14 thoughts on “This is a Good Poem March 2nd

  1. My poor husband. Every March 1st I say to him, “We like March/His shoes are purple.” And then I giggle hysterically because that line has always seemed odd to me in the sweetest way. Like a conversation with an animated toddler.

    He’s learned to just smile and nod. I got a lot of Emily Dickinson in high school. One of my English teacher’s favorite poets.

    That second quote of Maya Angelou quote is pretty much one of my touchstone philosophies for life. I’m also partial to the quote, “when someone shows you who they are, believe them.”

  2. Amazing. I loved it. I loved hearing her read it. Thank you for sharing. I needed it today.

  3. This is wonderful!

    I wish I could think of spring poems, but we’re caught in the fist of winter still, so it’s hard to get into that mindset.

  4. The Man Next Door is Teaching His Dog to Drive by Cathryn Essinger

    It all began when he came out one morning
    and found the dog waiting for him behind the wheel.
    He thought she looked pretty good sitting there,

    so he started taking her into town with him
    just so she could get a feel for the road.
    They have made a few turns through the field,

    him sitting beside her, his foot on the accelerator,
    her muzzle on the wheel. Now they are practicing
    going up and down the lane with him whispering

    encouragement in her silky ear. She is a handsome
    dog with long ears and a speckled muzzle and he
    is a good teacher. “Now my wife, Millie, he says,

    she was always too timid on the road, but don’t you
    be afraid to let people know that you are there.”
    The dog seems to be thinking about this seriously.

    Braking, however, is still a problem, but he is building
    a mouthpiece which he hopes to attach to the steering
    column, and when he upgrades to one of those new

    Sports Utility Vehicles with the remote ignition device,
    he will have solved the key and lock problem.
    Although he has not yet let her drive into town,

    he thinks she will be ready sometime next month,
    and when his eyes get bad and her hip dysplasia
    gets worse, he thinks this will come in real handy.

    1. LOL! The story of my life: Always crashing in the same car, putting out fires with gasoline, and now in my late-middle-age, ready to solve all my problems by teaching my dog to drive.

      Old Rexy would look really majestic behind the wheel.

      Never mind that I’m really the one doing the driving —

      He can take full responsibility, and will smile

      His doggy smile

      All the way

      Into the ditch.

  5. Okay, so I like poems that alter my mood, and in today’s snowstorm I need a fun lift. And with the damage done by squirrels to all my squirrel-proof birdfeeders, this poem makes me chuckle.

    Winter Begone: Ode to the squirrely by Deborah Burch

    I found myself outside braving Winter’s bleak
    Snow lay deep upon the ground — long past a week —
    As more flakes christened life on this frozen creek
    I saw him standing quite still, puzzled and meek

    He wore a nice fur coat with snow on his crown
    A powder of new flakes not yet on the ground
    With a shake of his coat — one last look around
    Up a tree he climbed and then looked back down

    There high and aloft with no ifs and or buts
    I heard him quite clearly yell back, “Winter Sucks!”
    But what he said next pulled my drolls from their ruts:
    “It’s gonna take ’till July to thaw out my nuts!”


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