add to the food processor. Scoop about 1 heaping tablespoon of cream cheese mixture into the cookie cups (they don’t have to be cooled down if you are in a hurry, or they can made a day in advance). Bake at 175 C for 10 to 15 minutes, or until cooked.

        1. Thank you. That sounds easy enough for me to cope with and really good. Our oven’s on the blink at the moment but once it’s fixed I’ll give this a go. (And yes, I’m in NZ and grams are great.)

  53. I am happy that some of the seeds I planted are sprouting! I swear that moment when you see the teensy sprouts and know IT’S ALIVE is the most exciting thing. XD I’m also happy that I have a job that gives me Spring Break off. Come to me, my beautiful sleep….

    Definitely already a fan of Happiness Sundays, and I’ve always liked the Cherry Saturdays, even though I am usually late to the party because I forget to check the blog on the weekends. I’m looking forward to seeing how the Working Wednesdays go, too. I guess mostly it’s just which ones you have the time/energy/desire to keep up with, since you’re the one doing the heavy lifting every week. 🙂 (Like, they all seem pretty simple individually, but when they accumulate like this I know that suddenly the week can seem very crowded….)

  54. I rarely post, but love reading what everyone else writes. I like all the days, but Jenny needs t keep what works best for her.

  55. I will read anything you write, and also everything the commentariat writes, so I enjoy them all.
    I don’t usually comment on Happiness Sundays since I tend to see them late Monday or Tuesday, but I’m sitting beside my wood stove with a day off tomorrow so I don’t have to tear myself away from it to go to bed. There’s a happy!


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