Happiness Would Be Spring


I know many people think a snowfall is beautiful and snowmen are happy little creatures.  I know I used to.  But it’s mid March and we’re getting whacked with another snowstorm this week.

So this is more my speed, except I don’t think spring is ever coming:


57 thoughts on “Happiness Would Be Spring

  1. In winter say the snow-bound, “She shall come with the spring leaping upon the hills.”
    And in the summer heat the reapers say,
    “We have seen her dancing with the autumn leaves,
    and we saw a drift of snow in her hair.”
    All these things have you said of beauty.
    Kahlil Gibran, on beauty

    OK, so it continues to say that these things aren’t true beauty, so I have taken it out of context, but I like it anyway.

    Today I’m happy because I have just watched Morning Glory – a Sunday night free and I wanted easy TV, I remembered the recommendation for this and it was great.

    1. One of the things I love about Gibran is how much room for reinterpretation there is in every line.

  2. Oh oh, wait, and this…
    Snowman Frost and Lady Thaw (by Halfdan Rasmussen)

    Now there’s an interesting romance conflict.

    Snowman Frost and Lady Thaw
    Went for walks and thought of more.
    Found a garden seat and sat
    Talked of love and this and that.

    Snowman Frost, a little weak
    Asked her, “May I kiss your cheek?”
    But as Lady Thaw grew warm
    He began to lose his form.

    As their passion rose in heat
    Off he melted from the seat.
    When he kissed her tender lips
    He slipped through her fingertips.

    All alone without ‘amore’
    On the seat sits Lady Thaw.
    Snowman Frost no more will hug
    She must keep him in a mug.

  3. Gosh, I don’t know if this is “happiness” per se, but I’ve been marinating in all my complicated feelings about the X-Files return. I watched it as a teenager when it was on the air (with my best friend on the phone, landline of course, lights out for extra spookiness.)
    I haven’t even been watching this season (the last one was horribly uneven), but thanks to the beauty of the internet, you don’t have to watch a show to be up on every important development. I read recaps, I find gifs, I read fanfiction. I told my X-File friend (we’re still good friends) that I can’t help myself. It’s some sort of illness, almost 😉
    But I told my husband, I’ll take angsty and nostalgic over feeling blah and “blank” which I often do at the end of winter when I just want some damn sunshine already.

  4. I am howling, because Swedish meterologists think spring will be delayed for 3 weeks. Waaah. I want spring, damn it.

  5. My most excellent husband used a strange “nothing actually disappears from the internet” site and found “He Said/She Said”.

    The access is a little strange – the link takes you to July and I used the “archives” on the menu to the right to read the earlier stuff, and then plan to use the forward and back arrows on the “Way Back” banner at the top to go through the rest of them. I didn’t try to read the comments this time, so I don’t know if they work, but I remember them being funny too.

    Any way, I am enjoying reading these, and happy birthday to whoever was asking about this blog a few days ago. Enjoy!


    1. Oh, this is most excellent! The He Said, She Said blog is how I found Jenny and her work. I’d heard her name before that, but hadn’t read any of her stuff. After somehow stumbling across that blog (I don’t remember how), I said “That woman’s a genius and that man would drive me to drink,” and proceeded to read their collaborations and then the Crusies.

      Thanks for the memories, Jennifer and husband! (And, of course, Jenny and Bob :-)).

  6. It’s Autumn-ish here in the sub-tropical. What other people would call temperate, I’m calling cold.

    I’m happy that I got my flu jab yesterday. I also caught up on sleep today.

    I had an idea for PhD research this morning. This is now a spur to prick the sides of my intent for Masters, which I’ve been a tad demoralised over. So yay on clawing back my motivation.

  7. It feels like spring is never going to come. Hard to believe I am leading an online Ostara (spring equinox) ritual on Tuesday–actual spring–and one in person for my group next Saturday. Of course, we’re used to celebrating with snow outside, but this year is getting ridiculous.

    As my Jewish grandmother used to say, “Enough, already.”

    But my happiness is two days of sun in a row, which is not only melting some of the snow (and causing giant deadly icicles to hang from my roof) but also giving me enough energy to actually be semi-productive.

    Also, I get to see A Wrinkle in Time this afternoon.

    1. We are going back and forth between two weeks of spring followed by two weeks of winter again, more or less.

  8. Would be happies: spring, getting 2 quilts done by next weekend, & sleep.

    I got the last one by sleeping in today. I need to go work on the quilts. It is sunny & supposed to get up to 50 F today. It isn’t going to last more than a day, but I’m happy for the day.

  9. I’m almost halfway through the new book and it’s finally humming…yay! Also, decided to clean the house after we got home from church today. Just needed to do something physical and man, did it need it, so… 1 bathroom is sparkling, the other is on the way to shiny and then dusting and vacuuming and scrubbing the kitchen floor. Not spring cleaning, but still needs to be done. I’m not sure what happened to my clean house give-a-shit as I’ve gotten older. Not that it’s dirty per se, but dust…you know… hmmm…

    1. I’m moving in just the opposite direction 😉 Early-onset glaucoma – all my asthma meds exacerbate/accelerate the glaucoma, so it’s suddenly more important to minimize dust/allergens/scudding drifts of dog fur on EVERY surface. Fewer asthma episodes = lowered use/elimination of meds. Fear-driven cleaning FTW!

  10. I’m happy because I have 4 interviews this week! They’re all for the same county government but with different departments. I’m very nervous, but hoping that something good comes from them.

  11. I’m happy because I have a job interview tomorrow – I already have a job I mostly love, but I’ve started to notice that this really isn’t a company that invests in keeping its employees, and the turnover is getting exhausting for those of us who stay. There’s still a lot of things I love about working here, so I won’t be heart broken if I don’t get the new job. But also the new job would be walking distance from my home, and pay just enough more that I could actually start saving, and it’s marketing for something I’ve got a much stronger background in. So we’ll see. Fingers crossed.

  12. A rock star of the rare-disease community I belong to died last week (much too young), and while that was obviously not happy-making, I was really pleased to see all the tributes her patients shared. It was a reminder that there are indeed caring, compassionate clinicians (sorry for the alliteration; they’re also competent, but that was a C too far) in a community where too often the clinicians are ignorant of the rare disease and don’t acknowledge the patients’ very real problems.

    Also happy to have made a new friend. Not easy to do at my age.

  13. I have spent the last two weeks, whenever the weather is dry enough, weeding flower beds and cleaning up in general. I just spent an hour in 48 degree weather sweeping and hosing off the loggia from a winter’s worth of bird seed shells. The happy part of it is, everything is starting to look fresh and new. Just in time for spring. Also just in time for friends who are stopping by this afternoon.

  14. We’re having another short dose of snow, too – though not in your league. Anyway, I braved it to drive to the station and take the train to Birmingham for a photography trade show. I didn’t get what I went there for, but I did go to a couple of inspiring talks – and one happy is the delight of the speaker on ‘Self Portraits’ when I told her I’m going to give them a go, though it’s not something I’ve ever thought of doing before.

    Happy I’m taking a break from work, to get my energy and resilience back. And for the friend who restored my balance when I was exausted and down yesterday, after another friend kept telling me I should give up on the house I’m trying to buy.

  15. I have been lurking for ages But I had to say “Thank You” to Jenniferneniffer and her most excellent husband for finding the blog I lost it years ago tried to find it and got Greek (we’ll thats what it looked like. MAny happy memories there.

  16. Looks like the next Nor’easter won’t make it as far north as we and various family members reside. Good wishes to you in the mid-Atlantic states.

    More gratefulness than happiness this week:
    – grateful it was quite cold, especially at night, so that we were able to save and keep about 30% of the contents of our fridge which died last Sunday night when the thermostat bit the dust.
    – grateful to appliance repair company that was able to send out repairman at last minute on Monday to diagnose, and sent our same great repairman yesterday (Saturday) morning as soon as the part came in to make the repair. We have ice!
    – grateful to friends at church who took it upon themselves to provide dinners for my husband and myself for most or the week as I recover from knee surgery (and listened when we said that we wanted smaller portions as we didn’t have a fridge to store leftovers!)

    And yes…knee surgery…not enough to be doing final precautionary round of (oral) chemo…I’m keeping all the docs in my area in college tuition/boat payments: managed to catch my right foot in the handle of a very heavy sound equipment bag and tore my right quadriceps tendon. Orthopedic doc great about getting me in quickly and getting surgery scheduled to take place within the two week window of original injury. Knee absolutely straight in knee immobilizer for another 3.5 weeks while everything knits back together before starting rehab, a small amount of bending at a time. No driving in the mean time. Restarting work tomorrow which is going to be a challenge, to say the least. At least I work from home. (My boss was very happy to learn that I was only going to be out for the rest of the week after surgery. Not sure how efficient I will be.)

  17. Over here in the Texas Panhandle (the square part at the top) we are HORRIBLY DRY!! In the last 150+ days, we’ve had less than 1/2 inch of rain, and no snow! It’s bad, y’all. As farmers, it’s getting desperate. I so wish we could share the ridiculous snow y’all have been subject to. All my prayers for relief for y’all and rain for us!

  18. Happiness would be spring, and happiness and spring WILL come, because it always does. It is so hard to wait for the seasons to spin into some new comfort, when the current season is worn and old. Hold out for the equinox, and the lengthening of days.

  19. My happiness is I survived hosting my daughter’s bridal shower and I think everyone had a pretty good time. Hosting a party, knowing the etiquette and shower games are so outside of my wheelhouse so the sense of relief I am feeling now that it is over, and I think successful – is tremendous! Also a funny aside, Jenny Crusie came up as 2 of the answers for the shower games. Apparently my daughters most prized possession is the signed copy of ‘Bet Me” I got her for her 21st birthday, and Jenny is the famous person she would most like to have lunch with! 🙂

      1. Jenny- you are awesome. Unfortunately we are in the suburbs of Chicago – though I think my daughter might right now be trying to convince her future hubby it is time to take a road trip. LOL. Thanks for the great books that have brought countless hours of happy to our family and making my daughter’s week with your above post.

  20. Daylight past 6pm makes me very happy – if the temp goes above freezing this week, I’ll get out my bike and ride to work. it snowed last week but it’e melting despite the cold temps. DH and are planning an early May beach holiday – s bit late in the season but looking forward to getting away. One of my Christmas amaryllis has decided to grow a third stalk – looks like it will bloom around Easter, Mother Nature always marches to her own drummer.

      1. Hah – pot hole and maple syrup weather

        My daughters and I worked for a (short) while on a set of songs we called The Freeze Thaw Cycle. There was an ode to maple syrup, a song of complaint about potholes featuring tympani, and the closing song about leaves greening. I mean, you have to end on an up note, yes?

  21. On a long walk Saturday morning, I stood at “Tantrum Corner,” where years ago I foolishly engaged in a battle of wills with our then-3-year-old daughter. And I thought, “I need a better memory for this corner.”

    Saturday afternoon, sorting through family stuff, I found a letter Dad wrote to Mom in the late 1950s, when he came to Milwaukee for summertime grad school. He’d found a room to rent (“the only bad part is the price, $10 a week, but that includes keeping the car in the garage”) and told her, “Take care of yourself and MJ…I love you and miss you very much.”

    And the address of the rental was kitty-corner from where I’d stood that morning.

    1. I’m in Milwaukee too, if you ever want to meet up for tea or something. I swear I’m not an ax murderer lurking here for victims.

      1. Sure – maybe at the Milwaukee Public Market, where you can look for peach habanero sausage…

  22. Just returned frrom the Hills of Beverley and a tour of a hillside native garden all about the wildlife. The gardener walked us down the slope with personal explanation of the plantings, had the event catered with an extensive spread, and gave us each a signed book lavish with photographs on the garden’s creation. Then we went on to the Getty. Didn’t make it inside – except to the gift shop for a new book on color in the dry garden – just dallied looking at the gardens and plantings and superb views. So many levels up, down and out to that place! All in the company of like-minded folks and the treat of scenery to watch on the way up and on the way back because we traveled by tour bus. Memorable day, and suitably Spring.

    1. I’m jealous. I need a garden hit, but it’s too cold and icy right now to hang around (which I’d want to do, to take pictures).

  23. My happiness was spending time with Grown Son for an early birthday celebration today. Good company, a Reuben from my favorite Irish Pub, and an entertaining discussion of the Marvel Universe, all topped off with a chocolate Guinness cupcake. It was a great day, even if the weather was grey and cool.

  24. I work for a public utility company and after a particularly bad, stressful spate of ice storms two years ago, our linemen had just about had it. We ordered them a bunch of raspberry filled white iced donuts in the shape of snowman, and stuck a pretzel through the heart with a little flag on it that said “die winter die.” Those folks up on the poles working on high voltage electricity in the dark, wind, rain and cold are pretty amazing.

  25. Happiness would be – God I don’t even know. I’m so grumpy after a morning of frantic trying to fix things other people messed up. I get even grumpier when I’m the one that messed things up, so maybe I should be happy that it wasn’t me that messed it all up.

    But now that I think of it, maybe I did mess it up. Let me go check. Nope, I got it right when I fixed it. Thank the powers that be.

    So now I’m fractionally happier because I didn’t just make a problem worse. And yes, that happens far too frequently due to the nature of my job.

    What would happiness be? The ability to get my writing done AND my taxes. I need to be cloned.

  26. Happiness is love and friendship and the warmth of the spring sun and the rich smell of horses warmed by said sun. And a good book. There’s loads of happiness in those.

    All this talk of spring made me think of this song by a friend of mine called Spring Will Return:

    Hope you all have a lovely Monday!

  27. I’m happy because…I don’t know. Yesterday, I went to my local RWA chapter meeting and, as often happens, a topic I wasn’t jazzed about in theory turned out to be made of awesome in reality. (It was on conflict resolution/negotiation styles, and it was fascinating.)

    I’m happy because my puppies (who are actually 2-1/2 years old) get more and more affectionate all the time.

    I’m happy because I found an exercise I can do at home that I like.

    1. They’re always puppies, no matter what their age!

      One of my sekrit NY resolutions was to go to all my local RWA chapter meetings this year. None so far…

  28. Happiness is that the colleague and her husband that my husband invited over to see our loggia because they are in the market for a good concrete guy (ours was fantastic). So my husband and I spent two days making sure the house was clean (dusting and vacuuming and putting away construction debris). And they came and looked at the loggia and we had a great chat. But they were in the house may be ten minutes max. Well, happiness is that the house is clean and I don’t have to do it for two or three more weeks.

    1. I have a toddler, so my husband and I clean our house every four or five days. And we STILL can’t keep up. It’s like she’s got a superpower for making messes, and she hits every single room of the house every day, with her trusty sidekick: Bandit the dog.

      Happiness is waking up in the morning to a clean house, and then watching her play and mess it up all day.

      1. *I wasn’t being sarcastic. She’s a riot and well worth our 8:00 p.m. post-baby-bedtime frenzied cleaning sessions.

  29. Happiness is brunch with my husband and son and his BFF and her mom followed by a park walk. The kids are college junior physics majors and while we three adults had basically no idea what they were talking about the kids had 3 hours straight of talking and catching up—they go to school 600 miles apart so they don’t see each other much.

    Happiness is my taxes are almost ready to go to the accountant and it didn’t take nearly as much time as I feared.

    Happiness is expecting 8 house guests for the March for our Lives in DC next Saturday.

    Happiness is that my husband is traveling for a month. I will miss him and be happy when he’s back but in the meantime I get to plan meals just around me, everything will be where I left it, and I will have time to deal w a lot of those nagging tasks that keep getting put aside.

    Happiness isn’t helping my mom do her taxes since she gets angry and assumes someone messed up whenever she doesn’t understand something.

  30. Happiness was a weekend with many hours spent outdoors doing things in my garden, plus brunch with a friend, and ending up with the house clean and tidy, some projects progressed, and an interview scheduled this week. I probably won’t take the job even if offered but at least it gives me hope there is something out there other than this hellhole I’m in.

  31. Happiness was time in the garden yesterday, with DH taking it upon himself to do a great share of the weeding, without my even asking him to (yay!). I got to do fun stuff like refresh the succulent pots and and sweep the Japanese maple leaves that littered the front porch, which was an instant win, visually.

    Our California natives front lawn replacement is coming along beautifully. Makes me smile every day.

      1. Yes! We were a little worried in December/January (we planted right after Thanksgiving) when it was so dry, but we’ve had enough rain since to really make things happen. Considering how much we planted, we only lost a few plants to the gardening gods, and replacements will go in next weekend.


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